9 Innovative QR Code Scavenger Hunt Ideas You Should Try

Update:  September 22, 2023
9 Innovative QR Code Scavenger Hunt Ideas You Should Try

A QR code scavenger hunt brings a digital twist to the highly engaging and competitive game many of us are familiar with. This time, it’s more fun with QR codes!

QR codes are a great tool to make scavenger hunts better. They can effortlessly bring the game to the digital world with an added sense of creativity and enjoyment.

The best part about QR codes is how easily you can create them. All you need is the best QR code generator, and you’ll have QR codes for the hunt in no time.

Get ready for an exciting leap toward a futuristic game experience. Read on and learn how to make this QR code-powered fun-filled activity.

What is a scavenger hunt QR code?

QR codes for social media games are an obvious integration of the QR technology, but did you know that you can use the same concept for traditional games as well, like a scavenger hunt?

A scavenger hunt QR code can bring a digital edge to the game. It can serve as a gateway to map guides, riddles, questions, and activities—things that players must go through to win.

Scavenger hunts require players to find and collect specific items. Players must solve puzzles to get clues on where they can find each one. The first to collect all items wins the game.

Using QR codes in games like scavenger hunts lets players simply use their smartphones to access in-game details, making their game experience smoother and more convenient.

These codes also make the job easier for game organizers. Instead of printing various copies of maps and puzzles, they can embed them into QR codes for faster access.

Now, that’s more cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

How to make a QR code for a scavenger hunt using the best QR code generator

Technically, you can use almost all QR code solutions in your QR code software—depending on how creative you can get. But you must first learn the basics of creating a QR code.

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log in to your account. You can also sign up for freemium if you don’t have one yet. You’ll only need your email; no credit card required.
  2. Click on any QR code solution that you wish to use.
  3. Add the required details. Carefully check them before proceeding.
  4. Select either Static or Dynamic QR code, then click Generate QR code.
  5. Customize your QR code scavenger hunt by changing its colors, eye shape, and pattern style. You can add a logo and use a custom frame with a call to action tag.

Tip: You can blend the QR code’s colors with its surroundings to make it hard to find. That’s an added challenge to players!

  1. Test-scan your QR code after customization to guarantee it works.
  2. Download your QR code. You can save it in two formats: PNG and SVG.

Note: SVG lets you resize your QR codes without affecting their quality. This format is suitable for printing.

9 creative QR code scavenger hunt ideas

Now that you know how to make QR codes, it’s time to check out how to use them to make your scavenger hunt more engaging, convenient, and tech-savvy. Check out the following examples:

Traditional scavenger hunt

Instead of giving players a map and a list of the items, provide them with QR codes.

You can use various QR code solutions leading to clues about the items—an image showing only a part of it, a song that contains the item’s name, a short video, a poem, or a riddle.

This QR code scavenger hunt approach makes the game more challenging since players will still have to figure out the item before they can start looking for it.

Art attack

QR code scavenger hunt

Initiate an art scavenger hunt where participants must find hidden pieces of artwork or sculptures using QR codes as guides to their whereabouts.

You can also create QR codes in museums to educate players about each art piece’s origin, background, and historical value.

Aside from entertaining them, playing the game will also make participants knowledgeable.

Complete the QR code puzzle

Puzzles never go out of style. You can use puzzle pieces as the missing items players must collect, and the first to get them all and solve the puzzle wins.

You can use a QR code as the puzzle to make it more interesting. Print a huge one and cut it into several puzzle pieces.

Players must then scan the formed QR code to reveal a hidden statement or item they must say out loud or present to win the game.

Make sure to cut the QR code puzzle pieces properly and evenly. You must also test-scan the QR code to see that it’ll still be readable when formed.

Multi-location scavenger race

Create your version of The Amazing Race and take players on a widescale scavenger hunt. 

The race will have different checkpoints where they must do a challenge and collect an item before they can proceed to the next one.

You can use a location QR code as a guide to each checkpoint. When participants scan the code, they will get its exact location via their device maps. 

First come, first served

This scavenger hunt example will bring out the players’ competitive side.

At the start of the game, players must find one specific item. Once they’ve found it, they’ll have to scan a QR code that will reveal the following item to find and its location.

The same will happen for the rest of the remaining items. But here’s the twist: The QR codes will expire after a set number of scans. Say you have ten players; you can set them to deactivate after the first five scans.

The other players who can’t access the QR code anymore must solve a difficult challenge to get the necessary clues, which can set them back and slow them down.

With this setup, players must do everything possible to be one of the first to scan the QR code and easily access the clues.

This strategy will require dynamic QR codes: an advanced QR type with advanced features like expiry and more.

Decode the code

Creative scavenger hunt

Once they discover the answer, they can proceed to the next stop and solve another set of letters.

Sound hunt

Aside from images or texts, you can also embed audio files into your QR codes. Embed your QR code with songs whose lyrics contain clues that lead to the next item’s whereabouts.

This can be very tricky. Participants must carefully listen to the audio and think critically to figure out hidden meanings or codes in the song.

History journey

Scavenger hunt ideas

The catch? The map doesn’t pinpoint these spots. Instead, it only has QR codes for each place. Players must scan the code to reveal its location to get there as quickly as possible.

But here’s another twist: Each QR code has a password, and players must enter it correctly before accessing the location. They can check the map for clues about the password.

Adding passwords is another advanced feature of dynamic QR codes. You can set up the password through your QR code generator account dashboard after you generate the code.

Solve a riddle

What’s fun about riddles is that they may seem simple, but solving them can be harder than you think.

You can use riddles in your hunt. Players must answer it correctly before they get an item or a clue leading to the next destination.

You can use the text QR code for this, so when participants scan the code, the riddle will instantly come on their screens.

Why use dynamic scavenger hunt QR codes?

Editable scavenger QR code

Although dynamic QR codes require a subscription for continuous use, you can always sign up for the freemium version first.

Here are a few reasons why you should use dynamic QR codes:


The edit feature lets you change the embedded data in your QR code, so you no longer have to generate a new one.

Suppose you put the wrong detail in one QR code already placed in a checkpoint. You can still update and correct it in your QR code generator account dashboard, and the changes will reflect immediately.


This feature allows real-time tracking of your dynamic QR code’s scans. You can access these valuable metrics: 

  • The total and unique scans
  • The location and time of each scan
  • The devices used in scanning

This helps scavenger hunt game organizers monitor the participants’ progress throughout the hunt. 

GPS feature

The GPS feature lets you set the boundaries of your QR code accessibility: Only those within the parameters can scan the code.

This is a great help to ensure that actual participants will play the game correctly and not ask for help from someone else, especially in decoding the clues.


The dynamic QR code lets you embed different kinds of data apart from URLs and texts. It could also store images, files, videos, and audio that can contribute to a more unique QR code experience.

Scan to play: QR codes for more engaging scavenger hunts

A QR code scavenger hunt is strong proof that QR codes can function in almost any industry. What many think of as a marketing tool can also play a part in fun and games.

You can remove the hassle of manually preparing the needed things since you can embed them into QR codes. You also get to give participants a unique gaming experience they’ll surely treasure for life.

Take scavenger hunts up a notch with QR code technology to make this old-school fun game a tech-savvy and interactive experience. If you’re searching for a QR code generator to help you improve your scavenger hunt plans, head to QR TIGER today and sign up for an account.

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