7 Brands Redefining the Future of Marketing with QR Codes

Update:  August 09, 2023
7 Brands Redefining the Future of Marketing with QR Codes

If you are a marketer looking for fresh marketing ideas, then pioneering the future of QR codes in marketing is a great choice to start with.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, various industries have been employing QR codes to manage a safe and socially distant working environment.

And during these times, many industries have expanded their use of QR codes from doing contactless surveys down to fund transfers.

But while most industries are getting innovative in making the future of QR code usage, these dot and square codes are first used in redefining their marketing means.

From the out-of-this-world QR code drone formation in Shanghai to a cosmetics retail store rewards system.

We will uncover each of them and how the future of QR codes starts in business and marketing.

7 Futuristic QR Code Marketing Ideas that become a reality

QR codes didn’t start as one of the most coveted tools in today’s marketing means without these amazing marketing ideas that blow many tech enthusiasts’ minds. 

And because these marketing ideas take form, the future of QR code marketing is foreseeable.

Integrating QR codes has become a trendsetter for businesses, enabling them to bridge the offline and online worlds seamlessly.

A reliable QR code generator like QR TIGER is essential for effective implementation.

To look at these ideas, the following futuristic marketing campaigns take people’s breath away.

1. Futuristic QR Code Drone Show in Shanghai

Chinese game development company, Cygames and Game Video Sharing Platform Bili Bili set the bar high in making their QR code campaign seen by thousands of people across the sky of Shanghai.

Bilibili QR code

In terms of making the future of QR code marketing keep rolling, Cygames and Bili Bili’s drone show for the game Princess Connect Re: Dive Anniversary celebration created a large QR code formed by drones at the end of the show. 

From that point on, the future of QR code marketing becomes visible and sets the marketing standard high.

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2. Burger King QR code MTV VMA promotion

As part of MTV’s VMAs stay-at-home program, Burger King partnered with rapper Lil Yachty to deliver stay-at-home promotions where viewers can enjoy commercial watching by spotting the QR code that can give them a free Whopper burger supply for a year and tickets to the VMAs awards shows.

Burger king QR code

Burger King has always been using QR codes to promote its burgers and urges viewers to scan the QR code with every Burger King commercial that pops up on their screens.

Burger King nails the QR code scanning training for millions of households in the U.S. and makes every scanning session exciting.

3. Victoria’s Secret Fashion TV QR code promotion

The U.S. top luxury lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret, also took the opportunity to apply the use of QR codes to promote their lingerie line at a Fashion TV event in London. 

Fashion QR code

To actively get the audience involved with the event’s story, Victoria’s Secret collaborated with Fashion TV to pull off a well-timed QR code pop-up at the show replays on the network.

Following the success of Victoria’s Secret’s Fashion TV QR code promotion, other well-known Fashion TV also incorporates these codes in their show promotions for various Fashion Week highlights.

4. Russian Pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale 

If the QR codes do not yet convince you to flash on televisions, then Russia’s entry for the Venice Architecture Biennale will take you wonder how they exhibit their architectural plans for the audience.

To make things right, you will think that QR codes are used in this Pavilion event.

Yet it takes you to a whole new level of architectural appreciation.

While other Venice Architecture Biennale competitors presented their architecture visions with miniature models, Russia’s i-city Skolkovo presentation was filled with QR codes.

Russian pavillion QR code

QR codes are scannable and can lead visitors to a personalized experience, making the event more intimate for the visitors and giving a closer look at their architectural plans.

As the Pavilion was filled with QR codes, the place is like a QR code dome, each holding a piece of spectacular architectural information that only the person can personally experience. 

5. Tesco HomePlus Virtual Store

Starting as an inspiration for most online grocery delivery apps today, Tesco uniquely incorporates the use of QR codes to upscale their shoppers’ shopping experiences.

Persuading that the future of QR code marketing can be applied to grocery shopping, Tesco applied its use of them to their workaholic shoppers.

Shopping QR code

The scan-to-order virtual store was first established in South Korea, where most Tesco shoppers are workaholics and have difficulty going to their physical stores to buy their needs.

The virtual store experience is in subway stations where hardworking people can do their orders while waiting for the train to arrive.

To automatically store their orders in their Tesco App cart,  shoppers must scan the product’s corresponding QR code.

6. Hitman 3 in-game QR code scanning task

What is a better QR code marketing stunt than including the QR code scanning task to familiarize gamers with these codes? And to make this game better with QR codes, the game Hitman 3 included these 2D barcodes in one of the tasks the player must complete in a mission given.

Video game QR code

This task was called Location QR codes, where the player must go to the 7 different locations that have a QR code in them.

Each code must be registered in the in-game phone by simply snapping a picture.

Through this game, its avid players have initial knowledge of QR codes and are reminded of what those codes are for.

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7. Sephora’s Beauty Pass 

Coupon QR code

The French cosmetics and personal care retailer Sephora have also integrated the use of QR codes as part of the customer loyalty program.

These codes are embedded in the customer’s beauty pass, where a Sephora employee scans their QR code to top up points for them.

Aside from placing unique QR codes on beauty passes, Sephora also uses QR codes in the products they sell.

The QR codes direct the customer to the product’s additional information and price.

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The future of QR codes in the world of Marketing with the best QR code generator online

As futuristic QR codes can be due to their scan and do-anything manner, the marketers’ use in futurizing their marketing campaigns plays a significant role in reshaping their brand’s ideology with technology. 

 And because of their use in marketing, they can make the impossible possible with QR codes.

To start making your futuristic QR codes for marketing, you can always rely on using the best QR code software online, such as QR TIGER. 

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