Social Media Apps That Have Built-in QR Code Scanners

Last updated:   March 21, 2023

QR codes have been used in all variety of places for a variety of purpose and reasons.

I’m not much surprised that QR codes in social media are also becoming an integral component in platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter, Instagram, etc.

From the last several years, people and brand marketers have been talking about QR marketing and QR codes that create a bridge between online and offline through your mobile devices.

They have been around for a couple of years and now social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Twitter have also built-in QR scanners in their apps. 

This only shows that QR code marketing is gaining tremendous momentum at a very high pace. 

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QR Code Marketing

Still, to get the most out of your QR codes marketing campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets, make sure to consider the following things from the beginning.

  • Examine your audience and determine if your marketing strategy will work as that of your audience. Make sure that this marketing strategy appears as a positive user-experience for them.
  • You can also incorporate instructions to educate users where they can scan the code in a particular social media app.
  • Make sure to have a positive impact on your brand on the audience no matter if it’s Facebook or any social media outlet. Increase your brand awareness by focusing on the number of reviews, likes, comments, tweets, and snaps, etc.
  • Why should your audience scan your codes? Are they getting something in return? Even I wouldn’t put effort into scan code for anything. Make sure to add value to codes using discounts, coupons, free gifts, product demonstrations, and virtual tours.
  • QR codes have become a mainstream tool to market your products, you get 80% more scan when you add a call for action like "scan", "see the video".... below your QR code.

QR social media: Connecting your social media profiles in one QR code 

In China, QR codes  on social media are big on Chinese  as WeChat are using QR codes as a standard part of their eco-system, and this is finding its way to social media in the West.

QR codes have been gaining platform popularity over social platforms at a higher pace than any other place.

Social platforms like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Whatsapp were the first ones to use these exceptional codes in their apps. However, Twitter also joined the team later.

These social media platforms now allow people and brands to connect with each other using their own QR codes. 

People and brands can set certain events and let their audience scan it using the same social media app. Let’s discuss how these social media platforms integrate the use of QR codes in them. 

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How to use QR codes on different social media platforms and create a QR social media?


Twitter allows its users to connect with one another through  QR codes.

All you got to do is open your Twitter app on iOs or Android OS, go to your profile and click on the gear button and select QR code from the menu.

You can share this link/QR code with your friends, family members, or colleagues.

Furthermore, you will notice a button for Twitter “QR scanner” that is used to scan a QR code of someone you want to follow.

In this way, brands can approach their audiences without having them to type or search for the name.

One more thing that made Twitter QR codes above all is that it can be scanned from any QR code scanner which is not the case with other social media platforms.

Plus, you can also customize the QR code of your profile, just follow these steps

  • Copy your profile link
  • Find a free visual QR code generator such as QR TIGER
  • Put the link address in the field provided by the generator and create your customized QR code.
  • You can choose from a number of options to select an efficient design for you.

Facebook MessengerFacebook messenger

Facebook is always busy in updating its current and adding new features in messenger.

When it comes to the QR code front, Facebook has allowed its users to use these codes to organize games, concerts, and other events. You can simply scan the code and get all the necessary information.

One of the main features that have excited me is the messenger QR code for profile picture Q, which is perhaps an amazing feature with a customized QR code.

With a QR code for Facebook messenger, you can easily connect with people using this feature with just a single scan of one’s personal QR code.  

Note that due to the customized designs of Snapchat and Facebook QR codes, they can only be scanned from their dedicated social media applications.


Snapchat has gotten a tremendous head start since 2011 and become one of the most popular messaging apps among teenagers. It also allows its users to share time-bound videos and images.

The main reason behind the rise of Snapchat is privacy; teenagers can interact with friends they’ve just met without sharing any contact information. This feature was enabled using Snapchat's QR codes.

You can simply view the Snapchat QR code by swiping the screen down and simply add people you want by scanning the code.

If you’re a regular Snapchat user, then you are definitely well aware of the fact that these QR codes are customizable.

Following are the simple steps to generate a customized QR code on Snapchat

  • Open the Snapchat app and swipe down the screen
  • After it shows your Snapchat QR code, click on it, and around camera icon will appear at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on the button to start capturing pictures or GIF
  • And we’re done. Your GIF is ready. You can also discard it by clicking an icon on the top left corner and make a new one.


While allowing customers to connect with one another using QR codes, WhatsApp also enables its users to connect to the desktop version of WhatsApp by scanning a QR code.

You can connect with desktop WhatsApp ( after scanning a QR code from the mobile phone. In this way, people don’t need to hassle with the login credentials from the start.

QR code for Instagram and Facebook 

QR TIGER enables you to generate a customize QR code for Instagram and Facebook. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online to create your QR code. 


The approach to use QR codes connected with social media platforms must be technical and always end in the way of research.

QR code statistics show the growing usage of QR codes not only in southeast-Asian countries but also all around the globe. 

As these social media apps now have built-in QR code scanners, efficient research and strategic approach is the foundation of any business, concert, or event’s success. 

The more people get involved with your business through these QR codes, the more your sales, revenue, and customer engagement will increase.    

Why not make a customized QR code for yourself? QR TIGER is one of the best free custom QR code generators online.  

Create a customized code with us today!

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