Free Form Generator: Build Customized Forms in Minutes

Update:  May 13, 2024
Free Form Generator: Build Customized Forms in Minutes

A free form generator is a platform designed to create online forms swiftly. It focuses on user-friendliness, offers a wide array of customization options, and saves you a lot of time and hassle.

Oh, and did we mention it comes with a QR code? Suddenly, your new and improved digital forms can be accessed straight away on a smartphone, so they’re just as fun to fill out as they’re easy to make.

With all the online form-building software available now, how do you decide which is best? Worry not, as we will reveal the best QR code generator for forms and show you some of the boundless applications of form QR codes. 

Keep reading to find out how to make your own digital forms and how easily shareable they can be.

What is a QR code for forms?

You’ve probably seen a quick response (QR) code on product packaging while perusing the aisles of your local grocery store or on a table tent at a restaurant to help you connect to a Wi-Fi network. 

Well, form QR codes function much the same. They store information, such as surveys and event registration forms, and can be scanned by anyone with a smartphone camera, making information or data collection readily available. 

These dynamic QR codes offer a convenient way of creating and sharing your forms. They reduce the chances of mistyping a long URL, have advanced design tools, and can measure your form’s performance with tracking features. 

How to create a form for free?

QR Form Generator, or Tiger Forms, is an advanced form builder that has everything you need to create beautiful forms with a branded QR code to match. Follow these five easy steps to get started: 

  1. Go to QR Form Generator and log into your account, or sign up if you don’t have one yet. 
  1. Select Forms and enter your content based on the various fields (i.e., Common, Basic, Multimedia, Special). 

Pro-tip: For a more personalized look, upload an image or logo as your form header, set the background as an image or solid color, and include a backdrop. 

  1. Click Generate QR code to get a smartphone-scannable code. 
  1. Customize your form QR code with different colors, patterns, eyes, and frames, and incorporate your logo. Alternatively, you can try using any of the attractive templates available.
  1. Select Export QR code, then test-scan to ensure it works properly. 

Clever ways to use a free form generator

Here are a few ideas you can use to get the most out of your form builder: 

Simplify inventory management

Form QR codes for inventory

With a form QR code, you never have to worry about locating, identifying, and keeping track of your existing inventory because your digital forms can carry all the necessary information. 

QR codes for inventory management are increasingly popular in processes like manufacturing. Unique QR codes can link to a form where you can record information about each item in inventory, such as the product name, ID number, description, and quantity. 

Mobile-friendly feedback forms 

Create a survey that anyone can access and engage with via their smartphone. 

Do you need to collect feedback about your products, events, or services? By adding relevant questions and answer options, you can tailor your forms to your target audience.

We also suggest incorporating your feedback QR code into printed materials like receipts, packaging, or signage placed in appropriate areas (e.g., retail stores or restaurant tables). 

Damage reports with photos

A form QR code maker can also lead users to a damage report form that allows them to attach photos of the problem. For property damage, you can add a section that allows users to report the property type and description of the issue. 

In other sections, you can allow respondents to provide incident information (the cause), the names of witnesses, and the option to upload photo attachments or documents. 

Recording meter readings

QR codes for meter readings

Utility companies especially benefit from a free online form builder when strategically placing their QR codes directly on meter boxes and reader locations. 

When users scan the code, they are taken to a secure form specifically for meter readings. Technicians can simply enter the current reading into the form and record any additional observations like equipment damage. 

Safety training form

Lastly, a free form generator can be an excellent tool for creating safety training quizzes or assessments that probe into an individual’s knowledge of their training material. 

These codes can be implemented in printed handouts and safety manuals or displayed on a projector screen at the end of a training session. 

Smart applications of a free online form builder in utility

QR codes in utility industry

QR codes in the utility industry improve services in more ways than one. Here, we’ll discuss how QR codes can be instrumental in each public utility and the improvement of their services:


Water supply providers can create QR codes that link to work order completion forms. This allows field technicians to track the progress of their tasks by quickly submitting data after finishing a job.

QR codes can also be placed on water containers, ready for technicians to scan and input water sample collection data, such as location, sample type, and collection date. 

The applications don’t end there because you can even incorporate your QR codes on water bills or service receipts that link to a customer feedback form so they can easily provide valuable insight into their experience with the company. 


Place form QR codes on gas meters or pipelines so that customers can access a mobile-friendly form to report leaks, damage to equipment, or other concerns. 

You can also attach QR codes to receipts for customer confirmation of service or proof of delivery and provide any additional comments or suggestions. 

For safety training, these codes can be on brochures or an official website, serving as a gateway to training registration forms that connect people with in-person safety workshops offered by the company. 


Consolidated Edison (ConEd), a major electric provider in New York, has used QR codes on its social media platforms, like Instagram, to encourage people to scan and RSVP for organized events such as “Con Edison Customer Assistance Day.”

Other electric companies can use a free form generator to their advantage by applying QR codes to electric bills, redirecting customers to an online payment form, or placing them on meter boxes for self-service meter reading instructions. 

Other industries that can use form QR codes 

QR codes for different industries

There are plenty of other sectors aside from utility that have and continue to benefit from the ever-useful and versatile QR code. Here are three of the most prominent ones: 


A QR code for forms isn’t limited to meters and bills. In fact, these codes have already been embedded in textbooks, worksheets, and school presentations.

Where do they lead? Online forms that provide students with supplementary materials like interactive quizzes, polls, and research surveys. 

This initiative helps cater to diverse learning styles, making learning a more accessible and dynamic experience. 


QR codes in healthcare help medical professionals and care providers by providing filled-out forms with existing patient information, saving time and reducing human error. 

In addition, QR codes on discharge papers or information pamphlets can lead patients to data-encrypted consent forms for clinical trials or procedures. 

These QR codes can also be displayed in waiting areas. They link to online surveys for patients to provide feedback on their experience of the hospital or clinic, allowing for continuous improvement. 


Marketing is not exempt from the power of QR codes. They provide businesses and marketers with creative ways to capture leads, drive traffic to social platforms and official websites, and increase engagement. 

QR codes for your event can also be used to facilitate registrations, making the signup process quick and easy. You can attach them to product packaging to give customers an avenue for inquiries or participation in loyalty programs. 

Benefits of using QR Form Generator 

Some of the many reasons why you should choose QR Form Generator for all of your online form-building needs: 

Best QR code generator for forms

  • Engagement is measurable. Track your form’s performance and analytics by observing the number of scans, time, location, and types of devices used. 
  • Eco-friendly forms. Your marketing campaigns and customer interactions don’t rely on paper forms since QR forms eliminate the need to print physical ones. 
  • Connect with popular apps. Integrate your Tiger Forms account with platforms like Hubspot and Canva to seamlessly transition from one customer relationship management (CRM) to another. 

Wide range of templates 

  • Registration. QR Form Generator, the best QR code generator for building forms, has inviting registration templates for all occasions, making it easy to plan events, record guest information, collaborate on workshops, and volunteer. 
  • Surveys. Gather responses efficiently with survey templates for employee satisfaction, post-event feedback, market research, price sensitivity, and more. 
  • Quizzes. Create fun, shareable quizzes with templates tailored to trivia, education, business, entertainment, travel, finance, and design.  
  • Polls. Find out where the majority of your audience leans toward using information-gathering polls, such as customer opinion, market research, and exit polls. 

Protects data privacy

QR Form Generator pays attention to data privacy and fully complies with the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Another outstanding generator worth mentioning is QR TIGER — a comprehensive and advanced QR code software that promises secure QR code generation and advanced features that appeal to many businesses. 

They also teach you how to make a Google Form QR code securely and in no time. This is ideal if you’re already more accustomed to how the platform works and want a QR code to match. 

Tiger Forms: The free form generator for all

Industries across the board all seem to find some use for form QR codes, whether in hospitals, delivering convenient consent forms to patients, or displayed on meter boxes for self-service reading guides. 

The possibilities for these remarkable little squares are endless, and so one question still remains: which form generator is the best? 

QR Form Generator is undoubtedly the best QR code generator with logo integration for forms, with its wide range of beautiful and professional-looking templates, focus on data protection, various app integrations, and fully customizable QR codes. 

With Tiger Forms, the most advanced form builder today, the world of online form building is made brighter, more efficient, and eco-friendly.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best free online form generator?

The best generator for QR forms is none other than QR Form Generator, as it has all the advanced features needed to help you make beautiful and secure online forms for free.

Can I use a free form generator for my business? 

Absolutely! They are a great cost-effective option for small and large businesses alike, suitable for collecting basic information such as contact information, feedback, or event registration details. 

What does a form builder do?

A form builder is a software, often with a user-friendly interface, that allows you to create and manage online forms easily. 

These builders have different elements like text fields, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and more that you can include in your form to collect all the relevant information you may need.

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