How to Use a Free QR Code Generator With Logo: Basic to Advanced Features

Last updated:   March 27, 2023

There are numerous free QR code generators with a logo on the world wide web. With the growing popularity of QR codes worldwide, many QR code generators have popped up on the internet.

QR TIGER, one of the most popular QR code generators, gives you total control and flexibility over your QR code campaigns.

It offers high-quality data tracking and real-time editing capabilities, retargeting, and generates a professional and high-quality custom-made QR code.

In this blog, we’ll go through the features of QR TIGER in greater detail, but first, let me give you a comprehensive overview of what makes a QR code generator the perfect and greatest option.

How to use a free QR code generator? 

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online

2. Select the type of QR code solution you need

3. Fill-0ut the data in the box needed to generate your QR code

4. Click generate your QR code and choose static or dynamic

5. Customize it with colors and add a logo

6. Do a scan test before downloading of deploying your QR code. 

QR code types are classified into two: static and dynamic QR codes.

Static QR codes are free, while dynamic QR codes are paid for because they offer advanced features such as editing the content of your QR code.

Furthermore, this also allows you to track your QR code scans data and offers various software integration for a robust marketing campaign. 

QR codes are classified into two types (Static vs. Dynamic)

QR codes are divided into two types: static and dynamic.

Which option is the superior one? Let’s have a look at it.

Static QR Codes (Very Dense in Appearance)

Static QR code

A static QR code is a type of QR code with a very dense pattern and is less scannable since the data or information is immediately stored in the code’s graphics as the user creates the code.

Static QR codes store data indefinitely and are completely free to use.

However, the user can no longer update it, and the information the user contains on this QR code can no longer be changed.

Moreover, the user cannot keep track of the number of scans performed, and scanners are limited to only one piece of permanent data.

A static QR code, on the other hand, has the advantage of being able to be scanned indefinitely.

QR codes that you can make for free with QR TIGER

Without needing to register, you can now create a variety of QR codes and even personalize them using QR TIGER QR code generator with logo for free.

Here are some free QR Code features you can make:

  • URL QR code- This generates a URL to a QR code. When people scan this QR code with a smartphone device, it takes people to any website with which it is affiliated.
  • Wi-Fi QR code- A QR code generator allows you to create a Wi-Fi QR code for free that people can scan to connect to the internet without having to key in their password.
  • Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest QR code- Create a unique QR code for each social media channel so that your followers or subscribers may get a quick summary of you.
  • Email QR code- Make a static QR code that points to your email address! A QR code can help you improve your email marketing.
  • Text QR code- When someone scans a text QR Code, you can send them a basic text message, such as a greeting.

A simple tutorial on how to make a free QR code

Follow these simple steps to convert your data into an offline QR code using an offline QR code generator.

  • Visit a free QR code generator with a logo online like QR TIGER.

QR TIGER, one of the best QR code generators, is software that allows you to generate an unlimited number of offline QR codes.

  • Select the QR code solution you want to create.
Select QR code solution
  • Fill out the required information
QR code data field

Enter the information you want to include in your QR code.

  • Generate your QR code
Generate static QR code

After you’ve entered all of your information, you can generate your QR code.

  • Customize your QR codeCustomize static QR code

You can also customize the color and pattern of your QR code. You can also include a logo and a CTA tag called a call-to-action.

  • Download and use your QR code.

You can now download and deploy your QR codes after customizing them

Dynamic QR Codes (Less Dense in Appearance)

Dynamic QR code

This type of QR code can be traced and changed. It allows the user to keep track of and modify the data saved on it.

Furthermore, dynamic QR codes appear less dense than static QR codes because they construct shorter URLs that are stored in the dynamic QR code. Using the short URL, the scanners will be routed to the internet material.

The data and information can be altered even after the QR code has been printed, which is a benefit of using a dynamic QR code.

It can also provide you access to scan monitoring and help you locate and identify the scanner.

Using a dynamic QR code is helpful because some QR codes are only valid for a limited period.

This QR code is not free, but its features are far superior because the user can update and track the data embedded in it.

Why is it better to use a dynamic QR code?

Dynamic QR code benefits

A dynamic QR code allows you to change your data and replace it with new data within the same QR code.

Using this method, you won’t need to create another QR code. You may use the same QR to redirect your URL to another URL, such as your website if you redirect your URL to a YouTube video.

Furthermore, dynamic QR codes can track the data included in your QR code.

Stated below are some of the dynamic QR code’s features:

  • Editable in content
  • Scans are trackable
  • Password protect feature
  • Email Scan Notification
  • Expiry Feature
  • Integration to google tag manager feature
  • Integration to Google Analytics

How to sign-up for a free trial version of dynamic QR code

  • Visit QR TIGER QR code generator 
  • Sign up for a free dynamic QR code trial.
  • Register your e-mail address
  • Wait for the verification code to arrive.
  • Click the activate button once you’ve received it.

Dynamic QR codes that can be generated

URL QR Codes

Dynamic URL QR codeThe most common and well-known application of QR codes is for link directories.

Websites, materials such as brochures, flyers, catalogs, business cards, education, and retail windows are all examples of QR code applications.

vCard QR Code

Vcard dynamic QR code

To engage with potential consumers, investors, and business partners, vCard QR codes or QR codes on business cards are necessary. It’s important to promote your company’s credentials to other businesses.

As the race for attractive and professional business cards heats up, QR codes for business cards may be your best weapon for staying ahead of the competition.

Because the information required on a business card can be lengthy, the space supplied by a standard business card template is insufficient.

To circumvent this issue, your basic information can be kept and created as a QR code, which can then be attached to your vCard without taking up too much space.

A dynamic QR code can be used to create a business card. Encrypting and embedding information into a QR code requires a lot of data.

File QR Codes

File dynamic QR codeConvert any of your files to QR code using a file QR code solution. The usefulness of QR codes for files varies depending on the user and how they use them.

File QR codes are dynamic because they demand prompt uploading or saving of files, which are too large for static QR codes to handle.

Social Media QR Codes

social media dynamic qr code

People will have no trouble inserting your social media username into the search navigation of social media sites if you generate your social media QR code.

Menu QR Code

Menu dynamic QR code

H5 QR Code

H5 dynamic QR code

H5 editor QR codes are interactive QR codes that allow users to construct their direct web pages.

You won’t need any commercialized host domains for your events this way.

H5 refers to the mobile versions of websites seen through mobile browsers. An H5 page is typically used to promote events and items.

Multi-URL QR Code

Multi url dynamic QR code
  • Time – Depending on the time, you can route customers to different apps, websites, and other portals.

    multi url QR code time
  • Location – These QR codes can be used to redirect users based on their location and geographical location.

    multi url QR code location
  • Number of scans – These QR codes can redirect users based on their location and geographical location.

    multi url number of scans
  • Language – You may use a single QR code to promote your products, goods, or anything else you have to offer by creating distinct and separate landing pages for different types of audiences.multi url QR code language

This type of QR code is intended for companies who want to run global campaigns to offer a range of products and services to people worldwide.

This is not only cost-effective because you won’t have to deal with regional language barriers, but it’s also a quick way to start worldwide marketing.

Important note: There should only be one QR code per feature for the multi-URL QR code

App Stores QR Code

App store dynamic QR codeApp stores QR code redirects scanners to download an app in both iPhone and Google Play Store. 

Mp3 QR Code

Mp3 dynamic QR codeAn MP3 QR code is a type of QR code that incorporates audio.

People can listen to the track immediately using the scan and see feature without downloading the audio’s accompanying streaming app.

The Best Free QR Code Generator’s All-Inclusive Features

On the internet, you may find several free QR code generators. Even if your QR code is static, the best and ideal QR code generator with a logo is one that allows you to customize and create it.

Some of the best things that you can obtain even if you make a QR code for free are listed below:

  • Free QR code with a logo
  • Unlimited scans of the QR Code
  • Eight different QR code solutions to pick from. (URL, WIFI, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, and Text QR code)

Create your QR codes with logo using QR TIGER 

Most online QR code platforms allow you to make QR codes for free.

QR TIGER, on the other hand, is an advanced QR code generator with logo free that gives you various design and layout options for your QR code.

Furthermore, your no-cost QR codes will never expire.

You can also utilize the dynamic QR code solution to employ advanced QR solutions.

Such as editing your QR codes and seeing data in real time.

You can also reach out to us today for additional information.