How to use QR codes for inventory management system?

Last updated:   December 02, 2022

QR code solutions are used in every possible way even in inventory! So how are QR codes for inventory management used by manufacturing companies?

Why QR codes are the best option instead of the standard barcodes and why should you switch? 

According to a study, QR code system for inventory management and not marketing was originally the main purpose of QR codes.  

QR codes are an advanced version of barcodes that can hold more data and information that comes in a variety, which is why; it is much more used in global manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing systems- managing large quantities of products.

Moreover, the information you generate in QR codes are customizable, editable, and enables you to access unlimited types of information. 

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Why was there a shift from barcodes to QR Codes in Inventory?

compare barcode to qr code

A QR code stands for Quick Response Code. It is a 2-dimensional barcode type made by Denso Wave in 1994.

The significant difference between the standard barcode and the QR code is that, QR codes can carry more information or data vertically and horizontally and is trackable.

Unlike the barcodes, that is only readable in a horizontal direction.  

Moreover, QR codes can store different and multiple data from video, image, website address, document file, PDF, etc. that can be hugely useful in inventory management because of the flexibility of the information you can put into it.  

However, barcodes only read the numerical value of products.

The use of the QR Code meets the need for mass product inventory demands. 

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How does the QR code system functions in your inventory management? 

In your database management system  for example using the Airtable platform (and there contains all of the information about your inventory system), you can make a QR code inventory management system that will embed the digital information about an item that may include the model number/serial number, factory and date of the manufacture, and other verification data. 

To access the information in a specific record within a specific view in the Airtable, the user can generate URL QR codes in bulk to generate a unique code for each information that will lead to a specific URL or data of the product once scanned using smartphone devices.

On the other hand, to access the overall information of the 'base' which is in short for a database in Airtable, the user can also generate a URL QR code for that. 

This can be placed at the outer portion of the packaging or even in the primary packaging of an item, which will be accessible by the end-user. 

In the overall system of the inventory and manufacturing system, at the end of the manufacturing, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems will hold this product information along with the history of the transaction of the item to allow product tracking along its chain of distribution.

You can also have your QR code API integrated into your system.

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Why QR codes are great to use in the inventory management system?

QR Codes are accessible to smartphones.

scanning qr code on parcel

QR code inventory system is helpful because of its accessibility to phones. Who doesn’t own a phone in this generation, right?

You and your employees can quickly take their mobile phones out of their pocket, track and record inventory items, and check status. 

No need to buy bulky scanning devices 

There’s no need for you to purchase expensive bulky scanners. QR codes are mobile-friendly.

They can instantly access the information when they scan the QR code using their smartphone devices. 

Display additional information

scanning qr code to view product manual

QR codes can hold a thousand times of different and wide array of information than a barcode. QR codes offer a  variety of solutions and generate particular QR codes according to their function and use. 

QR codes for inventory management systems can link you to different types of data inventory, such as a PDF file, an inventory image, a word or video file, etc.

Moreover, you can attach business QR codes to transportation boxes that will identify the category of the item. It is useful for warehouses dealing with different and multiple companies. 

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QR codes have a built-in correction error

QR codes are less susceptible to damage, which means, that even if the QR code is slightly worn-off, it can still function. It is an essential element for global shipping and distribution of goods. 

This efficiency comes again from their square shape because of the QR code elements (pixels) cluster in duplicates.

Products can endure through different types of weather conditions and transportation, and even if there is QR code damage, it still provides you a high scan-ability rate because of its increased error correction, unlike barcodes. 

QR codes are editable

QRTIGER dynamic qr code

Using a Dynamic QR code which is an advanced type of QR code will allow you to edit and update the information of where your QR codes redirect you to any time of the day.

Inventory management systems are primarily based on large volume produced printed QR codes, which increases the possibility of an error occurring. 

By dynamic QR codes, you can change the content of your QR code.

For example, you can redirect a video file that is supposed to be a PDF file or a Word file.

All that without having to reprint your QR codes! This can be useful in case of mistakes.

Moreover, this will allow you to track the data of your scans in real-time! 

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QR codes can work everywhere

Barcode scanners need to be physically computer-connected when you do your inventory management transactions, which could happen anywhere, like in warehouses or fields.

You may be far from your office computer that will make it inconvenient. 

QR Codes are quickly accessible to smartphones and can readily work in any location.

Furthermore, you can keep track of the inventory status at any time using smartphones with QR Codes. 

Data Tracking

track your qr code scans real time

QR code generators track the detailed, accurate, and precise information of your inventory management like the location (country/area/city/region) of the scans and the time it was scanned using the Dynamic QR codes as mentioned above.

This will allow you to follow up on your inventory management system and get results instantly.

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Easy to incorporate into current product inventory systems

qr code on product packaging

All of the above points have the cumulative effect of making QR Codes easy to integrate into currently used product inventory systems.

Most inventory management software already allows QR Codes; you simply need a way to generate them.

With many free QR code generator options, you can have the opportunity to upgrade your inventory process by using the Best QR Code Generator! 

QR code generation in bulk

serial number bulk qr code

In QRTIGER QR code generator, you can also generate QR codes in bulk for URL, vCard, URL with a log-in authentication number, text and numbers!

Using the bulk QR code solution, you don't need to generate QR codes individually for these 5 solutions!

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QR codes speed the inventory process

Maintaining a precise and accurate inventory can take up hundreds of men working each week.

A QR-based inventory management system can quicken-up the time spent on data entry and will improve the accuracy of records concerned. 

Furthermore, your employees can allocate their time to other admin tasks such as meeting customers’ orders or updating budget requirements. 

How to make QR codes for inventory? 

  • Go to
  • Select which type of QR code solution you need 
  • Click dynamic QR code so you can track and edit your QR code
  • Customize your QR code
  • Do a scan test
  • Download and deploy 

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Make a QR code for inventory for free 

A QR code that is free is called a static QR code in which you can generate it in QRTIGER.

However a static QR code is not recommended when you use it for inventory purposes as it is a fixated type of QR code in which you cannot edit and track your QR codes.

Furthermore, there are also no integrations with other apps and software using a static QR code. 

You can also try the trial version of dynamic QR codes to see the benefits of these type of QR codes to your inventory. 

Companies that use QR codes

In QRTIGER QR code generator, a lot of companies are using our QR code generator such as Mcdonalds, Disney, Vaynermedia, Shangri- hotels and resorts, Universal, Hilton hotels and resorts, Furla, Samsung, Marriott International, CBS, Lululemon, Uber, Decathlon, Sodexo and many more well known brands. 

Integrate QR codes for your inventory management system with QRTIGER 

Many inventory systems demand a lot of data entry, changing, or removing records of assets.

QR codes make the operation automatic.

This instantaneous information transfer will also reduce the number of shortcomings in your inventory records. 

Integrating the QR code technology  is one way to optimize and promote a smooth transaction of your inventory management system and allows you to have direct access and track the asset information. 

Generate your QR codes in the best QR Code generator online today! 

If you have more questions about using QR codes in your inventory management and generating QR codes in bulk, you can contact us here.

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