How to Create a QR Code for Facebook?

Last updated:   July 11, 2022

Everyone knows Facebook but not everyone knows that you can generate a QR code for Facebook, QR code for Facebook group, QR code for Facebook events, and many more.  But how do you actually create them? 

A QR code is a flexible marketing tool to use to market a variety of your products, items, services, or business profiles with little to no effort at all. 

Setting aside the fact that QR codes are available for free, people are most likely to scan QR codes on packages, web pages, and even social media platforms.

Being a business marketer or owner, you might already be aware of the significant importance of social media channels.

Whether you own an e-commerce store, retail store, restaurant, or even a law firm, there are greater chances that the majority of people in your targeted people are addicted to social media platforms – especially Facebook.

And if you’re already promoting your content on Facebook, note that Facebook QR codes can enhance your social media marketing to much extent.

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What is a Facebook Page QR code?

A Facebook QR code is generated to redirect your target audience to your Facebook group by generating a Facebook group QR code, or to a Facebook page, event, and any special featured post on FB

So, are you hosting an event? Do you plan to distribute your company’s brochure to the public?

Well, if you want your print advertising campaigns to bring traffic to social media channels, just adding a link to your Facebook profile won’t do the job.

This is where Facebook QR codes come in handy.

Adding the QR code to your print advertising will let the users visit your Facebook page, group, event, or event’s featured post with ease.

In simple words, creating QR codes will help your targeted customers to follow, and like you on Facebook. Wouldn’t it be good enough to redirect users directly on the “Like Page” button, right?

There are two types of QR codes you choose to generate for your Facebook. It's either a static or dynamic QR code.

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How to generate a QR Code for Facebook event? A step-by-step guide! 

So, how to create the QR code? In this regard, QRTIGER is the best dynamic QR code generator to create. You can customize your QR codes, choose its designs and patterns.

Just go to and select Facebook from the menu to make your QR code. Moreover, QRTIGER code generator is a reliable QR code software that is highly trusted by big brands to create their QR codes. 

Here is how you can generate the QR code using QRTIGER – the best QR code generator available online:QR code generator Facebook like button

  • Open www.
  • Click “Facebook” from the menu.
  • Enter your Facebook page, post, or event’s link in the field below.
  • Click static or dynamic 
  • Click “Generate QR Code” and move on to customizing your QR code.
  • Next, you can choose multiple patterns, eyes, add a logo, and set colors to make your QR code stand out.

Why choose a dynamic QR code? 

Dynamic QR Codes allow you to track user activity. Also, it edits the URL of your QR code any time you want even when it’s printed.

They offer you to provide greater security when dealing with personal data i.e. location, date, time, device type, etc. Sounds good?

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Note: The same process also applies when you generate a Facebook group QR code and any links in Facebook you want to convert into a QR code 

Generate your QR code for Facebook now with QRTIGER QR code generator

In a nutshell, QR codes for Facebook can drive a great amount of traffic to your business Facebook profile or by using a QR code for Facebook group. By generating it, you can ease the user's agony in typing and searching your Facebook account.

In this way, users can easily see your Facebook profile by scanning it. Sounds fair enough? Use a QR code generator with a logo as QRTIGER to stand out in your QR code marketing campaign!

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If you have more questions about QR codes, contact us now. 


How to get a QR code for Facebook group? 

To get a QR code for for Facebook group, simply copy the URL of your Facebook group and go to and paste your URL in the Facebook section > select dynamic QR code > customize your QR code > and click the download button and voilà, you just have generated your Facebook group QR code!