Create a Google Maps QR Code for Your Business Location

Update:  May 29, 2024
 Create a Google Maps QR Code for Your Business Location

zScan to navigate—that’s the beauty of QR codes for Google Maps.

A Google Maps QR code is a QR code solution that can store any location link from Google Maps for easier navigation.

With one quick scan, they can access directions to their destination: a restaurant, hotel, hospital, mall, gym, or park.

This innovation is a big help to tourists traveling to places they’ve never been. They can wander around the city without fear of getting lost.

Creating this QR code is simple and easy with the best QR code generator software, and you can do so for free.

Learn more about this excellent digital tool in this article.

Creating a Google Maps QR code

QR code for google maps

Easily guide people to specific locations like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, or parks with a simple scan of the QR code. This helps tourists navigate unfamiliar places and explore without worries.

This is made possible through the QR code data encryption. You can store the exact location link by converting it so a scannable code.

The use of QR codes to implement a scan for location system in navigation applications can transform how people can find your business or office.

Once the QR is scanned, it instantly directs scanners to Google Maps, showing the exact directions to a specific location. This way, it’s easy for the scanners to find your location around the town.

To scan the QR for Google Maps location, they only need their smartphone. Most new-gen smartphones have a built-in QR scanner.

If their device does not support this feature yet, they can download and install QR code scanning apps for free from the Google Play Store and App Store.

What makes QR technology a smart and brilliant tool is the offline functionality of QR codes. Anyone with a smartphone can scan QR codes even offline.

How do I generate a Google Maps link?

Google maps location link

Before creating a QR code for location, you must have the Google Maps location link first.

Generating the Google Maps link is as easy as a few clicks. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Google Maps.
  2. Find the location you want to share and click Share.
  3. Copy the shareable link address or URL of that specific location.

Create a QR code for Google Maps

1. Use a reliable QR code generator like QR TIGER.

2. Select the URL QR code and paste your Google Maps link.

3. Generate the QR code as dynamic QR for added features.

4. Personalize your QR code to make it attractive.

5. Run a quick scan test. Click Download once done.

How to scan a QR code for Google Maps

The accessibility features for QR codes has changed the way people access various information.

To scan for location, here’s how:

1. Open the Camera app or a QR scanner app on your smartphone.

2. Activate the scanning feature and point the camera toward the QR code.

3. Click the notification banner to view the landing page.

Make sure to check the QR code reader compatibility and recommendations first when choosing a free QR scanner online.

Effective QR code tips to get more scans

1. Use a dynamic URL QR code

To maximize QR code usage, QR code experts recommend generating QR codes in dynamic mode.

Users can unlock more features that static QR codes have restricted them from doing so. With a dynamic QR code, you can enjoy exclusive features like:

  • Editing your QR code anytime
  • Access QR code analytics in real time
  • GPS QR code for precise location tracking
  • QR code geofencing for boundary scanning
  • Retargeting tool (Facebook Pixel & Google Tag Manager)
  • UTM code generator
  • QR code expiry
  • QR code password (for security and privacy of QR codes)
  • QR code scan reports via email

Aside from these dynamic QR exclusive features, there are QR code types that can only be generated in dynamic mode, like the multi URL QR code with multi-language support for QR codes.

2. Customize your QR code

Now that you have generated your QR code for Google Maps, adding a personalized touch to your QR and making a visual QR code is great for increasing its scanning rate.

Customized QR codes are proven to get 40% more scans than those with generic-looking black-and-white QRs.

With QR TIGER, you can easily create professional-looking or creative QR code designs and save them as a QR code template for future use.

Its impressive customization tool allows you to:

  • Change its patterns and eyes
  • Choose any colors to match your branding
  • Add your own logo to the QR code
  • Select a QR code frame

When customizing your QR, always include a crystal clear call-to-action. This essential element encourages people to scan your QR.

3. Test to avoid any misdirections

Since you have customized your QR code, testing it is the next crucial step that you need to do to ensure it works perfectly.

By testing the QR code before deploying it, you can spot any information error and avoid any misdirections in your and your customers’ adventure.

4. Save it in a high-quality format

To ensure your location QR code gets the spotlight it deserves, make sure you download it in the highest image quality.

For digital use, it’s recommended to save it in PNG format. For print use, QR code experts recommended saving it in SVG format.

The SVG file format allows you to resize (downsize or upsize) your customized QR code with the highest print quality.

Otherwise, your custom QR will be pixelated, which can result in scanning problems.

Benefits of dynamic QR codes for Google Maps

To learn more about why you should go dynamic with it, here are five notable reasons that you can definitely agree with.

1. Edit the QR code anytime

To edit a QR code, your QR must be in dynamic mode.

What makes dynamic QR codes for Google Maps the best option is that you can always edit the stored Google Maps link in your QR code.

This feature allows users to use one QR code for different Google Maps location links.

This is extremely helpful for companies or businesses when they have to update their office or business location. Without hassle, they can just edit their dynamic Google Maps QR to provide up-to-date location.

2. Trackable

Aside from dynamic QR’s editability, users can also track the performance of their QR campaign with its QR code tracking feature.

This feature is useful for tech-savvy companies or marketers for easier extraction of insights for their future plans.

With dynamic QR, they can get insights based on:

  • The number of total and unique scans
  • The exact date and time of each scan
  • Accurate scan location
  • The specific device operating system used in scanning
  • GPS heat map for precise visual display of scan location and duration
  • Map chart for visual representation of total scans by region

3. Visually attractive

Although you can use a QR code on Google Chrome, it can only generate generic-designed static QR codes. That’s why QR TIGER remains the best software for creating custom QR codes for any link or URL.

Dynamic QR ensures your code looks presentable. It has a short URL that stores the actual data, so they’re not hard-coded. This advanced technology prevents pixelated, dense, and congested codes.

This way, it looks cleaner, which can improve the scannability of the QR. Combined with the customization feature, your QR will look more professional and credible.

Visually attractive QRs can gain 40% more scans than those black-and-white ones. However, be mindful when customizing them and follow the QR code best practices.

4. Prevent misdirection

Since dynamic QR codes are editable, users can always ensure that scanners are redirected to the right landing page or information.

They can always provide fresh and up-to-date information. In case of errors, they can also make corrections to the links whenever needed.

5. Great for long-term use

Dynamic QR codes are smart tools ideal for long-term use.

Dynamic QR users can even use one code for different resources. They can repurpose their QR for different campaigns.

However, note that you cannot convert a specific QR code solution to another one. For example, if you have a URL QR code for links, you cannot convert it to a File QR code to store a PDF.

Practical uses of QR code for Google Maps

Check out these smart uses of QR codes for Google Maps location.

Restaurants and food trucks

Location QR code

One smart way to get more customers to dine in your restaurant is to direct them to the location of your business.

For example, you can place your location address in your food truck so that customers will know how to find you. 

For instance, aside from employing an interactive restaurant menu QR code software that can generate menu QR codes for restaurants, they can also create a QR code for Google Maps for potential customers to locate their addresses easily. 

With the help of the QR code, they will know your address in just a scan!


The tourism industry can use QR codes in countless ways to provide a hassle-free traveling experience.

One brilliant solution: Google Maps location QR code—a smart tool that guides travelers or tourists into any spot or destination without worries.

Using a QR code, they can lighten their way of sharing their newfound paradise discovery with their friends and directly lead them to the place’s exact location.

Hotel tours

Google maps QR code

One of the essentials travelers do when traveling is to stay at a hotel for the rest of their vacation.

As in some hotels, you might stay in a wider area than others, taking hotel tours on your own can be a risky thing to do.

But by using QR codes for Google Maps, your guests can go on to your hotel adventure without worries. This way, they can take a quick tour around your hotel’s best spots conveniently.

Real estate property visits

As some clients tend to lose the sketches their real estate agents made, realtors are having a hard time spending more on printing out new sketches of the properties.

Because of that, QR code experts are using QR codes for real estate. 

With its fast and on-point direction, clients will no longer struggle to find the property’s location on Google Maps.

Events venue directions

For easier event venue navigation, event organizers can add a QR code for location to their invitations.

With a quick smartphone scan, invited guests can view the exact event venue on their smartphone. This prevents them from getting lost, giving them confidence in attending unfamiliar event venues.

Advantages of QR codes for Google Maps

1. Easy and convenient to use

QR codes are easy and convenient to use and scannable using smartphone devices.

With its scan and unpack data process, people can automatically open new information without the need to type them in the Google search engine individually.

The same thing goes with QR codes for Google Maps; by scanning and unpacking the location it holds, businesses and marketers can lead their customers in the right direction.

Because of that, QR code experts see this as a noteworthy advantage for both the user and the audience. 

2. Lightweight

Unlike the use of physical maps, QR codes for Google Maps are small and lightweight.

You can even save a digital copy of it, which is ideal for on-the-go individuals. With QR codes, locations are very easy to access wherever you go.

No need for a printed copy of a physical map, just save the QR code image or take a screenshot, and you’re good to go.

3. Quick and easy location-sharing

Traveling and discovering new places is a great opportunity for you to relax and unwind.

But as you enjoy your vacation, house hunting, or food trip, you always think of your friends’ and clients’ welfare.

Because of that, QR code experts use these 2D codes to share their travels with them easily.

With its high quality yet space-saving capacity, you can instantly share it with them without the need for bigger data.

4.Optimizes mobile map viewing experience

QR codes are optimized for mobile use. Since there are 5.15 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today, having things optimized for mobile consumption is crucial.

With the help of QR codes for Google Maps links, businesses and marketers can optimize their customer’s mobile map viewing experience without experiencing any data delay. 

5. Directly guides users to accurate geolocation

Using a reliable Google Map scanner automatically directs you to the place’s exact location embedded in the QR code.

Because of this, you can skip a few steps and jump right into navigating the area. 

Scanning it using a smartphone means you no longer need to type the place you want to visit.

How businesses can benefit from using a QR code for Google Maps link

By embedding Google Maps locations into QR codes, businesses make it easy for customers to find them.

A QR code for Google Maps location link is extremely useful for all kinds of businesses, especially the new ones in the town.

Creating a QR code for a Google Maps location can help you boost your business visibility and foot traffic, as it provides convenience for your target customers to find you.

So instead of letting customers find the door to your business, let the QR code technology open the door for them. In a swift scan using their smartphone, the QR code instantly leads them right to your front door.

A Google Maps location link QR code is just one solution among QR TIGER’s 20 advanced QR codes. With QR TIGER’s wide range of QR code solutions, the integration of QR codes with marketing strategies and your business is made easy.

Because of QR code compatibility across devices and platforms, they’re very easy to use and integrate.

Unlock technological possibilities with QR TIGER QR Code Generator now

Google Maps QR code is just one of the countless displays of how QR technology can revolutionize information-sharing.

Because of this technological breakthrough, businesses and marketers can now add their business or office locations so people can easily navigate their way around.

Unlock more technological possibilities with QR TIGER QR Code Generator now with its wide range of safe QR code solutions and enterprise-level features.

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Frequently asked questions

Do QR codes expire?

QR code lifespan and expiration can depend. Static QR codes do not expire and has lifetime validity. Dynamic QR codes are different; depending on your subscription plan, they may be inactive as it requires active subscription.

Can I integrate QR codes with social media?

QR technology has made the integration of QR codes with social media marketing easy. QR codes can be part of your social media marketing strategy. But you can also use them as a social media marketing tool.

You can add your branded or customized QR codes on your social media posts or use them as a social media promotional tool.

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