How to Create an Instagram QR Code in 7 Steps

Last updated:   March 09, 2023

Instagram QR code is one of the easy hacks yet timely and innovative ways to grow your followers! 

As an aspiring Instagram influencer and startup online entrepreneur, can you keep up with the hype of growing your followers to elevate popularity and sales? 

Promotional ads can be expensive for starting influencers and online shops.

That being said, growing your Instagram society is like shooting a thread toward a hole of a needle. 

With the integration of QR technology, the struggle of deploying your Instagram handle to customers or target audiences can be lifted. 

If you want to know how QR codes on Instagram work, you can generate your QR code using a QR code generator. 

Table of Contents

How to create an Instagram QR code in 7 steps

  1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online and select the “Instagram” icon in the category
  2. Enter your Instagram profile link below 
  3. Choose the type of QR code you want to generate (either static or dynamic)
  4. Generate and customize your QR code 
  5. Test your QR code and download it.
  6. Circulate your QR code

What is an Instagram QR code generator with a logo?

Instagram QR code

QR code for Instagram is generated using an IG QR code generator with a logo that enables users to share their Instagram profiles by scanning them through their smartphones. 

This QR code allows users to share pertinent posts and profiles with their target users. 

Instead of using Instagram nametags in scanning, you can integrate the use of QR codes for Instagram to redirect them to your profile. 

In this way, you can give your potential followers a hint on how they can follow you in a tech-convenient way without going over your profile.

Social Instagram QR code vs. Instagram QR code

Social media QR code

To integrate all your apps in one QR code, be it social media, messaging apps, or e-commerce apps, a Social Instagram QR code is a powerful QR solution that connects and integrates all your media channels in one QR code.

When your Social Instagram QR code is scanned, it displays your other social media networks, making it easier for your scanners to follow, subscribe to, and like your other social media channels. 

Instagram QR code basics

As we have discussed, there are two types of QR codes you can create for your Instagram: Static and Dynamic. Let us further explain these two. 

1. Static QR code (opens to the browser, not editable, and not trackable)

Static QR codeWhen you generate your Instagram QR code in a static solution, Instagram opens to the browser instead of the app, which can be inconvenient for the scanners. 

Static QR codes also lead to fixed information, are un-editable, and are not trackable.

Therefore, once you have generated your QR code for Instagram in a static form, it will permanently redirect you to the URL you have entered.

The QR scans are not trackable in this type of code.

2. Dynamic QR code (opens and detects the app, editable and trackable)

Dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR codes are also an advanced type of QR code that allows the user to change the content behind his code.  

Furthermore, dynamic QR codes allow you to track the data of QR scans.

But you may ask, do QR codes expire in the future of your marketing campaign?

The simple answer is it does not expire

Though it requires your active subscription, this type of QR code is useful in the long run for business and marketing purposes due to its advanced features. 

If you have generated your Instagram QR code in a dynamic mode, you can change its URL to another URL even after printing your Instagram QR code.

This enables you to save money while re-targeting your campaign anytime you want. 

Dynamic QR code subscription: What are the subscription types available in a QR code generator?

Thousands of QR code generator online platforms offer some features for free. Now, these are perfectly fine for personal use or one-time use. 

On the other hand, you will need to look at premium QR code generators to ensure that your QR code campaigns are covered with corporate security, is trackable, and are editable even after printing.

There are four types of QR Code generators that you can choose to avail  in QR TIGER from:

  • Free 
  • Regular 
  • Advanced 
  • Premium 

Each one of these QR Code generators functions uniquely, and you can choose which type best suits you! 

How to make a QR code for Instagram using an Instagram QR code generator? 

Step 1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online

QR code generator

There is no better way to generate your custom QR code than with the best and most trusted Instagram QR code generator online, like QR TIGER.

In this way, you can continue your journey with QR codes without risking any potential redirecting errors and expiration of QR code usage.

Some QR code generators offer limited-time QR code usage and may want you to try their subscription plans. 

However, if you want an Instagram QR code generator with a logo that offers free access, QR TIGER can be your go-to site. 

Step 2. Select the “Instagram” icon in the category.

Instagram QR code generatorOnce the site loads, you can swipe through the categories and find the Instagram icon to generate your QR code.

Step 3. Enter your Instagram profile link below.

Instagram profile QR codeEnter your Instagram profile URL in the required field below the category row.

Step 4. Choose a dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR code for instagram

In choosing what type of QR code you want to generate for your Instagram, you can consider 2 factors:

• If you are a startup entrepreneur or influencer and want to use your QR codes to increase your followers, then you can use static QR codes.

This is for free and does not expire.

• If you are competitive and want to record the number of scans made with your QR code, dynamic QR codes can be your reliable friend. Dynamic QR codes are not free, yet they are editable and easy to use. 

You can retarget your marketing campaign anytime you want. 

Step 5. Generate and customize your Instagram QR code.

customize instagram QR code

By customizing your QR code, you can build the sense of having an identity that your followers can determine and remember easily.

Step 6. Test your QR code and download it.

Scan test instagram QR code

By ensuring the QR code functions and directs to your Instagram profile without experiencing errors, people scanning your QR code will follow and leave your posts flooded with likes, comments, and suggestions.

When downloading your QR code, consider choosing the print quality if you attach it to your merchandise and other products. 

Step 7. Circulate your QR code

Print QR code

If you are using Instagram to expand your business tier, you can add your QR code in thank you notes, flyers, physical stores, and even in product packaging. 

If you use Instagram to increase influence and popularity, you can add your QR code to your videos, posts, and promotional stories.  

On Instagram, a profile with a high number of followers means excellent influence and reputation in the Instagram community.

When following matters, some users use giveaway schemes to increase the number of followings and follow-backs.

The battle between top-tier influencers continues as the number of Instagram followers increases and the number of shares and reposts of images uploaded.

To understand ways how to become a top-tier influencer on Instagram, here are:

7 hacks for using QR codes on Instagram to grow more followers:

1. Make your Instagram QR code a part of your business operation schemes.

Instagram business QR code

You can attach QR codes to your shops and product tags to attract more followers.

This way, your customers will know that you are also on Instagram.

They can check your profile to be updated with their favorite products or new offers.

2. Promote your QR codes on other social media platforms.

If you are a famous YouTuber and starting to use Instagram as another means of reaching out to subscribers. 

QR codes can help you guide your subscribers toward your Instagram profile without the need to type your username in the search menu.

By adding your QR code to a clip of your videos, your subscribers pause the video, scan the QR code, and open your Instagram profile instantly.

This way, your subscribers can easily scroll through your timeline without wasting time typing your Instagram username in the search bar.

If you are an entrepreneur and your shop is famous on Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media networks outside Instagram, you can use your QR codes in your posts or pins and automatically direct your customers to your Instagram profile, where they can see your current sales, products that are rebranded, future product releases and more. 

3. Insert your QR code in Campaigns such as Fundraising, Donation, and Wildlife Conservation

Partnerships and collaborations can be your tool for harnessing more followers on Instagram.

By launching relevant campaigns such as fundraisings for COVID-19 front liners, saving wildlife and resources, and donations for the people who are affected by natural and man-made disasters, you can accumulate more followings as people are curious about what you are campaigning.

They can follow your posts on your latest achievements in solving the problem. 

Also, campaigns can boost your Instagram profile as they can attract potential sponsors and collaborations with fellow Instagram influencers and learn more on how to monetize your instagram account.

4. Use QR code stickers in your product’s packaging and services

Instagram QR code tags

QR code stickers can be one way of increasing your number of followers on Instagram.

As you attach your QR code to your product tags and marketing materials, people will be intrigued and wonder what is encrypted in the sticker.

Mystery marketing is an effective marketing style that can attract people to interact with your call or campaign. In this case, you can use QR codes. 

5. Use your logo on your Instagram.

Branding and establishing identity are important as it lets people easily recognize you and know who and what you are in society.

This way, new people on Instagram know about your name and identity and can tell why they follow you. 

6. Attach your QR codes in your giveaways to promote your Instagram.

QR codes in giveaways

If you plan to host a giveaway on social media, you can modify the usual mechanics by requiring follows using QR codes.

You can promote your Instagram account and let people follow new and unconventional mechanics.

Influencers usually attach their usernames in the captions below their posts; people click the “see more” icon to read the mechanics.

Attaching QR codes to your giveaway can save users’ time if you are trying to enforce modernized giveaway schemes.

They can read the captions and automatically go to your profile! Get to know you by just looking at your timeline.

Using this hack, your giveaway can be a follower magnet in no time.

7. Instagram QR code for a business card 

You can also print the QR code on your business card and redirect your scanners directly to your Instagram to follow you! 

But because making vCard QR codes for different clients can take more time and work, you can use a bulk QR code option to make many QR codes at once.

With QR TIGER, you can create a custom design Instagram QR code for a business card to maximize your engagement.  

How to put an Instagram QR code on a business card?

The user must print his business card along with the QR code. 

Following these hacks can grow your Instagram followers and start a healthy community with them.

The dream of becoming an Instagram influencer and entrepreneur can be achieved using the best and most trusted online QR code generator you can find today.

Use QR TIGER's Instagram QR code generator to grow your followers today

As advertising transforms from print to digital media, the existence of social media networks becomes popular.

Users widely use this hype, from millennials to Generation Z. 

Every one of us can be popular and inspire millions with related interests.

With technology, your interests and perspective can be shared one click away. 

Thanks to globalization, we can build a community online where we can share our thoughts and ideas and promote products.

Since e-commerce, Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed.

Multiple users log in to the platform to share, like, follow and exchange ideas, products, and services through image-sharing.

Marketers then incorporate multiple marketing strategies to the target audience they are marketing to become well-known in the digital world. 

As technology advances, the pros and cons are needed to be considered.

Just like using QR codes, if you are using an online QR code generator that endangers the safety of your Instagram profile, the tendency to lose followers is high.

But if you use a safe and trusted QR code generator, you rest assured that your information is secured and thus welcomes real followers in your online community. 

By carefully selecting a QR code generator online, you can have your Instagram QR code generated with ease.

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