QR Marks the Spot: Business QR Codes on Google Maps

Update:  July 10, 2024
QR Marks the Spot: Business QR Codes on Google Maps

It seems that the tech giant Google has plans to add QR codes to Google Maps. 

How was this discovered? X (formerly known as Twitter) user Justin Mosebach shared a screenshot of a Google Business Profile listing on Google Maps. 

Mosebach noticed the QR code that directs users to the business’s location on Google Maps while browsing.

It can be found on the right of the action buttons (where users can get directions, save, and share the listing) and under the About button.

According to another user on X, only some businesses have received QR codes on their Google Maps business listings. 

Additionally, some netizens were unable to see the QR code of the business listing featured in the original tweet. It is unknown whether this is because the test had already concluded or access to the new feature was limited in some way.

Currently, there is no information as to why Google plans to use QR codes for Google Business Profile. It is also unclear if the company will provide the QR codes or if business owners will have to create a custom one using a QR code generator online.

Table of Contents

    1. New QR code feature gives easier access to business locations
    2. Lukewarm reception as netizens notice flaws
    3. Business profile QR codes join the many updates to Google Maps

New QR code feature gives easier access to business locations

Google QR code

QR codes are a variant of the barcode that uses pixels instead of lines to store information in a machine-readable format. The information encoded within are usually URL addresses of websites on the Internet. 

Google Maps QR code are another way of using these two-dimensional barcodes. 

To make them, a person would have to go to Google Maps, copy the link to their desired location, and paste it into a QR code generator to convert it into a QR code.

Based on the test, it appears that Google will be making space for QR codes on the listings themselves. 

Lukewarm reception as netizens notice flaws

Business location QR code

Reactions to the test results vary from optimistic to doubtful. 

Some were excited about the new feature, stating that QR codes provided quick and easy access to the business’s location on Google Maps.

One user pointed out that the QR code might replace the “Send to Phone” action button as it wasn’t among the usual options under the listing. 

The latter’s original function was to send the location to the user’s smartphone, assuming that they were logged into their Google account there. 

Other users, on the other hand, pointed out that the QR codes were unnecessary. One reply stated that showing the code would be counterproductive because the website URL is already available in the listing. 

Another user asked if Google generated the QR code themselves.

Lastly, a user on a separate thread mentioned how this could make it easier for smartphones to get hacked after scanning QR codes. Since it is still unknown who will be providing these QR codes, netizens should remain cautious.

Business profile QR codes join the many updates to Google Maps

Google map location QR code

While google business profile QR codes are still in the testing stage, they may be included in the new features that have been rolled out on Google Maps in the past few months. 

One update to the app, introduced in August of last year, changed the map’s color palette. Bodies of water were now lighter blue, while roads became grey instead of white. 

Many users reacted negatively to this change, drawing comparisons to Apple Maps’s own color palette

Some changes also include updates to the user interface (UI). For example, dropping a pin on the app will now bring up a card instead of covering the map with an overlay. The card that pops up also has more rounded corners for a more modern look.

Getting directions on the app now has also been modernized thanks to more UI changes. After hitting the Directions button, your origin and destination will now appear in a floating box instead of a banner at the top of the screen.

Furthermore, choosing your desired route will now be done at the bottom of the card instead of the banner above.

Unfortunately, these UI changes are still being rolled out in phases, so not every user will see these changes.

Another big change arrived a few months ago: Android users were finally able to view weather information on Google Maps, a privilege exclusive to iOS users previously.

While the change was noticed back in October 2023, the integration of weather data on the Android version of the app finally became available to everyone in February 2024.

As for more recent changes, Google has added "Edit" and "Post" buttons to Google Business Profiles in Google Maps. 

The “Edit” button allows visitors to suggest edits to the listing, such as updating the business’s services and offerings. The “Post” button, on the other hand, allows visitors to post images and videos in their review of the business.

These buttons can be found right beside the “Website” button when checking out a business listing.

Based on all these changes, it’s safe to say that Google has major plans to modernize its applications. 

While the results of the Google business profile QR code test are unclear, it’s obvious adding this level of convenience to business listings will be a welcome change to many, especially business owners.

As for the future, users can expect to see more changes and feature rollouts in their Google apps as the tech giant works to stay a step ahead of its competitors. 

Whether beneficial or not, be sure to stay up to date on the latest changes!

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