How to Use QR Codes in the Utility Industry

Update:  August 16, 2023
How to Use QR Codes in the Utility Industry

QR codes in the utility industry are QR code solutions you can use to improve efficiency and streamline processes in the sector.

Public utilities such as electricity, water, energy, garbage, and sewer services are key players in the economic and social development of a country.

That is why the delivery of quality utilities is important for the economy’s growth.

But challenges like how to improve utility services, track assets, and enhance the efficiency of delivery still confront many utility enterprises.

The growing call to decarbonize also turns these industries to change and adapt innovative solutions.

Thanks to the advent of technology, these utility industries are now adopting QR codes to address these challenges.

Ways to use QR codes in the utility Industry

QR codes on customer energy bills

Consumer surveys found that consumers of public utilities have a lack of confidence in their ability to understand and predict energy usage and that this is a key barrier to engagement.

To provide an additional channel to engagement that focuses on alleviating concerns about usage and tariff understanding, power utilities can add QR codes on customer energy bills.

You can convert your company website to a dynamic URL QR code and print it along with the bill.

This way, your consumers can accurately see their energy usage once they scan the code.

Provide safety information to workers and employees

Malfunctions and operational problems are some of the challenges when maintaining plants such as sewage treatments.

When you use QR codes to store this vital information, workers or employees don’t have to look through hundreds of pages in your paper-based documents.

You can convert a PDF document of the manual into a PDF QR code (under file QR code solution).

This way, it will allow the workers to access and save the document on the smartphone right away after scanning the code.

You can also convert training videos to video QR codes for easy viewing of your workers on their smartphones.

Take, for example, how Cambrian College in Ontario uses QR codes to guide workers on how to calibrate electrical equipment.

The QR codes, when scanned, will redirect the workers to training videos on electrical equipment.

The workers can easily scan the codes as they are placed on the pieces of equipment in the lab.

Adding QR codes ensures workers’ safety and prevents unwanted mishaps.

Use app store QR to increase downloads of your mobile apps

Consumers are also using utility apps to monitor their energy or water consumption, etc.

You can increase your app downloads by using the app store QR code.

When the app store QR code is scanned, it directs the users to a dedicated app store and downloads the app afterward.

Save your customers from searching for your application in the app store using the app store QR code.

If you have a different set of utility apps for an iPhone or Android device, then you can use QR TIGER’s App Store QR code to direct your users correctly.

Utility management and asset tracking

Inventory management and asset tracking processes don’t have to be complicated and tedious.

With QR codes, you can make processes more efficient and get the most from your assets to maximize your investment.

Even electrical contracting firms are now using QR codes to mitigate risks and enhance the reliability of their assets.

With QR codes, your employees can record inventory transactions while in the field. They can identify which assets need to be replaced or recalibrated by simply scanning the codes.

Prevent data breaches using password-protected QR codes

Since QR code is proven to be a powerful solution to share information, data breaches might be a concern for utility industries.

But with password-protected QR codes, you can restrict access to confidential documents you are sharing.

Password protect QR code

When people scan a password-protected QR code, they will be redirected first to a webpage where they have to enter the password of the QR code to access the content.

Furthermore, you can disable the password feature to allow a larger audience to access the content.

Just take note that the QR code password feature can only be activated on a QR code that redirects to a website (URL QR) code, a QR code that redirects to an H5 webpage (H5 QR code), and a QR code that contains file such as pdf, audio, videos, and images (File QR code).

QR code-enabled garbage collection procedure

QR codes can also be used to monitor the waste collection process on a real-time basis effectively.

The printed QR code cards will be given to every household.

The sanitary workers will just scan the code after collecting waste.

Garbage QR code

Once scanned, the data on waste collection will be shared on the host system, which will enable the designated workers to monitor the garbage collection process.

Remember: There must be a system in place where QR codes can be integrated for easier data management.

Manage to monitor using Google sheet and QR code

If you want to manage the monitoring of machines in your business, you can make a dedicated Google Sheet in each machine where you input the details like email and serial number.

Then change the access settings, like who can open or edit the Google sheet to the in-charge staff only.

After that, copy the URL of your Google Sheet and convert it into a dynamic URL QR code.

This way, you can still edit the URL address in case you need to update it anytime.

Another alternative in securing access to the file is to enable the password feature on the generated URL QR code.

Next, print the QR code and place it along with a machine to be easily seen by your staff.

When personnel scans the code, he can access the Google Sheets to enter data of passage and access the email and serial number.

Watch the video: Password-protected QR code generator: Secure QR codes with a password

How to create QR codes in the utility industry

There is a wide array of QR code solutions available in QR TIGER where you can generate QR codes in the utility industry. Here are the steps:

  • Open QR TIGER
  • Select from the menu what type of QR code solution you need in the utility industry
  • Enter the necessary data in the field below the solution
  • Always choose dynamic to allow you to edit and track your QR code
  • Click “Generate QR Code” and customize your QR code
  • Choose multiple patterns and eyes, add a logo, and set colors to customize your QR code to make it look professional and scan-able
  • Download your QR code
  • Test if the QR works
  • Print and distribute your QR code

Benefits of using QR codes in the utility industry

Ease of use

QR code is easy to use as you only need a smartphone device to scan and access the content embedded in it. In a matter of seconds, the end-user can access the information.

Bills QR code

For instance, if you added a QR code in customer energy bills to address consumers’ concerns on usage and tariffs; they can easily scan it using a mobile device.

This way, it empowers your consumers to know more about their electricity usage or water usage by simply scanning the code.

Streamlines processes

QR codes streamline administrative processes as well as your asset management and tracking procedures.

With QR codes, you can instantly share content and documents with your internal stakeholders and customers.

If you’re providing pieces of training on worker safety, you can just simply add video content and convert it to a video QR code for easy download and viewing.

Likewise, you can optimize your asset management and tracking processes by integrating QR codes into your system.

It’s quick and easy to keep track of your tools and equipment to reduce downtime and cut down on your expenditures.


QR codes do not require significant upfront or operational investment, as you only need smartphones or tablets to scan the codes.

There is no need to purchase bulky machinery if you use QR codes in your internal processes like asset tracking.

Moreover, when you generate QR codes in dynamic form, you can still edit the content embedded in them even after printing and deploying it.

Thus, it is economical to use.

Improves customer experience

As most consumers of today are using smartphones, QR code is accessible to them.

The technology serves as great information points for consumers and gets them to access useful content for their everyday needs.

With a simple scan and connectivity, both customers and workers can instantly access the information they need.

QR codes have a built-in correction error

QR codes have a built-in correction error feature that is fit to use in the utility industry.

It is less susceptible to damage even after exposure to different weather conditions.

And even if there is damage to the QR code, it is still scannable and can still function because of its increased error correction.

If you are using QR codes in your facility and equipment, then you do not have to worry because it can withstand wear and tear.

Use cases: QR codes in utilities as implemented by various countries

British Government mandates all energy bills to contain a QR code

The British Government makes it mandatory to include a QR code in energy bills to simplify processes for consumers.

British bill QR code

Image Source

When the QR code is scanned, it will take consumers to their online account and view an itemized e-bill.

Consumers will no longer visit a bill collection center or payment center to know their consumption fee.

WEE Pros GmbH in Germany uses a QR code

An environmental service company, WEE Pros GmbH in Germany, used QR codes in wastewater treatment plants.

Germany utility QR code

When the codes are scanned, it will direct the end-users to digital content such as videos and audio to learn more about the most common process stages of a wastewater treatment plant for wastewater and sludge treatment.

To ensure worker’s safety, it also has QR codes that will redirect to specific contents on operating technology, safety, and malfunction once scanned using a smartphone device.

Tata Power in India use QR code for bill payment

Tata Power, a power utility company based in India, introduced a QR code as a payment method for consumers.

The QR code is linked to Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and is printed on the electricity bills.

Customers can scan the QR code with an app or any other UPI-linked bank app and pay their bills without any hassle.

Streamline processes using the QR code technology in the utility industry

Streamline and optimize your processes in providing utility services to your consumers using QR codes.

The QR code solutions are available at your disposal to help you address fast information transfer, asset tracking, training employees for occupational safety, and more.

Visit QR TIGER QR code generator today and start generating your QR codes in the utility industry.

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