How to use a social Foodpanda QR code to maximize your customers

Last updated:   October 13, 2021

A social Foodpanda QR code houses your restaurant profile on Foodpanda together with your other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

With a social Foodpanda QR code, you can get more out of your Foodpanda delivery QR code!

This QR code maximizes your visibility online by allowing the scanners to redirect not only to your Foodpanda delivery platform but your other social media as well.

Therefore allowing you to increase your future engagements and customers. 

What is Foodpanda?

Foodpanda is an online ordering and delivery platform.

This platform enables users to find and order food from the restaurants near them by visiting their website or by launching the Foodpanda mobile app.

Foodpanda also has integrated shops and mini-marts in their website enabling customers to not only order food but also purchase other necessity products as well.

They also give options to the customers and allows customers to pick up their purchases.

This way customers will no longer have to pay an extra fee for the delivery and can pick up their purchases whenever they want.

The Foodpanda app has currently 50 million downloads and operates in more than 2500 participating restaurants in 40 countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Romania, and the Philippines.

Why do you need a social Foodpanda QR code?

A social Foodpanda QR code allows your customers to choose and order from your restaurant’s menu without the hassle of finding your restaurant online. With this QR code, you can also promote your other social media profiles as well. 

 Due to the pandemic and constant lockdown, a lot of people have been spending a significant amount of time online.undefined

Thus, establishments such as restaurants should also come up with an online marketing strategy that allows them to boost their customer base.

With this QR code, you can also display your food panda QR code online or in your social media accounts that will allow people to order instantly when they scan your QR!

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How to get your Foodpanda webpage URL before generating a social Foodpanda QR code?

To generate a QR code for your Foodpanda platform, you need to convert your Foodpanda URL into a URL QR code. Using that URL QR code, it will redirect users to your Foodpanda webpage.

But first, here’s how to get the URL of your Foodpanda.

  • Visit the Foodpanda website – To obtain your restaurant’s Foodpanda URL you must first go to Foodpanda website.
  • Select the country where your restaurant is located – In the Foodpanda webpage, various flags from different country are displayed. Tap the flag of the country where your restaurant is located.undefined
  • Find and click the city where your restaurant is located– After you selected the country, the Foodpanda website will display different cities from the country that selected.undefined

Scroll through and click the city where your restaurant is specifically located.

  • Tap your restaurant – After you clicked the city, the website will then display various restaurants located in your city. Search through these restaurants and click your restaurant.undefined
  • Copy the URL – When you finally found and tapped your restaurant, the website will show you your restaurant’s webpage and display your menu. You can now copy the URL.undefined

How to generate social Foodpanda QR code for your restaurant?

  • Use a QR code generator software – QRTiger is a reliable and secure QR code generator that allows you to generate various QR code solution.undefined
  • Click the social media icon- After you open the QR code generator software, click the social media icon.
  • Choose and select the Foodpanda icon – Once you are already on the social media QR code generator webpage, you can see various social media platform in which you can incorporate on your QR code. Choose and tap on the Foodpanda icon located on the bottom of the webpage.
  • Move the Foodpanda platform on the top – To emphasize the Foodpanda platform on the social Foodpanda QR code, move the Foodpanda icon to the top by clicking the upward arrow of the icon's navigation button.
  • Fill in your Foodpanda URL- Once you click the Foodpanda icon, paste the copied Foodpanda URL in your clipboard
  • Add your other social media accounts- Social media QR code allows you to add multiple social media account to your QR code. If your restaurant has other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram you can also add these platforms on your social Foodpanda QR code. This you will not only be able to provide easy access Foodpanda delivery but can also increase your social media followers as well.
  • Generate and personalize your QR code- After filling in your URL you can now generate your social Foodpanda QR code.

QR code generator also allows you to personalize your QR code. Select the color and pattern that matches your brand. You can also add your logo and a call to action tag.

  • Test your generated QR code- Before downloading your QR code make sure to scan and test it. This way you will be able to correct any mistakes in your QR code before displaying them.
  • Download your QR codes- After testing your QR codes, you can now download and display these QR codes in your campaign materials.

How to scan and order from the generated social Foodpanda QR code

  • Open a QR code scanner– To scan a social Foodpanda QR code, the first thing that you should do is open a QR code scanner. Most of the smartphones now have built in QR code scanner.

But for those people who do not have built in QR code scanner on their phones, they’ll have to launch a QR code scanner app.

  • Direct the scanner to the QR code- After you open your camera or QR code scanner app, direct the scanner to the QR code. Make sure that the QR code is flat and do not have creases.
  • Click pop up notification- After you scan the QR code a notification will pop up. Click this notification to be redirected to the restaurant in the Foodpanda webpage.
  • Select your order- The Foodpanda webpage will display the restaurant’s menu. You can now select and order the food that you want.

Benefits of using a social Foodpanda QR code

Allows customers to easily find your restaurant in the Foodpanda website


Save your customers from the hassle of manually scrolling through a lot of restaurants in the Foodpanda website. By scanning the social Foodpanda QR code, customers can easily find your restaurant, allowing them also save time and energy.

Increase your customers

Ever since the Covid Pandemic started, there has been a lot of restrictions in business establishments especially restaurants.

Restaurants now are only allowed to accommodate half of what they used to, because of social distancing restrictions.

By using a social Foodpanda QR code that instantly redirects your customers to your restaurant, you could still have the same number of orders or even more than before without worrying of overcrowding the place.

You can print your food panda QR code in flyers, magazines, brochures and even display it online and it will still get scanned.

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Can be customized to match your brand

One of the features of a QR code generator is that it allows you to customize your QR code. Create brand awareness by customizing your social Foodpanda QR code.

Match the QR code color and pattern to your brand graphics. You can also add your restaurant logo.  

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Can be placed in any online and offline campaign materials.


One of the benefits in using a QR code is that it can be placed and scanned in any online and offline campaigns. Social Foodpanda QR code can be placed in flyers, billboards and all your social media platforms.

This feature expands the exposure your QR code campaign that will ultimately increase your customers base.

Boost your Foodpanda platform and your other social media profile

This QR code can be displayed in your food packaging and other printed materials. Allowing people to be aware of your online ordering webpage once they scan it.


It will also be able to constantly remind your costumers of your online platforms and allows them to easily order from your restaurant next time. 

With this QR code, you can also promote your other social media platform. Thus increasing your followers as well. 

QRTiger’s Social Media QR code: Connecting all your online platforms into one QR code.

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