How to generate a WhatsApp QR code in 7 steps

Last updated:   June 21, 2022

As QR technology integrates with WhatsApp, how can we generate WhatsApp QR codes for free? What is its relevance to the WhatsApp community?

As instant messaging takes the world by the storm, apps such as WhatsApp became a household name.

As people get to be inclined with WhatsApp, new technological means, such as WhatsApp QR codes, of delivering interactive yet easy to use instant messaging interface are introduced. 

One of these technological means is through the use of WhatsApp QR codes.

Read more to know how to create a WhatsApp QR code using a URL or WhatsApp QR code generator.

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What is a WhatsApp QR code?

A WhatsApp QR code is a Quick Response code that enables users to add their friends' and family’s contact information on WhatsApp.

The QR code technology are not only relevant and functional for personal use, but also for business engagements. 

Businesses such as online shop operate customer service, placement of orders, and keeping customers informed of new products and discounts. 

In this means, business operators can easily connect with their customers without wasting time adding their contact information on WhatsApp.

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How to create a WhatsApp QR code for free?

As startup businesses are finding new ways in improving their business operations and customer services in WhatsApp.

QR codes are can be a helpful tool. You can create a WhatsApp QR code using a URL or a WhatsApp QR code generator. 

Here are 7 simple steps on how to create a WhatsApp QR code for free:

Generate your WhatsApp QR code using a URL or a WhatsApp QR code generator

  1. Go to 
  2. Select “URL” on the menu and insert your WhatsApp link.
  3. Click the “generate your QR code” icon
  4. Personalize your QR code.
  5. Test it.
  6. Download your QR code
  7. Deploy your QR code.

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How does WhatsApp QR code work?

The QR code is scanned by your smartphone camera through your WhatsApp application. Once the scan is done, your WhatsApp will notify you if the contact is added to your contacts.

In this way, the period consumed in typing a person’s contact information will lessen.

whatsapp qr codeHow to create a WhatsApp QR code for free?

1. Generate your WhatsApp Link

In generating your WhatsApp link, you can use the following methods:

Create a Personal Number WhatsApp Link

You can create your personal WhatsApp link by going to your browser and type the following information in the search tab.[country code+phone number]

For example, if your personal WhatsApp number is 24681112 and you live in the US, your country code is 1 and the link will look like this,

To avoid any redirecting errors, avoid adding brackets, zeros, spaces, and other symbols.

If you don't remember your country code, you can always view the list of  calling country codes here. 

To direct your customers to a chat portal, you can redefine the link and send a pre-filled message. The WhatsApp link should look like this,[Country code+Phone Number]/?text=urlencodedtext

When sending your message, the link will then look like: code+Phone Number/?text=hi

You can test the link by clicking it when the link works, then you are redirected to the WhatsApp chat. This works on both the WhatsApp mobile app and the WhatsApp web.

Generate Business Profile WhatsApp Link

As businesses establish Business Apps for their business engagements, the emergence of WhatsApp Business comes in handy.

Unlike the other, generating your Business Profile WhatsApp Link is more easy and convenient and you can create it by following these 3 easy steps,

Go to settings > Select Business Settings > and copy your Short Link.

how to remove whatsapp qr codeGenerate WhatsApp Group Link

Wanting to keep your family and friends connected? The WhatsApp group feature of WhatsApp is a great solution to bear in mind.

Using the Invite by Link feature can be a great tool in generating the QR code. In this feature, you can automatically let a user join your group.

By following careful protocols, you must carefully choose the person you want to add to your WhatsApp group. 

You can get the link by following these 4 simple steps,

1. Go to the group chat.

2. Click the group name you want to share your link with.

3. Find the Invite Via Link Option.

4. Copy the link and share it with your trusted authorized persons.

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Now you have copies of your WhatsApp links for personal numbers, business, groups, and business profiles. To continue, you can now proceed in creating by following the remaining steps in generating your WhatsApp QR codes.

2. Go to

 whatsapp qr code scanner online
A WhatsApp QR code is generated using an online QR code generator like the QRTIGER software.

The URL QR code generator on this software can also act as a WhatsApp QR code generator and allows you to generate a QR code for your WhatsApp. 

QRTIGER is a trusted, reliable, and established QR code generator software.

It ensures the safety and secures any type of data that you want to attach and convert into a QR code.

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3. Select “URL” on the menu and insert your WhatsApp link.

Upon selecting the “URL” menu, attach your WhatsApp Link

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4. Click the “generate your QR code” icon

You then proceed in generating the QR code. This is a crucial step in generating your QR code as the software does the magic for you. Choose whether static or dynamic.

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5. Customize your QR code.

whatsapp qr code generator
As you have already generated your QR code, you can now customize it. By choosing a set of patterns, eyes, colors, and adding a logo, your QR code will have a branding. 

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6. Test it.

To avoid any errors and scan mismatches, checking and testing the QR code is a fundamental routine that users should always do. As QR codes are your gospel for information dissemination, testing your it is a must.

7. Download your QR code

After you have tested your QR code, you can now download it in print quality or vector files like SVG. By downloading the file in print quality, you can change the size of your QR code without compromising the dpi of the file. 

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8. Deploy your WhatsApp QR code

If you are using your WhatsApp QR code for business, you can deploy it through print and electronic dissemination.

In print dissemination, papers such as business cards, pamphlets, newspapers, and brochures can be used by attaching your QR code in an area where your target audience can see them easily and clearly.

While in electronic dissemination, you can attach this QR code on your website and social media handles such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. In this way, the chances of attracting more customers are higher.

If you are using your WhatsApp QR code for personal use, you can distribute your QR codes through the use of business cards and posts that are private and for personal intentions only.

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5 Benefits of WhatsApp QR codes

As QR codes are innovated and embedded in various uses, WhatsApp QR codes emerge as a solution to WhatsApp problems encountered by users.

As WhatsApp QR codes are marking its relevance to the 21st century WhatsApp users, here are the 5 benefits of WhatsApp QR codes:

1. Promotes easy and direct WhatsApp communication

my whatsapp qr code on phoneWhatsApp is following strict security protocols such as prompting a user to add a person’s contact information before starting communicating with each other.

With the use of WhatsApp QR codes, the trouble that WhatsApp is currently enforcing diminishes. 

Thus, prompt easy and direct WhatsApp communication with your family, friends, and affiliates.

2. Helps you secure your WhatsApp information

Since the WhatsApp interface requires user contact addition before prompting a conversation, the risk of leaking sensitive information such as phone numbers is high.

However, if you enforce the use of WhatsApp QR codes, the instances of having information leaks lessen. Therefore, it helps you secure your WhatsApp information.

3. Improves contact exclusivity

As WhatsApp QR code dissemination for personal use enables you to save contacts that withhold importance and sense of responsiveness in your life and career, the sense of having contact exclusivity allows you to have an organized contact list.

As you use this QR code in allowing someone to start a conversation and exchange ideas, the sense of improving contact exclusivity will be realized and the trouble of prioritizing minimizes.

4. Fastens business services

For business owners and entrepreneurs that use WhatsApp as their main customer service interface, QR codes enable the business to engage and interact with customers without prompting them to add your contact info in their contact list.

In this way, the time used in adding your business contact in their list lessens and allow more conversation with your customer service agent to negotiate transactions such as placement of orders and informing new products and discounts for their loyal customers.

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5. Diminishes interface clickity

One of instant messaging’s flaws, the interface clickity such as permission to start conversations and searching a contact you want to chat with.

Through the use of WhatsApp direct message QR codes, the hassle of clicking the interface in your WhatsApp disappears. Thus, it directly lets you start a smooth conversation. 

Uses of WhatsApp QR codes

WhatsApp QR codes are created to become a solution to the WhatsApp users’ problem, “the trouble of inputting a person’s contact information in the list before starting a conversation."

Also, WhatsApp QR codes are QR codes that allow you to easily access chat prompts without the need of adding your friend, family, and business affiliate’s WhatsApp phone number. WhatsApp QR codes can be utilized in 3 popular means:

For Familial and personal affairs

WhatsApp QR codes can be used to let your family and friends join your WhatsApp group.

By this means, the trouble of clicking the group chat interface and sending links diminishes as QR codes enable them to directly go to the chat room and start a quirky conversation with you.

If you are using your WhatsApp account for personal uses, you can use the WhatsApp QR code that links your WhatsApp personal number in relaying it to your closest friends and immediate family.

For Business engagements

whatsapp qr code scanner appFor online businesses that offer food, and merchandise delivery, WhatsApp QR codes can be a helpful tool in fastening and improving their business engagements such as product inquiry, placement of orders, customer service, and more.

By linking your Business WhatsApp QR code, the customers can easily find your business contact and start meaningful business engagements with each other.

Also, Business this QR code prompts faster customer service response that can bring good impressions to existing customers and promote it to other potential customers.

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For Organizational Discussions

If you are trying to open a discussion on WhatsApp, you can use the WhatsApp Group QR code. In this way, organization members would experience the burden of typing the link in the search bar of WhatsApp.

The convenience that this QR code offers to organizational discussions enables the founder and its members to have a productive virtual interaction in WhatsApp.


The QR code technology, without a doubt, is one of the most powerful and versatile tool you can use to create new ways of technological utilization or advancement just like in Whatsapp. 

The promulgation of WhatsApp QR codes changes the way on how instant messaging is used in a technological yet fun way.

As WhatsApp QR codes enable direct prompts in starting a conversation with your family, friends, and business affiliates, the excitement using QR code technology escalates. 

As we are revolutionizing QR codes in the 21st century, QRTIGER can be your trusted and reliable QR code software. 

You can be the agent towards technological advancements in terms of business, communications, and education.

Use a URL or WhatsApp QR code generator from the best QR code generator available online to create your WhatsApp QR code.

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