How to Use QR Codes in Marketing: Tips and Use Cases

By:  Roselle
Update:  May 26, 2023
How to Use QR Codes in Marketing: Tips and Use Cases

As the QR code technology penetrates the modern world, how can QR codes in marketing gamify marketers' marketing skills? What are its possible use cases?

Competition between businesses is tight and entrepreneurs and their marketing team are scrambling to find new ways in elevating their game plan. Because of that, the sacrifices of testing different methods in the marketing industry. 

As QR codes promulgate game-changing action plans in business marketing and advertising, novelty ways of using QR codes in marketing take form and slowly becoming a new standard in print and digital marketing.

By following 10 ways on how to use QR codes in marketing, you are one step ahead towards market domination.

Digital Marketing Strategy with QR codes: 10 ways on how to use QR codes in marketing successfully 

Due to technological migration, the use of virtual interaction becomes the norm in society today. People learn more about using smart devices such as smartphone devices. 

In this way, technological inventions such as QR codes have innovative ways of marketing and advertising.

People tend to focus their attention on unconventional means of advertising.

Using QR codes in marketing can be a helpful tool in strategizing marketing plans.

Notable brands are using QR codes for better customer experience and to maximize your sales. 

With the help of the best QR code generator found online, here are 10 ways how marketers can use QR codes in marketing successfully and maximize it in their marketing campaigns. 

1. Paper-based product marketing with QR codes

QR codes in product marketing

Long before digital and broadcast media rule the advertising industry, paper-based advertising is the most effective advertising and marketing go-to of marketers and advertisers.

As papers permanently store information and distributed them to all parts of the world, research shows that paper-based advertising increases the chances of customer attraction through better target demographics.

A concrete example of paper-based advertising that proves better customer attraction is the newspaper. 

Buying space in newspapers can sometimes be hefty and too expensive.

But if you use QR codes in marketing your business in it, the amount of space spent on the ads page minimizes and yet promote exciting technological utilization through scanning.

In this way, they can challenge people to find out what information lies beneath the placed QR code.

2. Large-scale marketing campaigns such as billboards, advertising posts, store windows, and bus stops

QR code on advertising posts

Established businesses use large-scale media campaigns in marketing their products and services.

You can find these product advertisements on billboards, advertising posts, their physical store windows, and even bus stops.

As Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing, HubSpot, quoted, “Don’t push people to where you want to be; meet them where they are.” marketers make use of public spaces in marketing their products as it draws more customers.

With integrating the use of QR codes in marketing your products using large-scale marketing campaigns, aesthetics is a crucial tool in attracting more scans with your QR code.

By carefully placing your QR code in marketing in areas where people can easily see it, the chances of attracting more customers increases.

3. Digital marketing such as website promotional, video information dissemination, and more.

QR codes in digital marketing

As E-commerce become a trending business platform today, businessmen resort to digital marketing as a means of grasping more sales and reputation in the industry.

By using a QR code in marketing your products and brand in the digital world, space and time spent inputting content to sites minimizes. 

By using dynamic QR codes in placing your one and unique QR code in marketing, the burden of creating multiple QR codes lessen and thus save you money and materials in generating your QR codes for marketing.

You can use the QR codes in advertising sites and online shops that you are partnering with by placing them with the products that you are selling.

This way, you can prompt your customers towards your website or your product video presentation.

Digital marketing can be part of a large-scale or small-scale marketing campaign.

It depends on how you market your products towards people and how advertisers see them.

4. Product marketing with QR codes gives value-added informationBenefits of QR codes

As consumers are swaying towards healthy living, you can add your QR code in marketing additional information in your products such as allergen warnings, recipes, and tips on how to effectively use the product, and more.

In this way, your customers will know that you are concerned and sincere in marketing your products. 

5. Restaurant and bar paperless operation schemes

QR codes for restaurant

Going green is the right way to operate your businesses. As we are currently facing a global crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, business operations in various fields limit the risks of cross-contamination are at stake.

The most affected business sectors are restaurants and bars as their operations are mostly based on personal interactions.

QR technology integrates into widest forms, restaurants, and bars that can integrate the use of QR codes in their operations and opt for paperless operation schemes.

In this way, you can attract health-conscious individuals and pioneer a healthy and eco-friendly reputation in your area’s business district.

You can use your QR codes in marketing your dishes and promos through digital menu interfaces. 

6. Customer service stickers on products

QR code sticker

Customer service is a business establishment’s reference to business operation improvements.

It allows you to locate the weaknesses and strengths of the products to the customers.

By adding customer service stickers on products, the manufacturer and the company will know what method works and not.

Customer service stickers in the form of QR codes can be a great marketing tool in promoting directly to contact services between the customers and the customer service representative.

QR codes in marketing direct to contact customer service can potentially change the way customer service is initiated in the future.

7. Digitized Business Cards to maximize networking

vCard QR code

Business engagements such as mergers, investments, collaborations are important in keeping your company or business afloat.

Through the use of QR codes in business cards, they can innovate new means of business deliverances.

A chic and innovative business profile is needed to impress potential investors and business partners; a chic and innovative business profile is needed.

Through the use of business cards, you can build alliances and exchange corporate ideas with them.

If you are looking for a timely and technologically updated type of business card, digitized business cards can be your go-to format.

QR codes can help you save more space and not waste your receiver’s time in reading small lettered words written in the business card.

By digitizing your business card, you can market yourself and your company in a nice and interactive way.

8. Tracking sales and potential market locations

QR code for tracking sales

By using QR codes in marketing products and searching potential marketing locations, the burden of conducting surveys in areas with people interacting can be lessened.

QR codes help you in managing and tracking data as well as monitor product sales. Dynamic QR codes for business and marketing allows you to clearly plot your next marketing strategy without experimentation and resource spending.

QR codes in marketing can help you save money and materials with the use of a trusted and best QR code generator you can find online.

The effort of requiring branches in submitting a sales report to your main office can be unburdened as the technology of Dynamic QR codes do the work for you and your workers.

9. Enhancing the duration of business transactions

In Japan, punctuality is everything. The same goes for businesses, as they see time as money yet to be earned and invested. In providing a better business transaction period, businesses are finding ways on how they can beat their competitors.

By implementing the use of QR codes in business transactions, the time spent in processing will diminish and allow more transactions made in a day.

In this way, the promotion of cashless payment will be realized and the establishment of safer business operations concur. 

10. Introducing new business operation schemesQR code for business operations

Marketing new means of business operation schemes is hard to achieve.

But with the introduction of QR technology, QR codes in marketing potential business operation schemes can be more in-depth and bulk-free as the materials can be compressed and converted into one QR code (bearing that type of QR code is a dynamic QR code).

In this way, the hassle of creating copies for investors will be minimized and digitized as we are trying to save resources and trees.

The use of QR codes in marketing can not only enable you to think of creative and interactive strategies. But it also enables you to save more money, resources, and our planet.

By carefully considering the ways on how to use QR codes in marketing successfully, you can pilot a movement that allows you to promote your business at the same time create a wakeup call in saving our nature.

By doing so, the benefits of using these QR codes can be harvested and delivered to your colleagues.

Must-follow tips when  generating your QR code

1. Create a visually appealing QR code

The first tip is to create a visually appealing QR code. By carefully choosing the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors of your QR code design, you can increase the scannability rate by 30%.

Also, a rule of thumb design experts always follows in blending in the right color in their design is that the foreground color should always be darker than the background color.

Besides, you should always avoid the use of bright colors such as yellow, and other pastel colors. If not, then you will face additional scanning errors from your audience and marketing campaigns.

With a free QR code generator, you can create customized static QR codes for free.

2. Add your logo and call to action (CTA)

If you want more people to recognize your QR code, adding your logo is a great move that you can add to your QR code design. In this way, your QR code will look professional and be trusted by people.

In addition to that, you can add your call to action to give people a hint on what is inside your QR code.

3. Choose the right placement

When making your marketing campaign poster template, considering its right placement plays a crucial role in getting more scans.

Because of that, QR code design experts are tipping the users to place their QR codes in an area where the people can see it.

For a better scanning experience, QR code design experts recommend the placement of the QR code where it is at the eye level. Also, placing it on flat surfaces fastens the scanning duration and avoid any rescanning attempts.

3. Consider the right sizing

For a better scanning experience, the QR code size should always be at a minimum of 2 cm x 2cm (0.8 in x 0.8) for a print paper like posters, brochures, and flyers.

If you plan to place your QR codes in advertising posts and billboards, the following QR code sizing formula is recommended: " The QR code scanning distance from the scanner divided by 10".

In this way, your audience's scanner will not struggle in scanning it and thus save time in unpacking information.

5. Print your QR code in the highest quality

Now that you have followed the tips, you can now proceed with printing your QR code. This final tip is important for you and your audience.

Since 90% of information processed is visual, the first impressions people make in your QR code last.

By printing your QR code in the highest quality possible, you can ensure that people will scan your QR code.

For printing high-quality QR codes, vector formats like SVG are the best-recommended format that QR code experts always use.

5 Benefits of using QR codes in marketing

Business marketing is a tough branch in business. As you are finding new means of marketing your products and services, the benefits of using QR codes in marketing can make you be ahead of your competitors.

And here are 5 benefits of using QR codes in marketing successfully.

1. Product marketing with QR codes attracts more customers and investors

QR code advertising

QR codes promote interactive gist between the paper and its smartphone. As the QR code functions are smart and fun to use.

By this means, the popularity of QR codes skyrockets as its uses and functions are being recognized across the world.

If a marketer like you uses these QR codes in marketing your business, the chances of attracting more customers and investors are high.

2. Incorporate multiple marketing techniquesQR code in marketing technique

Since dynamic QR codes are editable and flexible to use, marketers are able to incorporate multiple marketing techniques into one QR code.

This way, the marketer benefits more in using QR codes in marketing and be able to save more funds for the next campaigns and projects. 

3. Create a good reputation in the marketing industryQR code on clothing

In a place where having a good reputation in the fields of expertise is needed, QR codes in marketing can help you boost your marketing domain and prevent information leaks.

Unlike the usage of traditional hardbound marketing plans, QR codes are more secure and less eye-catching to competitors with traditional marketing operations.

In this way, your clients can trust you and spread the good news about your marketing firm.

Thus, boosting your reputation in the marketing industry.

4. Become an agent in marketing changeQR code on brochure

Every marketer's dream is to be known in using unique marketing strategies that can contribute to marketing change.

QR technology pinpoints changes in actions made in various fields such as in education, healthcare, and even in business.

As technology evolves and eases the workloads of people, changes in marketing became a long-term vision for marketers.

In this way, you can become an agent in marketing change.

5. Conserve and protect mother natureQR code for marketing campaign

Advertising and marketing products require time and resources in making it a reality. As your marketing campaign continues, the tendencies of polluting our environment increases.

Using QR codes in marketing, the materials used in the making of the campaign are reduced. 

Paper is dubbed as a useful yet wasteful product by environmentalists.

However, with the use of QR codes in serving as portals of digital interfaces such as digital banks, digital menus, eBooks, and more; paper consumption can be reduced as e-commerce practically saves 206 million tons of paper in 2010. 

As e-commerce continues to dominate the market today, tendencies of saving more paper and other resources can help conserve and protect our planet.

Product Marketing with QR codes: The future of advertising and marketing industry

Marketing can be hard and tedious to create and maintain.

Using product marketing with QR codes, there are infinite probable ways of improving your marketing strategies and alleviate customer experience. 

But by following these 10 ways on how to use QR codes in marketing and advertising, the chance of having a successful marketing career ignites. 

Therefore, as clients and customers demand more creative and innovative advertising and marketing campaigns, the use of QR codes in marketing can be the one of the best solutions to satisfy it. 

Using the best QR code generator online that you can find today, unlocking new marketing tricks can be possible.  

Hence, you can be a step ahead in beating your competitors in the marketing battle.  

Brands using QR codes

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