Halloween QR Code: 8 Ways to Make This Season Spooktacular

Update:  November 03, 2023
Halloween QR Code: 8 Ways to Make This Season Spooktacular

A halloween QR code adds thrill to this much-awaited spooky season.

QR codes are like mystery boxes that can contain surprising and exciting things in a very innovative way. Once scanned using a smartphone, the QR can lead people to a world of possibilities.

These small and unique two-dimensional codes can contain not just links and texts but also files for rich media like videos, images, and even audio.

With QR codes jumping in the Halloween fun, there are limitless ways to make this season more fun and engaging.

Check out these eight creative ways to use QR codes for this coming Halloween season and learn how to create a customized one using the best QR code generator.

Eight creative ideas to use QR codes for Halloween

1. Halloween-themed QR code sales

The Halloween season is the best time to run sales promotions and Halloween-themed marketing campaigns.

To maximize your sales this spooky season, you can use customized QR codes with logos to effectively promote your business, products, or services.

You can never go wrong with customized QR codes, as you can use them in various marketing channels—both online and offline.

Say you’re promoting a Halloween discount campaign using a poster. Once scanned using a smartphone, people can then claim the discount.

2. Haunted house virtual tour

QR code for halloween

Of course, Halloween isn’t complete without the haunted house experience—the most popular and most awaited Halloween special.

To complete their Halloween experience, why not take them to a virtual haunted house tour? The easiest way to do this is to use a video QR code.

Once scanned, the code can lead them to a video or online tour of a horror house that enhances the eerie experience.

Link QR to a video of a real haunted house and it’s guaranteed to feel like the real thing—without the nasty consequences, of course.

3. Spooky Halloween QR code scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt on Halloween? Well, that’s an exciting and thrilling experience.

With QR codes coming into play, participants can get the most out of their Halloween experience. But how?

With a swift scan using a smartphone, these magical codes can reveal hints, riddles, images, or instructions to locate the next clue.

There are many fun QR code scavenger hunt ideas. One of which is to hide clues, adding thrill to the game. Since they can be small, they’re more challenging to find.

4. Halloween mystery puzzle game

Halloween QR code game

Halloween isn’t just about trick-or-treating, costume parades, horror stories, and ghosts. It’s also about putting one’s brain to exercise.

What good is a Halloween night without a dash of mystery?

Host an interactive Halloween-themed puzzle game using QR codes to add thrill to this spooky season.

You can store puzzle pieces or clues in your QR code and place them at various points within the game area. Players must scan the codes to gather clues to reveal the Halloween mystery they’re trying to solve.

Aside from games, you can also use a QR code for costume contests.

5. Halloween costume contest voting

Dressing up for Halloween is the most exciting part of this season. It allows everyone to be creative and dress up virtually anyone or anything they want.

Use QR codes to jazz up your virtual Halloween costume contest. This doesn’t just add fun and excitement but also stimulates their competitive spirit during this season.

To do this, you can simply use the Google Form QR code for a Halloween costume contest. Create a custom Google Form QR code and let them submit their Halloween costume photo as an entry and add them to the online form.

This solution lets scanners easily cast their votes with a simple scan.

6. Interactive horror stories

Horror stories QR code

Horror stories are the special ingredients that add extra spice to your Halloween experience.

A series of spine-chilling stories can do the work. To make it interactive, use QR codes to share them.

The thing about QR codes is that anyone with a smartphone can access them. 

Here’s a freakishly good idea: Use a file QR code solution to store a series of horror stories to give them fresh scares every time they scan the code. It’s a dynamic solution that allows you to store different document files.

7. Halloween recipe collection

Share your most delightful and creative Halloween recipes using QR codes. Using the landing page QR code solution, you can store a compilation of your recipe collection and share them in an innovative way.

You can add multimedia like audio, video, or images, making the Halloween culinary experience even more enjoyable.

Even better, you can update your recipe anytime. Whether it’s a better ingredient list, a new recipe, or a unique and eerie food presentation idea, you can always modify the link on your dynamic QR code.

8. Trick-or-treat maps

QR code map

Aside from Halloween-themed QR code games and horror stories, trick-or-treating is one of the most cherished Halloween traditions that makes this season unforgettable.

Ask for treats with a simple trick using a map QR code.

Make it easy for trick-or-treaters to navigate within your neighborhood using a Halloween-themed map.

There, you can mark which specific location provides the best treats or which ones in the neighborhood participate and which do not.

Providing a scannable digital map makes it so much easier for trick-or-treat enthusiasts to go around the neighborhood, even if they’re unfamiliar with the place.

How to get a QR code for the Halloween season?

To get a QR code for Allhallows Eve, you must create one using an online QR code software like QR TIGER.

With its user-friendly interface, you can easily create a fully customized QR code with a logo. Follow the guide below to create one.

Create a custom Halloween QR code with logo

You can make your own fully customized QR code for Halloween in five easy steps. Here’s how:

1. Log in to your account on QR TIGER. Don’t have one yet? You can sign up for the freemium version. 

2. Choose a QR code from the solution menu, then enter the required information.

3. Select Dynamic QR and click Generate QR code.

4. Personalize your QR code. Modify the eyes, patterns, frames, and colors, and add your logo to make it unique.

5. Run a quick QR scan test. Hit the Download button once all is set.

Customization tips for a Halloween-themed QR code

Make it spooky

Halloween QR code

Spread the eerie Halloween vibes by integrating Halloween-inspired design elements.

In your QR code’s design, you can use popular Halloween colors, such as orange, black, and purple. These colors instantly convey the spooky spirit of the season.

You can add icons like pumpkins, bats, ghosts, witches, or skeletons as a logo or into the QR code’s corners to make it visually appealing and relevant to the holiday.

QR codes are one versatile tool for any holiday and season. There are many ways to use QR code marketing for fall events, not just for Halloween.

The clearer, the better

Let’s talk about size and quality. If you want to maximize your QR code, you must consider how it looks from different angles.

Don’t make your QR code too small or too big to minimize scanning errors. A bigger QR code is less likely to cause errors and provides ample space for Halloween elements without compromising scannability.

You must download and print your custom QR code in high image resolution. That’s why saving it in SVG format is ideal, as it keeps your QR code sharp.

This ensures that they’re scannable in whatever condition and lighting.

Communicate clearly

Don’t forget to add a the call-to-action to your custom Halloween QR code.

Include a clear text on your QR code’s frame, like “Scan for Spooky Surprises,” to inform users of the code’s purpose. It helps scanners understand what to anticipate upon scanning your QR code.

Once done, thoroughly test to see if your custom QR code redirects correctly to the intended destination by scanning it on different devices.

Choose the best print material

When printing your custom QR code, it’s important to consider using appropriate material.

If you intend to display your QR code outdoors, using waterproof material is ideal to withstand any weather conditions.

Opt for materials with quality paper, cardstock, or vinyl to ensure that they can hold the printed QR code without distorting it.

You can also laminate the material to protect the QR code from external elements. This guarantees that it remains scannable in any condition.

What makes dynamic QR codes ideal for Halloween

There are several reasons why it’s better to use dynamic QR codes for Halloween. Here are they:

1. Various content, more engagement

Halloween only comes once a year. And dynamic QR codes are the best way to make it extra special and fun.

Unlike static QR codes, you can store more than just links and texts within your dynamic QR code. You can add documents, PDFs, videos, audio, and images.

But there’s more: you can edit or update them anytime you want. This means you can surprise them with new content, making it more fun and engaging.

2. Comprehensive tracking for Halloween QR code campaigns

Halloween season is the best time for businesses to run sales promotions and engaging Halloween-themed marketing campaigns.

And since dynamic QR codes come with built-in tracking capabilities, it’s super easy for you to monitor the performance of your Halloween campaigns in real time.

With QR TIGER’s QR code tracking feature, you can track the QR code engagement. Through the available metrics, you can find out:

  • How many users have scanned your QR code
  • How frequently they scan your QR code
  • Where most (and least) scans occur
  • What type of device they are using
  • Which region gained more engagement

This data helps you fine-tune your strategy and make data-driven decisions for your next Halloween campaign.

3. Advanced built-in features for campaigns

Dynamic QR codes have a lot to offer.

Aside from their editability and trackability, they also have built-in advanced features: Retarget tool, QR code expiry, QR code password, GPS tracking & geofencing, email scan notification, and the built-in UTM builder.

This is particularly useful for Halloween campaigns because it allows you to run tech-savvy and trackable online and offline campaigns.

With these features, you can surely create creative and engaging marketing campaigns. Beyond marketing, there are many innovative uses of QR codes in various areas like events, payments, education, and more.

Why QR TIGER QR Code Generator is the best for custom QR codes

1. Best QR code customization tool

With QR TIGER’s customization tool, it’s easy to generate a fully customized QR code with a logo. Using the available design elements, you can be creative with your QR code design.

You can change the pattern, choose an eye design, select colors, incorporate logos, and add frames with a call-to-action.

This feature ensures your custom QR code aligns perfectly with your brand’s identity and messaging.

2. High image quality

Image quality is the most important thing you shouldn’t neglect when creating a custom QR code. This ensures that your QR code is looking sharp to avoid scanning issues.

To ensure the highest image quality of your custom QR codes, QR TIGER QR code generator lets you download them in PNG and SVG format.

If you wish to print your QR code, SVG format is ideal. This format maintains the quality of your QR codes even if you resize them.

3. Ad-free custom QR generation

Let’s admit it: ads are annoying. Nobody wants interruptions, especially when we’re doing something really important. 

QR TIGER understands the struggle. That’s why they let users generate QR codes without ad interruptions.

This ad-free experience enhances user experience and workflow, ensuring a clean and professional output.

4. Custom QR code link (white label)

Aside from being able to customize a QR code design, QR TIGER users can also customize the domain or link of their QR code.

When you create a QR code, it automatically has a default short link, which looks like this: https://qr1.be/ABCD

But with the white label, you are free to change and customize it so it can look like this: https://qr.yourdomain.com/ABCD

This brilliant feature adds a professional touch and reinforces brand identity.

5. Trusted QR code generator

QR TIGER is a trusted and reliable QR code software, garnering user trust from top players worldwide—Disney, Universal, TikTok, McDonald’s, Lululemon, and more.

It gained positive reviews, making it one of the top-ranking QR code software on G2, Trustpilot, and SourceForge.

It uses high-end safety tools and complies with ISO 27001, GDPR, and CCPA certification to guarantee user privacy and security.

6. Easy QR campaign management

If you’re looking for the easiest way to manage multiple QR code campaigns, look no further than QR TIGER.

When you create a QR code, it automatically saves them to your Dashboard. It’s where all your QR codes are stored.

You can also organize your QR codes by grouping them. You can do this by creating a folder on your dashboard.

7. Budget-friendly plans

QR TIGER offers four subscription plans that fit every budget: Freemium, Regular, Advanced, Premium, and Enterprise.

For as low as $7, users can enjoy its advanced features and wide range of solutions.

This affordability ensures businesses and individuals with varying needs can use its services without breaking the bank.

Create Halloween-themed QR codes with QR TIGER now

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to infuse festivities with a touch of eerie charm, and QR TIGER is here to make it happen.

With a Halloween QR code, creative possibilities are boundless, from crafting enigmatic clues for your haunted house adventure to offering exclusive holiday promotions.

Dive into a world full of mystery with QR TIGER. This ISO-certified QR code software is your trusted partner this Halloween season, ready to help you transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

Have a spooktacular Halloween with QR TIGER QR Code Generator by signing up for their plans now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a cute QR code?

To make a cute QR code or a creative QR code design, you can use QR TIGER. This QR code software lets users customize their QR code. Using its customization feature, you can change the colors, eyes, and patterns, choose a frame, and add a logo.

Can you create a QR code in Canva?

Yes, you can create a QR code in Canva. Navigate to the side panel and click Apps. Go to Create something new > QR code > Enter the link you want to store in your code > click Generate code.

But there’s an easier way to do this. If you have a QR TIGER account, you can just connect it to your Canva account using the API key.

Once integrated, you can easily add your custom QR code to your Canva designs or templates.

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