How to download an app with a QR code

Last updated:   January 03, 2022

To download an app with a QR code, the user only needs to open his camera app, point it steadily towards the QR code, and open the notification that pops-up.  

Have you seen an app QR code next to a product? Or website, and you’re wondering how these functions and the proper way you can download the app using this? Well, Keep reading to know-how! 

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What is an app QR code? how to download app with qr code

An app QR or App Stores QR codes is a tech-innovation used by many marketers, especially app marketers, to boost their app downloads and out-edged the in the saturated market of apps. How so?

When you scan an app store QR code, you can immediately download the app rather than searching by the app name. 

This is a type of dynamic QR code that redirects users to differ based on the device they used, whether Android OS or Apple’s iOS, to download your app.

Users will be landed on the Android Play Store, Apple App Store, or the Amazon App Store to download your application directly when scanned.

Therefore, an app QR code is designed to be more convenient, easy, and straightforward for users and generated using a QR code generator online.

How to generate an app store QR code?

  1. Go to and click on App Stores.
  2. Input the URL for iPhone and the URL for Android
  3. Click on Generate QR code. This feature only works for users with a paid account, so make sure you’re logged in with your account.
  4. Custom design your QR code to make it appealing and then click “generate QR code.”
  5. Your QR code is downloaded to your computer, and you are now redirected to the Track Data page. On the Track Data page, you can edit the URLs you’ve entered in step 2. You can also check the Data of all your URLs. You’ll be able to track the time, exact device, and location of your scanners.

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QR code basics 

In many types of QR code solution, you can generate it in static or dynamic. However, some QR code solutions require a greater storage capacity that a fixed or static QR code can’t handle.

This is now where the dynamic QR code comes into play. 

Static QR code undefined

Static QR codes are free to create in QRtiger with unlimited scans. However, the content you can embed on this type of QR is limited, cannot be edited, and you cannot also track the data of your QR code scan.

Dynamic QR code undefined

An App QR code is one of the examples of a dynamic QR code. Using a dynamic QR, the information you put can be unlimited.

Moreover, users can also edit the QR code or  the content behind their QR code and redirect it to information even when printed. Users can also track the data of your QR code scans.

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How will App Store QR Codes make a Difference in Your Marketing?

Sure enough, it’s easy to link an app QR code to two different URLs. But imagine, what if you already have printed your QR code on your marketing materials such as business cards, packaging, posters, or on your website only to find out your designer used the wrong URL!

Not only this one mistake will cost you money, but you will miss out on your potential sales! But with an app QR code, you don’t have to worry!

 So how does an app QR code will help you make a difference in your marketing? Let’s find out!

An app QR code is editable even after printedundefined

As we have mentioned above, an app QR code is powered by dynamic QR codes, which are an editable type of QR even if your QR code has been deployed.

Redirect to different App stores undefined

The most obvious and convenient use case of an app QR code would be its ability to redirect your users to different app stores. 

If you have a different set of apps for an iPhone or Android operating system, then you can use QRTiger’s App Store QR code to redirect your scanners correctly. 

Flexible and Adaptable Marketing CampaignundefinedDo you want to print or display your QR code on your website? One of the main advantages of a QR code is its ability to be scanned both in print and online advertising!

How to Scan QR code to download the app 

QR codes, in general, are scan-able using only users’ smartphone devices. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Open camera app
  • Point the camera at the QR code.
  • Tap the notification that appears on your Android or iPhone or tablet.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

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How to make your App Store QR code marketing a success

Add a Call-to-action in your app store QR codehow to download app from play store using qr code

A QR code with a call to action results in 80% more scans. Call-to-action instructs your prospective scanners to scan your QR.

A CTA like “scan to download” will prompt your audience to take action and scan your QR.

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Customize your QR code undefined

A personalized QR code is eye-catchy and can spark your customers’ interest in your QR code instead of black and white QR code colors. Make your QR code align to your purpose, brand, and aim by:

§ Adding a logo, image, icon on your QR code

Adding a logo or icon on your App store QR code is useful to promote your branding and make it more professional and legitimate.

Furthermore, it also secures your scanners and guarantees them that it is not some spammy QR code. Put your logo or icon in the middle of your QR code to make it stand-out. 

§ Add the colors

Add colors to your QR code to make your brand noticeable and attractive to scanners. QR codes with customized colors add value to your brand and make them stand out from the rest of the QR.

However, just make sure that the foreground color of your QR code is darker than the background. 

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Consider the correct sizing. undefined

It is highly recommended that your QR code should be at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension in a close range to be scanned.

However, it will still depend on where you will place your QR code; the further it is, the larger the size needs to be scanned better. 

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App Store QR Code Positioning and placement 

Place your QR code in the correct area or position to make it noticeable and easily scannable for your scanners. 

Printing formats 

You can download your app store QR code in a PNG or SVG file format, which is both great to use in print and online ads as well. An SVG file is excellent for printing at the highest quality! 

It is a vectorial format used in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. Nevertheless, a PNG file can also be used online. 

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Real-life use of app QR codes used in marketing 

Beauty Design HubundefinedImage Source 

Beauty Design Hub is a beauty industry that provides aesthetic services with a presence in online marketing. 

On their website, they use an app QR code that encourages customers to download their app, letting their clients be up-to-date about their appointments, upcoming offers, discounts, and availability! 


Jumia is one of the most popular online retail stores in Uganda.  

Online shoppers can download their app using an app store QR code, that when scanned, will allow them to shop conveniently anytime and anywhere they may be! 

ProViaundefinedImage Source 

Provia is one of the examples of an online product catalog.

They also used an app store QR code on their website where customers can download and easily search through extensive commercial vehicle parts and find the right replacement product, anytime, anywhere when they download the app. 

This will also allow their customers to see the latest Provia Catalog updates at the tip of their fingertips, see new product specs, lines, and distributor's information.   


Mobile apps are the future in the coming years and onwards, and it is seen to have the most impact on most business successes by 2021 and beyond. 

Apps are an in-demand technology amongst users that are continually changing the framework of the way businesses and the market operate in the most convenient manner. 

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