How to make a feedback QR code and collect customer reviews

Last updated:   August 01, 2022

When scanning a QR code for feedback using a smartphone gadget, it will redirect your customers to an online form that will allow them to give their feedback about your business service.

Businesses aren’t all about good reviews. There can also be negative ones that are bound to happen along the way.

But essentially, feedback is a valuable information that will be used to make crucial decisions for your business. 

With that being said, top performing companies are top-performing companies because they consistently search for new ways to make the best for their customers, better their products and services. 

So how does a feedback QR code will help you out on that? Read this article to know more. 

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How does a QR code for feedback work, and why should you use it? 

Feedback QR code
A QR code for feedback will allow you to collect your customers’ feedback right away and in real-time just using their smartphone devices.

So how does it work?

Well, after you have printed your QR code for feedback, you can place it into your product packaging, banners, or posters so you can get your audience’s feedback in a matter of seconds. 

Not only that, but you can also have your QR code for feedback display through digital screens and it will still be scannable! 

Once your customers scan your QR code, they will be redirected to the feedback form online to fill out the customized feedback form you have created. 

You can collect the data of your feedback in real-time. 

Why business reviews matter? 

According to a study conducted by Bright Local, a whopping 97% of customers read online reviews before purchasing an item or trying out business services. 

Review and feedback impact your business sales, and it helps you understand your customers’ needs even better. 

And influences your rank on the search engine results page if you are an online business.

Reviews or feedback play an essential role in how your customers react or engage with your services as they reflect on a business’s trustworthiness.

Top performing businesses in the market are not only good at accepting feedback, but they deliberately ask for feedback, both positive and negative.  

Still, the overall point of reviews is that your customers or guests would see how effectively you manage and respond to feedback and opinions, just as how much you can provide solutions to problems or address the negative ones.

If the overall customer service is publicly conveyed as relevant to your business, customers and guests are sure to remember you and make further transactions or purchases from you.

How to generate QR code for google review

1. Create your feedback form first (via Google forms, Microsoft forms, or any other feedback/survey form companies)

rating qr code

2. Copy the URL of your Google Form

Once you are done making your feedback form using Google for example, simply copy its URL

feedback qr code form

3. Go to and paste the URL in the “URL” menu

From the QR code QRTiger simply, paste the URL in the URL category since the QR code feedback is generated using the URL QR solution. 

url qr code

5. Generate using “dynamic QR.”

Always choose the dynamic QR code so you can re-use your QR codes as the dynamic is editable in content even after printing.

generate dynamic qr code

6. Click “Generate QR code.”

7. Personalize your QR code

To make your QR code stand-out, it is always better to customize them according to your purpose, business style and make them a part of your brand. 

customized qr code

Distribute your QR code

Before you deploy your QR code make sure you do a QR code test first to make sure it redirects to a correct online feedback form.

QR codes for feedback can be distributed both online and in print and are scannable in both ways.

Where can you use the feedback QR code?

Restaurants restaurant qr code

Not only can you use a menu QR code that will display the menu online (which has been infiltrating most restaurants today), but you can also use a QR code as a feedback form to collect the feedback of your service or your restaurant. 

You can place or print your QR codes in separate cardboard or table tents and instruct them to scan the QR code to give their rating!

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airport qr codeQR codes in airports can be used in every way. In halls, bathrooms, souvenir shops, and elsewhere.

Not only these codes are now used in check-in points. But can you also make a feedback form QR code and collect your passengers’ responses.

You can place the feedback QR code at the bathroom, entrance points, or at several work points. 

On your product 

product qr codeYou can print your feedback QR code in your product packaging and get customers your customers feedback straight away!

On your event 

event QR codeIncrease survey response rates by having QR Codes placed inside your venue, which will redirect your guest into a survey form when scanned. 

Get to know about your guests’ whole event experience by asking their opinion.

Ask for their feedback, and you use it to improve and enhance your service the next time, or if they love the event you hosted, you can even make it even better for them the second time around!

Involve your audience and let them participate in what they have to say. You can place your QR code at tables or right at the door of the entrance!

Online meetings/seminar/conference 

Feedback QR codes can be printed or be flashed and included in virtual meetings so you can get your audience feedback straight from your virtual presentation your presentation.

For your Hotel rating 

qr code hotel rating

You can use QR codes in your room service and let your guests rate the experience of their stay!

You can also encourage them to leave a good review and even give them a discount the second time they come to visit! 

Generate a URL QR code for Yelp

yelp QR code

You can generate a URL QR code that will redirect to your review page on Yelp. 

Every business that is on Yelp knows how crucial a Yelp Review is. You can print QR codes on posters, banners, tags, a business card that will redirect to your review page! 

For example, if you own a coffee shop and you are on Yelp, you might as well put the QR code on the packaging of your coffee where your customers will be redirected to your Yelp review page!

URL QR code for Facebook Reviews

Everybody is on social media, and social media is not without Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular HubSpot for businesses to build their online presence and to gather more customers. 

You can redirect a QR code to your Facebook recommendation page using a URL QR code or a Facebook QR code and encourage them to leave feedback.

You can also give them discounts or freebies if they leave a good comment!

Benefits of using a feedback QR code

Reach more survey takers 

feedback QR codeYou can reach respondents and collect frictionless feedback with QR codes!

Using this digital technology, you have countless new ways to connect with your survey takers—especially when sharing surveys digitally isn’t an option; it’s a necessity! 

Get the feedback of your customers, guests, and audience in real-time.

QR code feedback form

A feedback QR code will allow you to get digital feedback once the respondent submitted the survey form or the feedback form.

This will easily notify your google account if you use Google forms, for example.  

A QR Code can be associated with an online form to retrieve the customers’ ratings on your service.

Feedback QR codes are also commonly used in product packaging of small, medium, and large enterprises to ask for the customer’s comment allowing them to improve or elevate the customer experience.

Improve your business 

customer feedbackNow that you have collected the feedback taken from your respondents, you can formulate new ideas and strategies to improve your service or product. 

After all, you are marketing to these people, so whatever adjustments you make, it’s also justifiable that you hear what they have to say as consumers.

Measure Customer satisfaction using feedback QR code 

As you have gathered what your customers’ have to say, of course, feedback systems do not yield immediate results, providing you have already made the adjustments needed to alleviate their experience and improve.

But you can still use feedback QR codes over time and measure your customers’ feedback and see if you have improved on your service or have the results you want.

Generate your customized feedback QR code with QRTIGER QR code generator

Get your customers feedback and rating from anywhere in real-time using a feedback QR code!

If you have more questions about feedback QR codes or in need of assistance, you can contact us now and we’ll get back to you right away. 

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Related terms 

Free Feedback QR code generator 

To generate a free feedback QR code, users can create a static feedback QR code.

Simply copy the link of your feedback link online > go to and paste the link the URL section > click static QR code > click generate QR code. 

However, to track how many have engaged in your QR code campaign and analyze the behavior of your scanners or target audience, generating a dynamic feedback QR code is a much better option for marketers. 

brands using qr codes