How to generate leads using QR codes

Last updated:   January 19, 2022

How do brands like L’Oreal, Burberry, and Dior generate leads using QR codes? Let’s find out more about how QR codes can be used to generate leads for your business.

Lead generation is a painstaking process and requires analysis and plans. But you can streamline your lead generation process and maximize your opportunities for business growth using QR codes.

With the fast utility and storage capacity of QR codes, you can easily integrate them into your marketing strategies to capture more leads and to nurture existing leads.

Why generating leads is important to your business?

Lead generation is a start to the process which ultimately leads to a possible customer transforming into a regular customer down the line.

So having a lead generation strategy is imperative for you and your business

Lead generation is important as it creates sales and turns prospects into customers.

In its basic term, it creates money –the one that gives meaning to even run a business.

Every company wants a steady influx of leads as not every lead will turn to customers. And you need more leads who are interested in buying your products or service.

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Get leads using QR code: Revolutionize your lead generation tactics

As consumer preferences change rapidly because of the evolving technology, lead generation tactics have to adapt as well.

Competition is steep as well in every industry that is why you need to differentiate yourself. One way to leverage technological advancements is to use QR code technology.

By using QR code technology, you can easily connect your print advertising efforts to the online world.

It is even considered interactive content that engages customers and drives customer satisfaction.

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Ways how to use QR codes to generate leads

Are you still new in the market or promoting a new product? You need to choose the right promotional and marketing methods that will get your brand and products in front of your target audience.

There are lots of ways you can promote your business and generate leads, but make sure to use your marketing plan to identify the most effective methods.

1. Increase your web traffic

Encourage your print readers to visit your website, blog site, or online store by putting QR codes on your print collaterals.

You can use the URL QR code to convert your website, blog, or online store into a QR code.

By displaying a URL QR code in your print or digital display ads, customers will no longer have to manually type and search for your website.

2. QR code to collect email addresses and to reach out to targeted audience

There are a lot of email marketing tools you can use to increase your email lists and reach your target audience.

To maximize your email marketing tool, you can make a customized QR code of your URL sign-up form.

You can share the sign-up form QR code on your company website, social media pages, or print it along with your product packaging or print collaterals.

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3. Use social media and QR codes to connect and engage

Social media provides several opportunities to create conversations with prospective customers and generate new leads.

You can create a Facebook page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn company page, Pinterest account, or a YouTube channel to attract and engage your audience, then funnel them through your process to become leads.

To easily let your customers follow you to different social networking sites make a social media QR code.

The social media QR code will display and link all your social media profiles on the smartphone. Your customers will just have to scroll through which social media they want you to engage with.

The more positive touchpoints a customer has with your business over time, the more likely he or she will be to trust your brand and eventually purchase from you.

4. Turn your vCard as a lead generation tool

Business cards are not simply about professionally exchanging contact information. They are good sources of new leads and help to grow the contact database.

To effectively share your contact information to your networks, convert it into a vCard.

By scanning a QR code that has vCard content, your prospects will instantly save your contact details in their smartphones without the hassle of typing it.

Through fast networking using vCard, you can potentially convert them into new clients faster.

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5. Tap the right influencers and use the Instagram QR code

Many marketers have seen how people trust influencers’ opinions and advice online on what to buy, where to go, and what to do.

That being said, you can tap influencers and help them reach more customers using QR codes.

There are many Instagram influencers you can tap to promote your products and eventually get more leads.

You can grow their followers by creating Instagram QR codes for their accounts.

The Instagram QR code will redirect your scanners to your page or profile once they scan your QR. Thus, it encourages potential customers to hit the “follow” button.

6. Redirect your customers to engaging videos

Video can help improve your lead generation at every stage of your client’s buyer’s journey. It can be a brand video or explainer about your products/services.

To nurture your leads, you can also make a video testimonial where another brand or customer shares their experience working with you, or a video case study where they can see the direct results of your services.

You can convert your video using a video QR code (under the File QR code solution) for easy smartphone viewing and large market penetration.

Either you post your video QR code in your print collaterals or online, you will eventually capture leads in the process.

7. QR code lead capture that redirects your customers to contact forms

If you have a website, you can easily get your customer’s contact number by adding a contact form. You can share the link of a dedicated landing page of your contact form using a URL QR code.

Moreover, if you don’t have a website yet you can create a Google Form QR code to get your customers’ contact details fast and easily.

Another alternative solution is to create a dedicated landing page for your contact form. You can use the H5 page QR code and create your company’s contact form.

You don’t have to pay for the domain hosting using the H5 page QR code. Your landing page is mobile-optimized so this loads easily on smartphones.

Benefits when you generate leads using QR codes

1. Increases conversion rates

By connecting print to digital, there is a higher chance of conversion in terms of quality leads. People get more curious to see what’s behind the QR code and thus, would likely result in more leads coming in.

2. Ensures customer engagement

People are already familiar with QR codes and their usage rapidly increases during the pandemic.

By integrating QR codes in your lead generation tactics, you are also engaging them to uncover new content about your product or service.

You can get creative in applying QR codes to your strategies and eventually get more leads.

3. Cost-effective

QR code is a low-cost mobile solution to reach new leads and to turn them into customers. You only need to have a reliable and the best QR code generator coupled with a strategic QR code campaign in place to get more results using QR codes.

4. Seamless direction to conversion points

Using QR codes in print or digital, you can easily direct people to your conversion points like websites, videos, sign-up forms, and so on.

With a simple tap on their smartphones, your prospects will land on a landing page of your products or get more access to your interactive content.

5. Editable and trackable QR code

When you generate your QR code in a dynamic form, you can easily edit the content behind it even after deploying or printing it.

This saves you time and money in terms of speeding up your lead generation tactics.

For example, if you want to redirect your scanners to another URL or landing page of your website, you can edit the URL you encoded.

To edit a QR code, click on the “track data” button of your QR code generator dashboard to make changes.

Moreover, you can also track your QR code scans like the device used, location, and a map chart for your post-lead generation campaign evaluation.

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How to create QR codes to generate leads

  1. Open
  2. Select from the menu what type of QR code solution you need to generate leads
  3. Enter your data in the field below your chosen solution
  4. Choose a dynamic QR code to track leads
  5. Click “Generate QR code” and customize your QR code
  6. Choose multiple patterns, eyes, add a logo, and set colors to customize your QR code
  7. Download your QR code
  8. Test if it works
  9. Print and distribute your QR code

Examples of brands that generate leads using QR codes

With QR codes more visible as a touch-free and fast utility, many brands explored the untapped potential.


L’oreal, a cosmetics and beauty company uses QR codes within print ads in the August issue of Allure magazine.

When scanned by a smartphone, the QR code directs to a mobile-optimized landing page that is devoted to L’Oreal Paris products.


Burberry, a British luxury fashion house makes use of QR codes in its store windows as it opens its social retail store in China’s tech hub Shenzhen.

In the store windows, all displayed products are labeled with QR codes. When scanned, it will unlock additional content. The codes are printed on product swing tags, making the first Burberry store to do it.

Also, customers who scanned the code can also find the latest collections, seasonal products, and exclusive items that are sold in the store.


Dior, a French luxury brand makes online shopping more fun by incorporating QR codes in their virtual sneaker try-on with Snapchat.

To give the shoes a virtual test drive, shoppers will just need to click or scan the QR code from the Snapchat app, and select the model of sneakers they want to try on and visualize them directly on their feet with several outfits.

Once they chose the pair that they like best, they can order it directly from Snapchat or

WKND Apparel

To raise awareness and engage customers, WKND Apparel printed QR codes on their swing tags.

When scanned, shoppers can see behind the scene footage of their shoots and other content. This is an effective strategy to generate leads after engaging potential customers.

Escape Boutique

Escape Boutique, a ladies and menswear retailer store in Whitley Bay, England displayed printed QR code cards of the items in its shop’s windows.

By scanning the QR codes, shoppers will be redirected to the online store to order the item.

Best Vers Supermarket

A supermarket in the Netherlands printed a QR code along with their print material to increase sales.

Grocery shoppers can now shop online for their favorite bread and croissants by scanning the QR code.

Common Juwelen

Common Juwelen, a German jewelry retail store included a Facebook QR code on its poster to increase its social media presence.

Once scanned, it will take scanners to the Facebook page of Common Juwelen.

Allan S. Goodman Incorporated

A full-service wine and spirits wholesaler generates leads using a coupon QR code.

To avail of the discount when purchasing select wines, a QR code will be scanned via smartphones.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to lead generation. You have to know your ideal customer, build trust, and demonstrate how the products can offer value or solve a pain point.  

Keep current with your research efforts and be as creative as you can.

With the provided list, you can jumpstart your lead generation strategy.

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