12 ways on how to increase sales in Food Panda

Last updated:   July 11, 2022

Selling on Food Panda or any other marketplaces is very challenging. There are millions of sellers with the same dishes and the battle to win a customer is intense.

Food Panda is an online ordering and delivery platform where users can find and order food by visiting their website or using the mobile app.

To date, the Foodpanda app has 50 million downloads and operates in more than 2500 participating restaurants in 40 countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Romania, and the Philippines.

With this competitive landscape, how can you increase your sales in Food Panda? 

Here are the different ways you can try to grow your revenue in your restaurant in Food Panda.

Ways on how to increase food delivery sales in Food Panda

1. Build your reputation

Online reviews have become part of every customer journey, especially when buying food online because consumers trust user-generated content.

The internet is a trusted source for consumers on what restaurants to choose from and what dish to buy. 

In fact, consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Furthermore, creating a review platform thus reduces search costs and helps consumers get information about your restaurant easily and quickly.

Then you can also track consumer opinions and improve your service to your Food Panda customers.

Although there are different ways to make a solid brand reputation, you can focus more on getting as many positive customer reviews as possible.

Next is managing your responses to the review sites and monitoring the platform. You need to give feedback not only to your customer’s positive reviews but also to the negative reviews.

2. Stellar online menu 

A restaurant menu is an important sales tool. According to a Gallop poll, a customer will spend only 109 seconds perusing a menu. They scan it, read descriptions and check prices before making the decision.

So your online menu on Food Panda must be crisp, concise, easy to read, and conveys all the necessary information. You also need to place the food items strategically so you’ll be able to make profits.

Moreover, you need to write short yet awesome menu descriptions.  The Association for Consumer Research says that dishes will sell up to 27% if accompanied by a well-written menu description.

3. Create a social Food Panda QR code

Getting your customers and prospects connected to your social media and Food Panda account is crucial to your business.

One of the powerful QR code solutions you can use in social media marketing is the social Food Panda QR code.

This solution houses all your social media business pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter along with your restaurant page on Food Page in one code. 

Using the social Food Panda QR code, you can let them follow, like, or subscribe to your social media business pages.

They can also go directly to your online store on Food Panda to order food right away.

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4. Share engaging and authentic social media content

Consumers today are seeking authentic experiences and have high expectations of the brand’s content. 

As a restaurant, you need to be true to your brand voice and communicate openly to your customers.

As you build your brand’s social media presence, you have to channel authenticity in your social media content. Your feed photos and captions should be more honest and thoughtful so customers can take an interest and engage with you.

Before posting anything, assess how it represents your brand. Don’t post fake photos or photoshopped images of your dishes that appear incongruent to what they really appear. 

5. Leverage visuals

Mouth-watering and quality food photos appeal to the emotions of your customers.

It makes them want to taste your food. In your restaurant profile on Food Panda or on your social media platforms, make sure to use great food photos.

What does it mean with quality or professional photos?

The colors should be true to life; it is taken under natural light and focuses on the dish itself. So dedicate some time and effort to creating photos of professional quality.

6. Great packaging with QR code

The packaging of your dishes reflects your brand and is critical in every food delivery business. Your food packaging must be designed not only to ensure food safety and but also to encourage repeat sales.

Attractive packaging makes people remember your brand especially when you integrate your logo and QR code. In fact, 72% of American consumers attest that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions. 

You can also showcase your values like your transparency and sustainability efforts in your packaging.

You can use a QR code to redirect your customers to a video on how the dish is prepared or to a PDF of the food benefits they can get.

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7. Give discounts and freebies

People love discounts and freebies, especially when buying food on Food Panda. Why not offer discounts on your dishes in select seasons like holidays or during special events?

You can also give freebies to loyal customers as an incentive to keep them coming back. To digitize your discount offerings, you can also use a QR code.

With short-term discounts, you can bring attention to your business and may generate sales from people who would not have bought from you at full price.

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8. Keep delivery service quick and easy

Provide excellent service to your customers so they’ll recommend you to others or purchase another food for you. 

Make sure that the food is packaged safely, making sure that the food is hot when delivered, and give special attention to necessary add-ons.

The entire experience of ordering food and eating should be convenient and be fulfilling for the customers. 

You have to ensure that the food is delivered on time, add-ons are flawless and there’s no spillage issue from your end.

9. Do local listings for real-time sales

Restaurants on Food Panda should also make your business highly visible to customers. If a customer searches for cuisines like yours, they’ll more likely to see your restaurant. 

Local directory listings like Google My Business, Trip Advisor, Yelp, and their likes give you a higher chance of being discovered, recommended, and ranked on search engines.

If you haven’t claimed your restaurant profile on local directory listings, it’s time to do it now.

And if you have already, keep it updated with accurate contact information, images, and description on all local listings. 

Furthermore, you need to optimize your listing to include links to online ordering platforms like Food Panda to capitalize on driving more orders. 

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10. Focus on your local area in your Food Panda marketing strategy

To get the most of your marketing efforts and to increase sales in Food Panda, start advertising within the area that’s within a certain distance of your restaurant.

You can run ads in your local newspapers and radio channels or display a billboard or banner in those areas with high foot traffic.

You can also partner or advertise with local organizations or influencers that are within your community.

Consider also creating some specific promotions for your community such as a happy hour for a local business group or a Wednesday discount for working professionals.

As you grow your business on Food Panda, you can expand your target geographic area.

11. Tie-up with local organizations and events

Marketing tie-ups can help you increase sales in Food Panda.

You can tie up with a big local event or another local business that attracts the same clientele so you can bring more customers to your restaurant.

Having the right partner can help you leverage their existing network and market reach to promote your own restaurant business on Food Panda.

12. Newsletters for loyalty-building 

Sending newsletters to your customers helps build brand engagement with your customers. Because emails are personal, customers can feel connected to your brand.

You can send newsletters for different purposes. You can attract new customers to order in your Food Panda restaurant profile.

Another thing is to offer exclusive discounts and to show appreciation to your existing customers. 

Just make sure to have the right design elements in your newsletter layout and a persuasive email copy so it can catch your customers’ attention. 

Maximize your Food Panda sales with QR codes

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in scaling up your restaurant business on Food Panda. However, with the tips and tricks, we listed you can start optimizing your strategies.

Leverage the uses of technology such as QR codes in your marketing efforts to attract more customers and engage loyal ones.

Designed to boost your online presence, use the social Food Panda QR code. If you have questions or if in need of assistance, feel free to contact us at www.qrcode-tiger.com  

Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve Food Panda sales?

There are a lot of ways to improve sales and maximize your orders in Food Panda. 

Aside from providing a great service, giving discounts, customizing customer orders, and many more, a social media QR code can also help you boost your visibility in the digital space and grow your target market by connecting all of your socials into an optimized mobile landing page where customers can follow you in your social networks.