Huge QR code fly over the sky of Shanghai - QR code drone marketing Shanghai

Last updated:   October 14, 2021

In terms of making a ground-breaking, worthwhile PR stunt, China leads the world marketing experience for their target audience. 

By starting with a touching cinematic soulful advertisement campaign down to AI-powered marketing campaigns, China has it all.

And to get things more exciting, they are reinventing their ways of promoting their products with the use of LED lights and drones.

As drones capture breathtaking cinematic videos from a bird’s eye view, the game company Cygames and video sharing platform Bili Bili take this powerful piece of tech and create a Blade Runner-like cinematic experience for the players of their game Princess Connect Re:Dive as part of its anniversary special with forming a drone QR code at the end of the show.

While it creates a Blade Runner-like cinematic experience for their players, some say it is like one of the fight scenes of the movie the Amazing Spider-Man, where Mysterio uses a fleet of drones to create an illusion that stirs people’s amazement when seeing them. 

How they do it?

Client: Cygames and Bili Bili
Number of drones: more than 1,500
Drone Service Provider: EHCross
Date: April 17, 2021
Location: Shanghai Bund

Set in the Skies of Shanghai, the commerce capital of China, Cygames and Bili Bili kick start their Commemorative Princess Connect Re:Dive Anniversary show by taking 1, 500 LED drones up the skies at dusk.

During the event, these unarmed drones synchronically took off to the skies and take the form of the Princess Connect Re:Dive characters like Labyrista, Hiyori, Chika, and Kyuoka.

The synchronous drones narrate how the game works in dotted form in the sky where the heroes fight the monsters.

At the end of the narration, the drones amuse the spectators by slowly gathering at the center of the sky and forming into a scannable QR code in the Shanghai sky that players scan to open the game while in the show.

Video of the Massive Display of Huge QR code in Shanghai

Drone Marketing Show in Shanghai is Done Twice

While the drone show made by Bili Bili and Cygames leaves a jaw-dropping remark with its drone QR code formation at the end of the show, the Shanghai sky has hosted one drone marketing show before the Princess Connect anniversary show.

On March 29, Hyundai’s luxury brand, Genesis launched more than 3,000 drones in the sky for a captivating nighttime show.

The show even broke the Guinness world record for “the most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously” totaling 3, 281 drones flying in the sky.

The Genesis drone show was filled with artistic choreographies that showcase their goal in making their brand a car company that China needs to sustain its technological growth.

The drone shows in Shanghai are made possible by High Great and EHCross, both Shenzhen-based indoor and outdoor drone formation systems providers.

Both outdoor drone formation systems providers gain awards with their breathtaking drone shows for various like the Chinese New Year’s Event and industry-specific celebrations.

As spectacular as drone shows can be for people to watch and applaud, the Bili Bili and Cygames drone show leave a Blade Runner-like impression on the people. Making the impossible a reality using QR code technology.

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Drone QR code – The future of Marketing

While the significance of drones and QR codes are not evidently present across the globe, these two technologies are given importance by China.

As the future of marketing lies within the imaginative thoughts of free-thinking individuals, Shanghai's QR code drone show sets a new groundbreaking marketing goal in advertising their product to the audience.

With drones and QR codes pioneering a futuristic marketing and advertising campaign means, you should not miss out on the opportunities the QR code technology can valuably offer for you.

If you haven’t started on your QR code marketing yet, you can start creating a dynamic QR code on the QRTiger QR code generator online today and make the most out of your QR marketing campaign!

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