Generate Leads in Real Estate Using QR Codes: Here How

Last updated:   March 01, 2023

Real estate agents can make use of QR codes and learn how to generate leads in the real estate market and maximize their capacity to close that deal. 

QR codes are a simple web application that gives real estate agents the ability to market properties to the mobile user wherever they may be.

QR codes when scanned using a smartphone gadget will give an information about the property directly to homebuyers, even without visiting the site or without the presence of an agent. 

In this article, you will learn how to get leads in real estate for free using QR codes.

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Generate leads in real estate using QR codes and how does it work?

QR codes are convenient to use in the realty market to give direct access information to your clients when they scan the QR code.

QR codes can embed different types of information from videos, PDFs, URLs, redirection to multiple data,  which you can use to elevate clientele experience.

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QR codes give them a valuable information right on hand when they are looking for a property to buy.

To access the information in the QR code, the user needs to point his camera towards the QR code for 2-3 seconds.

If the user can’t detect the QR code, he can also opt to download a QR code reader app or use one of his social media apps that can detect QR codes such as Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn etc.

Accessing QR codes in online and offline marketing materials for your real estate campaign

QR codes are a dual type of marketing platform which you can use in your offline marketing materials (which is a common practice that can be seen in billboards, magazines, brochures etc.) or even have it distributed in your online platform like websites and social media.

This allows you to maximize your real estate marketing campaign offline and online using QR codes.

How to generate leads in real estate using QR codes in print (offline marketing materials)

scanning qr code on real estate posterQR codes in printed materials such as magazines, brochures, direct mail, leaflets can directly lead your prospects to an online information about a property.

As we have mentioned, QR codes can embed various types of information that you can use on your printed material to provide your clients additional information about a property even without a real estate agent touring them around.

For example, you can use a video QR code to showcase the insides of a property and print it in your magazine, or a PDF QR code that will show them about the details of the property such as the price, location, who is the person to contact to etc., or even a URL QR code to redirect them to your website for more property viewing.

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Generate leads in real estate using QR codes displayed on online platforms

scanning qr code on real estate websiteQR codes displayed online are no longer a new sight. In fact, they have already been around for a while now and have surged to invade the online platform pretty much during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can use QR codes on online platforms for example in the real estate website to give a virtual tour to your homebuyer.

QR codes can be seen in websites that when scanned will lead to app downloads, in homepages and articles and are even distributed on social media channels.

How to generate leads in real estate using QR code-based marketing campaign

Redirect them to your website for property viewing and more details

scanning qr code on real estate billboard

As we have mentioned, you can print a URL QR code and convert your website’s real estate URL address into a QR code that will redirect the scanner’s to the website, where they can browse more real-estate properties of their choice.

You can link the QR code to any online property information system at anytime from anywhere.

vCard QR codes to maximize your contact as a real estate agent

To easily share your contact and other information to your potential homebuyer without missing an opportunity, a vCard QR code is designed to let the scanner’s download all of your information and contact details right away when they scan your QR code.

scanning qr code on vcard real estate

The vCard QR code can embed information such as:

  • Your name
  • Organization/Company you work for.
  • Designation/title
  • Phone number/s( personal, work and private)
  • Email, Fax, and Website
  • Address ( Street, City, Zipcode, State, Country)
  • Profile Picture
  • Personal description
  • Social Media handles ( Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and Youtube)

You can print the vCard QR code on your business card or have it displayed on your social media platform, or in magazines next to the real estate property showcase. 

Social media QR code to boost your real estate marketing on social media platforms

scanning social media qr code on signage real estate

A business without the presence of a social media QR code is far away left behind from other businesses!

To maximize your social media presence and your company’s real estate presence, generating a social media QR code is a powerful solution to boost and establish your social media recognition and follows.

A social media QR code when scanned will display all of your social media handles that you can also use to redirect your scanners to real estate listings in social media platforms.

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Redirect your scanners to an image gallery of the property

scanning qr code on real estate magazineUsing the H5 QR code editor solution, you can also generate an image gallery QR code to show series of images of a certain property without taking so much space in your printed materials if in case you decide to have it printed.

You can also use the image gallery QR code in your website’s page for each property.

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Generate leads in real estate by converting a PDF or any document into a QR code for direct access

scan qr code and download file on real estate poster

To show an important document to your prospect, you can use a file QR code solution to convert an important file or information to a QR code.

File QR code solution supports all file types from converting a PDF to a QR code, a word document, PowerPoint and any types of file.

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Video QR codes for real estate and house selling

scanning video qr code on real estate signageThis is not only applicable for the real estate agent but also to any individual who decides to sell his property.

If you are advertising a house or any real estate property that you own, you can convert a video into a QR code and upload the image of the video QR code in your craigslist ad photos.

This will allow the searcher to get a wider view of the property instead of just viewing still images.

Homebuyers can see the interior of the property without actually entering it.

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Generate leads in real estate marketing and make a customized QR landing page for each property

So, what if your company doesn’t own a real estate website or if the property doesn’t have an online information?

For that problem, that is where you can have the QR code landing page solution as an alternative.

H5 editor allows you to create a web page out of a QR code.

You don’t need to learn programming or coding.

This solution is a quick QR landing page set-up that you can use.

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With this, you do not need to buy a domain name or hosting which makes it much more affordable.

In your web page QR, you can do a quick set up and put in there all the information about the property and even include their all of your available listings, videos, images, links with all the descriptions written so it’s easier for your clients to browse of your listings when they scan your QR.

scanning qr code on real estate brochure

Augmented reality and QR codes on real estate advertisement

QR Codes with Augmented reality markers can help the real estate industry take the buyers experience to a whole new level by creating an interactive content to the real world around them.

It can be especially helpful for long-distance buyers or clients who can’t visit the site physically.

With the projection of the property over the user’s smartphone device, you can engage buyers better.

You can make a way for your prospective homebuyers to see the property without setting foot inside it.

Why should you QR code for real estate?

Provide information to the homebuyers even if no one is around

Basic property information such as the pricing, and what the property looks like inside, and who to contact can be accessed by the user instantly when he scan the QR code through his smartphone device.

Even if you don’t have a website for your real estate property, you can still generate a QR code landing page to put the information of the particular property, without having the need to buy for domain or hosting.

Direct information access using smartphone device

As we have mentioned, QR codes provide a direct access to homebuyers wherever they may be using their smartphones.

They could be sitting in the couch and scanning a QR code from a magazine, browsing the internet or even walking by around in near-by areas,

How to get leads in real estate for free with dynamic QR codes

QR code solution can be generated in two types: It’s either your QR solution is static or dynamic QR code.

Dynamic QR code provide flexible and advanced features that static QR codes do not provide such as editing the QR landing page to another information without printing or regenerating QR codes again.

Furthermore, you can also track your QR scans. 

Editing your QR codes

qrtiger dynamic qr codeEven though you already have your QR codes for your real estate campaign printed or deployed, you can still edit your QR to another landing page and provide real-time information to your clients.

Therefore, even if the price for property changes overtime or the time for an open house changes, you don’t need to worry or re-printing your codes.

Track your QR code scans in real-time

qrtiger track qr code scans in real-timeYou can gauge the effectivity of your QR codes in generating leads in your real estate by its ability to be tracked and provide QR code data analytics.

To see who have scanned your QR code for your real estate campaign, you need to have your QR code solution generated in a dynamic mode as this gathers the data of your QR code scanners.

How to create a QR code for your real estate marketing campaign

  • Go to QRTIGER QR code generator online
  • Select which QR code solution you need for your marketing campaign
  • Switch from static to dynamic to edit and track your QR code
  • Click "Generate QR code"
  • Customize your QR code
  • Do a scan test and deploy

Power up lead generation in real estate marketing with QR codes

Property promotion with QR codes allow homebuyers to view more information about the property, schedule a showing/viewing, contact the agent and many more directly to their mobile device.

As QR codes were designed to enhance print and online marketing, you can get the most out of your real estate campaign using the power of QR codes and mobile marketing.

If you have more questions, you can contact us today for more information. 

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