Introducing 5 Ways to Use QR Code Marketing for Fall Events

Update:  October 20, 2023
Introducing 5 Ways to Use QR Code Marketing for Fall Events

QR code marketing for fall events is the perfect strategy companies and businesses can use for the sweater weather.

This season has much to offer: Halloween extravaganzas, apple-picking adventures, foliage-chasing escapades, pumpkin carving, and more.

Like any wise marketer, you can take advantage of these events to boost your business. And QR code technology can make your fall strategies twice as better.

Promote these events with a spice of tech through QR codes! Learn how you can use the  best QR code generator for some spooky and fun QR code campaigns.

QR code marketing examples for fall events

You can be creative in using QR code for events marketing, some tips are listed below:

1. Promote your event

One popular fall event is the Oktoberfest—the largest annual beer festival. It originates from Germany, but people worldwide also celebrate this. The celebration is not only limited to beers; there are also rides, games, and food to enjoy.

You can use QR codes to invite people to come to your establishment to join your version of Oktoberfest.

Add these codes to your print ads like posters, flyers, or billboards. You may also display them digitally, like on your social media posts.

People will see engaging content that will entice them: teaser videos of your event, high-quality food images, or claimable special promos like a free glass of beer with a purchase amounting to a set price.

With QR code marketing for fall events, you can just print one code which will allow you to reach a large crowd. 

2. Gather customer data and feedback

Feedback fall events QR code
While some people crave pumpkin spice lattes, others start carving faces on pumpkins for Halloween. Establishments can join the spooky fun and hold a costume contest as a marketing event.

The Googe Form QR code is an excellent QR code marketing example for this. Use this solution as a registration form for people interested in joining. You can also use it to survey what attendants expect to see at the party.

During the party, you can use the Google Form QR code to let attendees decide who among the contest participants deserves the first prize. It’s much easier since they can vote with their smartphones.

3. Lead to online bookings

Leaves change their colors when fall comes. The usual greens turn into vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues. People who want to witness this breathtaking sight can go on a fall foliage tour in New England.

Travel and tour companies can use a QR code for event registration to manage the number of tour joiners ahead of time. You may lead them to a registration website.

Organizing staff can also provide tour joiners with a file QR code using the file QR code converter containing the tour route and scenic details in the journey. It will encourage more people to join the event.

4. Offer discounts and promos

Fall discount QR code

One thing people look forward to when autumn comes is Thanksgiving and Black Friday. After having roast turkey and cranberry sauce, people flock to malls and online shops for the countless sales that follow the feast.

Businesses use this time to capture customers’ hearts by offering discounts and promos, which presents a great opportunity to use marketing QR codes.

Add a landing page QR code on posters, billboards, or select items. When shoppers scan the coupon QR code, they can redeem limited-time offers, discount coupons, and other special offers.

5. Share a live telecast

Fall url QR code
November 5th is the Bonfire Night in the UK. People celebrate by creating bonfires and holding firework displays. But the smoke from these may harm those with health problems like asthma.

Using dynamic QR code, organizers can still entertain those who can’t be in the venue. They can use a URL QR code to lead viewers into a live telecast, allowing them to enjoy the celebration safely and comfortably.

Why use QR code marketing for fall events?

Here are more reasons why you should get a QR code to manage your upcoming fall events:

Convenience and accessibility

QR codes are an easy and convenient way to share information. People only have to scan with their smartphones; no other tech skills needed.

It’s also accessible to many because you don’t need specialized bar scanners; your mobile device can do that job for you.

Most smartphone cameras today have built-in QR code scanning features. And even if you don’t have one, you can always download a third-party scanner app.

Flexibility with content storage

QR codes can store more than just text data or links. Many QR code marketing solutions now exist for storing and sharing videos, audio files, images, documents, and more in just a scan.

This shows that whatever form of marketing material you have, you can pick a specific QR code solution that matches your needs or target course of action. 

Multi-platform marketing

Digital and printed QR code

QR code marketing for fall events lets you reach a bigger audience since it works well on both digital and printed platforms.

You can share or post it on the web or your social media pages to cater to your online users. To serve the printed media crowd, you may also print it on any material, such as posters or billboards.


QR codes can boost your marketing efforts without breaking the bank. Most online QR software allow you to create QR codes for free. These free codes, a.k.a. static QR codes, only have basic functions but can still do the job.

You may also invest in dynamic QR codes—advanced QR types with more flexible and handy features. Here’s one: You can edit their embedded content.

Say you’ve launched a QR code leading to your Facebook page. You can change the link and redirect it to your Instagram account instead. The update will reflect in real time, too.

You can reuse one QR code and update the content when a new fall event comes. This way, you no longer have to generate and design a new code all over again.

You can update your dynamic QR code’s content on your QR code generator dashboard.

Contactless engagement

With QR codes, you no longer have to be in close contact with anyone just to share or promote your fall event. You won’t have to hand out flyers on the streets to invite people.

Posting a QR code online or printing one and then placing it somewhere crowded will yield the same result—attracting people’s attention. The only difference is that you’re no longer doing it yourself; QR codes do it for you.

But say you want to go with this old-school strategy. You can just print one QR code or display it on a tablet and invite passers-by to scan it. It’s still contactless, and you won’t have to print and give hundreds of flyers.

How to create a QR code using the best QR code generator

Here are the general steps on how to create QR codes from QR TIGER:

  1. Go to the QR TIGER website. You can sign up for the freemium plan or log in if you already have an account.
  2. Choose any QR code solution you want to use.
  3. Provide the required data.
  4. Select Dynamic QR and click the Generate QR code button.
  5. Customize your QR code using the available features: colors, eyes, frames, patterns, logos, and call to action tag.
  6. Scan test your QR code to ensure its scanability.
  7. Download, print, and deploy your QR code.

Guide to event QR code design and proper customization

Custom fall QR code

There are lots of creative uses of QR codes and creative ways to design them, too.

Customization is key for QR codes that attract users, but the design should not compromise their readability. Here are some points you need to consider when designing your QR code:

Choose a proper color scheme

A color scheme guides you on which colors look best together.

Follow the rule of thumb: Dark colors for the pattern and light ones for the background. Using the same colors for both won’t do you any good because scanners won’t be able to identify the QR code points necessary to decode the data.

Choose colors that have high contrast from each other. Do away from pastels; they are too light and might take scanners some time to read.

Use dynamic QR codes

Take note that static QR codes store data directly in their pattern. The heavier the data, the more congested the pattern will look, and it might cause scanning difficulties.

And to be honest, these crowded codes can be an eyesore.

You won’t have to worry about this with dynamic QR codes. They store a short URL that leads to a page that contains your data. Their pattern will remain optimal regardless of your data size.

Add a logo that directly speaks about the embedded content

Different celebrations and events fall in the fall, so you must give your audience an instant idea of what they should expect upon scanning the code to capture their attention.

Add a logo to your event QR code to provide context on what it’s for. Say you have a QR code for your Halloween party. You can add a pumpkin logo for that.

Use a compelling call to action

Sure, a good-looking QR code is effective, but you can add a compelling call to action to boost the chances of getting scanned.

It should be short but must provide scanners with instructions on what to do with your code. Most QR code generator platforms let you edit your CTA, too.

It would be best if it gives off a sense of urgency by using words like “now” or “limited only.”

Select the appropriate format

When creating a QR code, remember how you want to share it with your audience: digitally or printed. This way, you can choose the suited format.

If you plan on sharing your QR code digitally, the PNG format will do. But if you’ll print it, you should choose the SVG format. The QR code will remain clear and unpixelated even when stretched.

Let your marketing rise this fall with QR codes

QR code marketing for fall events creates an enchanting user experience, allowing you to celebrate and enjoy autumn’s treats. Through these codes, you can maximize your ability to reach a larger audience with minimal effort.

Their flexibility in marketing has proven effective, and even big brands worldwide have already incorporated QR codes in their campaigns.

So before bidding goodbye to the season’s vibrant hues, tap on QR TIGER—the best QR code generator—and create fall campaigns to skyrocket your marketing goals.

How can I create a QR code for an event?

Go to QR TIGER and click the Event QR code solution. Add the event title, location, and event time. Hit on the Generate QR code button, and voila! You now have your QR code for an event. You can create this QR code for free.

How do you use a QR code for event tickets?

QR codes can work as event tickets. Attendees must present their ticket QR code to the staff at venue entrances to authorize their entry. They can print or save the QR code as an image on their smartphones.

QR codes can also be a security feature that will help organizers determine whether a ticket is authentic or counterfeit.

brands using QR codes

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