Five Ways to Use a Football Jersey QR Code

Update:  August 03, 2023
Five Ways to Use a Football Jersey QR Code

The football jersey QR code went viral during last year's Spring Games after the University of Central Florida (UCF) Knights surprised the spectating crowd.

Rather than showing their roster numbers, the football team displayed custom QR codes at the back of their jerseys.

When scanned, these led to their official online merch store.

The QR code campaign earned enough attention to become a talk-of-the-town during the playoffs.

Everyone wanted to scan the QR code to see where it redirects.

You can also do this strategy for your team with the help of a professional QR code generator.

In this article, we’ll go over all the innovative ways football clubs use QR codes daily.

The most effective ways to use a QR code on football jerseys

Football jersey QR code

The mainstream sports industry is no stranger to QR code technology.

QR codes have lingered in the mainstream sports industry shortly after its surge during the 2020 health crisis.

Through this technology, football players can promote their social media accounts and online merch stores and dispense promotional information about them.

Apart from that, here are five of the most innovative ways you can use QR codes for your jerseys:

1. Marketing 

Adding a QR code on football jerseys helps brands market their campaigns.

Sponsorship deals can get the most out of their contract through this tech-meets-clothing integration.

With so many TV cameras broadcasting the game worldwide, the possibility of getting your smart QR code placement ample screen time is very likely.

And because everything is happening online lately, companies can still advertise their products and campaigns to fans who cannot attend or watch the game live in the stadium simply by using QR codes.

2. Boost NIL for student-athletes

The Football QR code campaign used by the UCF Knights best represents this use case.

According to UCF team coach Gus Malzahn, the QR code strategy was the university’s idea of helping their students keep up with the progressive “name, image, and likeness” (NIL) profitability.

The custom QR codes displayed at the back of every UCF player’s jersey became an alternative element to their roster numbers.

The Spring Game audience gets to scan the QR code, which leads them to the player’s official UCF athlete page containing links to their social media, merchandise store, and personal information.

3. Authentication

According to Red Points research, there has been an alarming rate of football jersey counterfeiting since 2015.

With the rise of underground factories that make a lot of fake football clothes and memorabilia, football teams are doing everything they can to stop these people. 

One way they are doing this is by using QR code technology that, when scanned, proves that the product is genuine.

These QR codes can help fans feel even more connected to the club by giving them a unique experience only available to those who bought the product.

4. Raising awareness

As the world moves into the digital age and becomes more aware of global problems, it’s not surprising that football teams are trying to show how united they are by supporting these causes.

It is easy for some of the world’s biggest football teams to generate social clout, making it an excellent opportunity to make a positive impact that can cause a change in society, no matter how small that impact is.

Any team with a huge influence and following can use its platform to raise funds, spread awareness, and start movements. 

They can use QR codes to promote charitable organizations, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns.

5. Bringing fans closer

Nothing can ever replace the bond between a football club and its supporters. 

Social media has become a more significant part of giving fans an inside look at how the club works by getting people excited about upcoming games and showing off new players.

Teams can use a social media QR code solution to integrate and house multiple social media links, websites, emails, and contact details.

With this digital tool, fans can get closer to their favorite players by increasing their online presence and engaging with followers through comments or social media posts.

How to create a football jersey QR code

Create football jersey QR code

To create a QR code for marketing purposes, choosing a professional QR code generator and platform as your trusted partner is ideal.

QR TIGER, a top-ranking QR code software, helps industries create QR code campaigns that effectively convert leads.

You can use its user-friendly software by simply signing up with your email.

There’s no need to input your bank or credit card details.

Another thing is that QR TIGER offers advanced 2D barcode technology.

You can create various QR codes for different campaigns and tasks, making you versatile and limitless.

Here’s how to create a QR code:

  1. Log in to the best QR code generator home page (or sign up for an account if you don’t have one yet)
  2. Select a QR code solution that best suits your campaign
  3. Input the required information

Note: You can embed or upload various types of information depending on the QR code solution you want to create.

  1. Switch from Static to Dynamic QR code and generate your QR

Note: Static QR codes are free but only have a few functionalities and features.

This works best for personal use or limited-time campaigns.

On the flip side, Dynamic QR codes are the paid version. This QR code provides top-tier features that work best for marketing campaigns.

  1. Customize your QR code using the tools provided

You can add personal touches to your QR code image to align it with your branding.

Change its pattern and colors and use a frame with a customizable call to action.

You can also add your football club’s logo to the code.

  1. Run a test scan first using your smartphone to check if it works properly
  2. Download your QR code image and integrate it into your jersey designs

Real-life examples of QR codes used in football jerseys

Football QR code

Here are true-to-life examples of football teams innovatively using QR codes in their jerseys and shirts:

UCF football jersey QR code

Avid football fans must have heard about the viral jersey QR code from the University of Central Florida.

The iconic UCF QR code campaign was a clever tactic popularized during the 2022 Spring Games.

When scanned, each QR code leads the audience to the official UCF athlete website, where they can view the player’s social media links, merch shop, and more.

Brentford’s heart-shaped QR code

Aside from the UCF football jersey QR code, Brentford also showcased a clever strategy for using the technology.

In a match against Chelsea, Brentford Football Club wore jersey shirts with the CPQR, a heart-shaped QR code, to spread awareness about the proper way to do CPR.

The QR code redirects to an online landing page containing a link to a 2-minute video guide on proper CPR.

Italian Supercup’s Inter jersey

In a game between Italian teams Inter FC and Juventus FC in San Siro, a QR code jersey was seen in one of the competing teams.

Inter football team showcased a QR code alongside their logo during the playoff.

When scanned, it redirects audiences to a stadium version of “C’è solo l’Inter,” the football club’s anthem.

This interactive strategy aims to strengthen the relationship between the football team and its fans.

Upgrade to tech-savvy jerseys with the best QR code generator online

QR codes and QR code generator platforms will continue to evolve as humanity and technology progress.

It may appear to be a simple, plain square on the outside.

Still, these squares have become a powerful tool capable of making data sharing more accessible than ever, and we can only wait to see what else QR codes will bring to the future of football.

You can jump in on the technology trend along with UCF, Brentford, and Inter.

Check out QR TIGER’s QR code generator and create your football jersey QR code today.

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