How to Get a QR Code for Your Online Store

Update:  July 31, 2023
How to Get a QR Code for Your Online Store

Knowing how to get a QR code for your online store will help boost your store visibility and maximize your sales. This digital tool will also help you manage your online store more efficiently.

At the end of 2021, e-retail sales surpassed 5.2 trillion US dollars worldwide; this year, there was a record of 268 million digital buyers in the US alone.

The number speaks for the financial opportunity that online stores have.

With such a huge buying population, online stores must cater to all potential and existing clients seamlessly.

QR codes are perfect for this job.

They can provide instant access to information and facilitate contactless transactions.

They can also perform multiple actions.

Excited about a  financial step forward for your online store using QR codes? Read more to create one using a QR code generator, and get ready to multiply your earnings.

How to make an online store QR code with QR TIGER

  • Go to the best QR code generator
  • Choose a QR code solution from the wide range of options
  • Enter the required data, and click Generate QR code
  • Customize your QR code by adding icons, changing colors, and adding CTA
  • Test your QR code by scanning it on your smartphone to check if it’s working
  • Download, print, and deploy your QR code

7 uses of a QR code for your online store

Lead customers to your website

Online store QR code uses

Highlight your site by directing users to your store’s official website using the URL QR code.

This increases web traffic and engagement. Your website will be more visible to other users, and you can pool in more customers.

It would be best if your website contained all the necessary information about your online store, including your accurate description of products, prices, and feedback. 

You will need the best QR code generator if you want to create a quality URL QR code for your online store.

Boost social media visibility thru QR code for shopping

Store social media QR code

Social media boosting is another effective marketing strategy that online stores can use to increase sales, considering the volume of users these platforms have.

Facebook pages and Instagram accounts are some of the widely used platforms for advertising online stores.

Suppose your online store has social media accounts where you also highlight your products and services. You can convert them all into one QR code for shopping.

The social media QR code directs users to a landing page where they can view and follow all your accounts. 

Create custom landing pages

For online stores with no website and don’t have enough budget to acquire a web domain or hire a web developer, an H5 editor QR code is the perfect fit.

The H5 editor lets you create your landing page for free. You can design the page according to your liking, and its white label feature enables you to use your domain, adding credibility to your online store.

You can use this to launch a new product line or run a promo. And since it’s editable, you can change your landing page and reuse it for another campaign.

Reaching international market

International QR code campaign

You can market your online store internationally using the multi-URL QR code’s language redirection.

Scanning this QR code will detect the device’s language and redirect the users to a landing page with an equivalent language translation.

This way, you can solve the language barrier issues among international customers and could increase sales.

But be reminded that you must first create landing pages in different languages to facilitate redirection.

Make QR code for coupon and discount

Online stores can run promotions like sales and discounts through a QR code for coupon to invite buyers. Scanning the code will lead users to a page where they can redeem coupons for free shipping or discounts.

Online stores can attach the code to their promotional print ads or online campaign materials so more people will see them.

Tip: add a call to action to your QR code to encourage more people to scan it. This will also help them know what they’ll find when they scan the QR code.

Optimize e-commerce platform

Ecommerce QR code

Using the social media QR code, you can also create QR codes in e-commerce platforms.

Promote your Etsy, Shopify, and other platforms by making a QR code storing the link to your store on those sites.

And if your online store operates on more than one platform, it is best to use a muti-URL QR code where you can redirect scanners from one direction to another, highlighting them all in one QR code.

You can set your multi-URL QR code to change its destination depending on when a user scans the code. For instance, users who scan in the morning will get to your website, while those who do it after lunch will find your social media pages.

Feedback and suggestions

Most QR code for shopping app let users browse for products, but QR codes can also be used to gather data also.

Online stores should also consider customers’ sentiments to develop and improve their service.

The Google Form QR code is the perfect solution for creating a digital feedback form.

This form is accessible to customers after scanning; they can quickly make suggestions and leave comments and reviews about the store’s service and products.

How to get a QR code for your online store more effective

If you want to maximize the potential of your online store QR code, it is best to use dynamic QR codes.

Dynamic QR codes let you enjoy more advanced features and help you manage your online store’s marketing campaign more efficiently.

The following features make dynamic QR codes the best option to use:


Dynamic QR codes allow you to edit the embedded data of your QR code without generating a new one.

Whenever you have new stocks coming into your online store and want to update your posts on your website, you can do so without worrying about your previously posted or printed QR code.

You may even change the link in your QR code or replace the content with a new file format, and scanners will also see the updated version using the same QR code.

The best QR code generator has this feature, which is very helpful in keeping your embedded data up-to-date.


You can track the scans of your QR code to check on the effectiveness of your QR code.

The metrics you can monitor include the time of scans, the location of the scanner, the total number of scans, and the detected operating system of the device.

Tracking scans helps you identify your market and the time of the year when your online store is very saleable.


Dynamic QR code is password-protected QR code suitable for access to a specific market as it retains confidentiality.

Suppose you add this feature to your H5 QR code. You can create a promo where users must buy specially-marked products to find the correct password.

Those who find it can key in the password upon scanning your H5 QR code to redeem special prizes on the landing page.


You can set your QR code to expire, making it inaccessible to users. You can decide for it to expire on a particular day, time, or after a specific number of scans.

This is perfect for limited-time-only promos.

For instance, you can set your QR code to expire after 50 scans on your launching day to limit the number of people who can redeem it.

Retargeting tool

You can add Google Tags and Facebook Pixels to your dynamic QR codes to retarget users who have scanned your QR code but did not go through with the code’s intended action, be it buying a product or signing up.

Say you tracked thru GTM that most users’ activities are browsing for discounted items on your online store. Since they prefer cheaper items, you can retarget sales ads to them.

The more frequently they interact with your ads, the more invited they will be to make purchases.

Create an online store QR code using a QR code generator

Your online store can do more and earn more with the right marketing tool, just like a QR code.

Adapting to the use of QR codes will be very beneficial in creating new strategies, expanding your network, and marketing your products and services for much greater sales.

Take this as an opportunity and begin your QR code journey now.

Visit the QR TIGER homepage or message us to learn how to get a QR code for your online store.

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