How to use and create a Google Maps QR code for your business location

Last updated:   August 23, 2022

With technology influencing our traveling routines, the use of physical maps has become a thing of the past.

Thanks to Google’s hard work, we can now locate cities, restaurants, tourist spots, and our friend’s home with one digital app. And this app is called Google Maps.

Google Maps bring convenience to the people who are looking for their getaway.

It is also great for sharing spots with your friends and go for a group camp together.

But as sharing these locations may sometimes confuse your recipients as it will be covered with other messages, some of them may search the location again. Because of that, the convenience it holds may turn into an inconvenience to others. 

Luckily, QR code experts create a QR code solution that can save other users’ demise from searching the nearest restaurants all over again.

Using it, business owners, restauranteurs, hoteliers,  travelers, can send out their establishment area location to their friends.

And this QR code solution is called as Google Maps QR code.

But before you go to the making of it, let us first learn the basic concepts of it and why a traveler like you should make one.

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How to generate a QR code for Google Maps using a Google Maps QR code generator

  1. Go to
  2. Select the URL category and paste your Google Maps link.
  3. Generate your QR code as a dynamic QR instead of static
  4. Customize your QR code to make it attractive
  5. Test to avoid any misdirections.
  6. Download and set the adventure to be afoot.

What is a Google Maps QR code?

google maps qr code

Google maps QR code is a QR code solution that embeds Google Maps data into a QR code.

This QR code solution is can be used to locate places from hotel tour recommendations and can be scan or access using smartphone devices in a photo mode or QR code reader applications.

How to get your Google Maps link?

Just like any QR code solution that involves the use of URLs, the first step that every QR code enthusiasts do is to get the Google Map link of a location you want to share.

In getting your Google Maps link, here are 4 simple steps that you can follow.

1. Open Google Maps on your phone or desktop.

google maps qr code The first step in getting your Google Maps link is by opening the app on your phone or the website on your computer.

2. Search the place you want to go to.

undefinedOnce you have successfully opened the Google Maps app or website, you can proceed with searching the place you want to generate your QR code with.

To search for the place you want to generate into a QR code, just go to the search bar of the app.

If you are using your computer, you can find the place search bar in the upper-left portion of the site.

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3. Click the place/ location.

Once you have searched for the place you want to embed your QR code with, just click on the location and the Google Maps will automatically direct you to that place.

To prompt the copy link field, select the share icon, and choose copy link.

If you are using the mobile application, you can view the share icon in the bottom left corner of the app.

When you are using its desktop version, you can locate the share icon on the left corner of the site.

How to create a Google Maps QR code in 6 easy steps?

Now that you have your Google Maps link, you can now proceed to a Google Map QR code generator to create a QR code for Google Maps. Here are 6 easy steps on how to do it:

1. Go to

First, select the best location QR code generator that you can trust. QRTIGER is a trusted and reliable QR code generator that you can trust to make your QR codes properly work.

With its easy to navigate and ad-free interface, users from different generations can use its software without any hassle. 

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qr code generatorOnce you have opened the Google Map QR code generator, go to the menu and select the URL category on the menu.

Through the URL category, paste your Google Maps link and generate your QR code.

3. Generate your QR code as a dynamic one instead of static

generate qr code  dynamic
If you want a permanent address for your google map QR code, you can generate it in static mode.

But for better QR code usage, QR code experts recommend generating QR codes in dynamic forms.

Users can unlock more features that static QR codes have restricted them to do so. Features like data editing and tracking are great for long term QR code usage.

4. Customize your QR code

customized qr code Now that you have generated your QR code, adding a personalized touch to your QR code is great for increasing its scanning rate.

When personalizing your QR code, you can choose the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors to match your brand.

Also, you can add a frame, your logo, and call to action your QR code. 

In this way, you can create brand awareness with your Google Maps QR code. 

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5. Test to avoid any misdirections.

Since you have customized your QR code, testing it is the next crucial step that you need to do ensure its scanning capability.

Through testing the QR code before deploying it, you can spot any information error and avoid any misdirections in you and your customers’ adventure.

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6. Download and set the adventure to be afoot.

Once you are satisfied with your QR code testing, you can proceed in downloading and setting the travel afoot.

In downloading and printing your QR code, QR code experts recommend downloading it in high print quality to avoid any pixelated QR code output.

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Why you should go dynamic with Google Maps QR code?

A QR code for Gogole Maps can greatly help for marketers and other business establishments. Because of that, QR code experts and other QR code inspired marketers are recommending the use of dynamic Google Maps QR code.

To learn more about why you should go dynamic with it, here are 5 notable reasons that you can definitely agree with.


Dynamic QR codes are editable in nature. Because of that, companies and marketers can avoid any scanning error that can endanger their corporate reputation.

With its ability to edit data in an existing QR code, they can use them to update their office location.

This feature is also useful for real estate and food trucks.


Since gathering QR code statistic data is important for companies and marketers, having a tracking feature in a QR code is a must-have feature. Because of that, QR code experts recommend the use of dynamic QR codes to track data. With its tracking feature, you can track the following data:

Number of scans

Date of the scans made (day, week, months, or years)

Location of the scans made (Region, Country, City)

The device used in scanning (IOS, Android, or PC)

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Visually attractive

Unlike the use of static QR codes where the information is stored directly in the QR codes' graphics making them pixelated the more information or longer the URL you encode, dynamic QR codes are more visually attractive as it does not explicitly stored the data the QR's graphics.

Because of that, adept designers recommend the use of dynamic QR codes because of its clutter-free looks.

Avoids any travel mistakes

qr code for travel Since dynamic QR codes are editable, marketers and businesses can avoid their customers’ travel mistakes and save funds from involving in it. Because of that, QR code enthusiasts and other users recommend the use of it.

Great for long term use

One thing marketers and business owners always look up when committing to use a service is its long term use capability.

Since dynamic QR codes are editable and allow occasional data changes, they can use the same QR codes in changing their data and make it their own QR code trademark in the industry.

How to use Google Maps QR code

Google Maps QR codes are useful in any way possible. As long as it requires your location and area of interest, the use of it is possible.

If you are an entrepreneur in various fields in the business industry, here are 5 great use cases of a QR code for Google Maps that you can follow through.

Restaurants and Food trucks

One way to get more customers to dine in to your restaurant is to direct them to the location of your business. For example, you can place your location address in your food truck so that customers will know how to find you. 

For instance, aside from employing an interactive restaurant menu QR code software that can generate menu QR code for restaurants, they can also create a Google Maps QR code for potential customers to easily locate their address. 

With the help of the Google Maps QR code, they will know your address in a scan! 

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One way places are getting recognized by tourists because of accidental discoveries travelers make. Because of that, some travelers are pinning these in their Google Maps map to share with other adventurers and boost their local tourism.

With the use of Google Maps QR code, they can lighten their way of sharing their newfound paradise discovery to their friends and directly lead them to the place’s exact location.

Hotel Tours

One of the essentials travelers does when traveling is to stay at a hotel for the rest of their vacation.

As some hotels, you might stay in having a wider area than the other, taking hotel tours on your own can be a risky thing to do. But with the use of Google Maps QR codes, you can go on to your hotel adventure with no worries.

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Real estate property visits

One thing that realtors always struggle with is the provision of directions to the properties they are selling. As some clients tend to lose the sketches their real estate agents made, realtors are having a hard time spending more on printing out new sketches of the properties.

Because of that, the QR code experts are tapping the use of Google Maps QR code into real estate usage.

With its fast and on point direction giving, clients will no longer struggle to figure out the property’s location on a physical map.

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Events venue directions

As some events are celebrated away from home, guests who are invited to the party are struggling to get the location right.

Because of that, event organizers are embedding Google Maps QR codes into their invitations.

Through this, their guests can automatically go to the party without crashing another’s events. Thus, giving their guests a safe trip towards the event. 

Benefits of Google Maps QR code

Just like the use of QR codes, Google Maps QR codes have notable benefits that a user and its audience can follow through. By using it correctly, here are 5 remarkable benefits that you can agree with.

Easy and convenient to use

QR codes are easy and convenient to use and scan-able using smartphone devices.

With its scan and unpack data process, people can automatically open new information without the need to individually typing them in the Google search engine.

The same thing goes with Google Maps QR codes, by scanning and unpacking the location it holds, businesses and marketers can lead their customers in the right direction. Because of that, QR code experts see this as a noteworthy advantage for both user and audience. 

Light in the pocket

Unlike the use of physical maps, Google Maps QR codes are small and lightweight. Also, it can be saved electronically.

Thus, making it convenient to just bring a phone in your pocket. With its lightweight feature, you will not have to pack another set of maps to use.

Easy to share with friends or clients

Traveling and discovering new places is a great opportunity for you to relax and unwind. But as you are enjoying your vacation, house hunting, or food trip, you always think of your friends' and clients' welfare.

Because of that, QR code experts are introducing the use of Google Maps QR code to easily share their travels with them.

With its high quality yet space-saving capacity, you can instantly share it with them without the need for bigger data.

Optimizes mobile map viewing experience

qr code for google maps

QR codes are optimized for mobile use. Since there are 5.15 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today, having things optimized for mobile consumption is crucial.

With the help of Google Maps QR code, businesses and marketers can optimize their customer’s mobile map viewing experience without experiencing any data delay. 

Directs you to the place’s location

Google Maps QR codes can automatically direct you to the place’s exact location. Because of this, you can skip a few steps and jump right into navigating the area. 

By scanning it using the smartphone device, you will no longer need to type the place you want to visit.

Google Maps QR code – the QR way in locating your business location

As QR codes are widely used in any fields possible, the use of it in embedding a Google Maps location into one is also one of its used-cases. 

Because of this technological breakthrough, businesses and marketers can now add their Google Maps QR code to their website and ads for people to easily see and visit it. Using it, customers can locate them in a QR way. 

With the help of QRTIGER, the best Google Map QR code generator, a tech-savvy adventurer and entrepreneur like you can try out more technological possibilities with QR codes.

Through its help, you can start your journey with QR codes with us today. 

For more information and questions about QR codes, you can contact us now. 

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