Onboarding Essentials Needed to Create a QR Code (Ultimate Guide)

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Update:  April 23, 2023
Onboarding Essentials Needed to Create a QR Code (Ultimate Guide)

Have you ever encountered a QR code that is quite undetectable, well, mostly, that is because those QR codes were mistakenly made. 

Generating a QR code is easy using a QR code generator online. Users only need to provide the necessary data needed to generate their QR code.
However, when making one, there are certain guidelines that you should follow in order to make them functional and be easily scanned.

So what is the proper QR code design and generation? Let's find out! 

What is a QR code, and how does it work?What is QR code how it works

Before we jump into the onboarding essentials needed to create a QR code, we must first learn the basic concepts of a QR code.

A ‘Quick Response Code’ also known as QR code is a two-dimensional type of barcode that Denso Wave develops, a Japanese barcode developer, in 1994.

QR codes can be scanned or decoded using smartphone devices through the camera app or QR code readers, which are natively developed to scan QR codes.

These codes are created using an online QR code software that displays online information to the scanner when scanned. 

Today, QR codes are generally used in many sectors including advertising, business, health care, and education. 

However, business sectors, especially in the advertising and operations, generally are the first consumers of  QR codes.

You can find QR codes implemented in marketing materials such as brochures, billboards, flyers, posters, items, product packagings, business cards, and even online websites such as social media and shopping sites. QR codes are scannable in two types of advertising.

It can be scanned when printed or displayed online, which makes it very versatile to use. 

There are many types of QR code solutions that you can generate which we will tackle later, but first we will discuss the two kinds of QR codes you can generate your QR code solution with: the static QR code and Dynamic QR code.

QR code basics

As we have discussed above, there is a wide array of QR code solutions you can use for your specific need. However, before you create your QR code, let us teach you about static and dynamic QR codes. 

Static QR code 

Static QR code

Static QR code is free to create and with unlimited scans with QR TIGER. However, the data you can encode in this type of QR can be limited.

Furthermore, it does not allow you to track your QR code scans and edit update your QR code's information. 

For example, if you have generated a URL QR code, you cannot edit and replace the data behind your QR code. 

Dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR code is a versatile type of QR code solution. Using this, you can edit or update your QR code content to another information.

For example, if you have generated a vCard QR code which is dynamic in nature, you can update the information behind your QR code without having to print another business card with an attached QR code. 

Furthermore, using the dynamic QR code, you can also track the number of your QR code scans such as the demographics of your scanners and where they are scanning from.

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Types of QR code solutions and their usage 

URL QR codeURL QR code

A URL QR code or a website QR code is used to redirect scanners to any landing page or website you may want to redirect them to. 

vCard QR code VCard QR code

A vCard QR code is the digital version of a traditional business card that can quickly be saved on a smart device by scanning it. When scanned it displays all the essential contact information of an individual such:

Name of the Vcard holder

Name of the organization


Phone number (private and work and mobile)

Fax, Email, Website 

Street, City, Zipcode

State, Country, Profile Picture

Personal description 

Social media accounts and more!

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File QR codeFile QR code

File QR code services allow you to convert documents such as PDF, QR code to word document, excel file, MP4, MP3 file into a QR code, and many others.

What more advantageous is that you can edit/change your QR code to any file type under this category. 

So for example you have generated a PDF QR code, you can also edit and replace it with another file type such as an excel QR code without having to reproduce another QR code again. 

Social media QR code Social media QR code

A social media QR code is the type of QR code that displays all of your social media QR codes in one scan. Using this type of QR code solution, you can include and automatically display on the user’s smartphone screen all of your social media platforms for an easy follow! Social media channels include:













Twiiter, YouTube

URL and many more

H5 QR code H5 page QR code

H5 QR code or the HTML QR code is a dynamic QR code solution that serves as a portal towards customizing your own landing pages without having to pay for a domain or hosting. 

When you generate an H5 QR code, you can redirect people to automatically open these landing pages you customize.

These pages work like a URL QR code but it is personalized and made for mobile users.

You can use these kinds of QR codes in your restaurant menus, events, promos, and many more. In this way, you will increase the interaction rate of your QR code and the end-user.

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WiFi QR codeWiFi QR code

WiFi QR code will allow you to be connected to the internet right away without the usual password typing.

When generating your WiFi QR code, this will require you to enter data such as WEP/WPA/no encryption data, your SSID and password.

When your guest scans the QR code, they will be automatically connected to the internet. 

App stores QR codeApp stores QR code

App stores QR code will allow users to download a particular app when scan this type of QR.

App Store QR codes are dynamic QR codes that redirect users to different URLs to install an app whether in Google Playstore or Apple App store based on whether the device is running an Android OS or Apple's iOS to download the app.

Multi-URL QR codeMulti url QR code

A Multi URL QR code comprises multiple URLs that can be used to redirect scanners based on their time, geographical position, date, and device’s operating system.

There are 4 main features of a multi-URL QR code and this includes

A QR code with different URLs on different locations

A QR code with a different URL depending on the time you scan

Multi-lingual QR code that leads you to a webpage based on the language of your country

A QR code that changes URL after x amount of scans

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MP3 QR codemp3 qr code

Mp3 QR code is used to convert audio files, music, podcasts, etc. into a QR code. Scanners can listen right away to an MP3 file once they scan this type of QR solution. 

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest

Unlike the social media QR code, users can also opt to generate a QR code for their individual social media accounts

Email QR codeEmail QR code

You can also generate an email QR code for your email list and collect your subscribers! You can print the email QR code or display it on your website!

Text Text QR code

Text QR code allows you to generate texts, numbers, and special characters including emojis and Kanji. It can store up to 1268 characters long. 

Bulk QR code 

Bulk QR codes will allow you to create multiple QR codes all at once. 

Bulk QR code generator

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API QR code 

QR code api

QR TIGER's  QR code API offers a professional solution for brands that need to have custom QR code templates with data tracking systems, dynamic QR codes, or QR codes in bulk and have QR codes integrated into their CRM.

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How to create a QR code

So now that you already know the basics of QR codes and their different types of solutions, we’ll move on to how you can create a QR code and the step-by-step guide of doing it right. 

Go to www.qrcode-tiger.com

Select which type of QR code you want to create 

Switch from static to dynamic QR code

Customize your QR code 

Do a scan test before you download

Download, print and deploy

5 things you should avoid when creating your QR code

Do not invert your QR codes’ colorsQR code do not invert colors

The background of your QR code should be lighter than the foreground color. For example, white background color and a darker color in the foreground such as blue or dark green would a perfect match.

QR code scanners are set to scan or read QR codes in this way. 

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Do not mix light colors and observe enough contrast of your QR code color QR code color contrast

Keep the right color contrast of your QR code between the foreground and background colors. Do not mix light colors together.

QR code scanners will have a hard time distinguishing the codes of all lights colors are mix together. Avoid using light yellow and pastel colors

Don’t make your QR code blurry QR code svg png format

Always go for a high-quality image QR code for an easy scan. Luckily, QR TIGER allows you to save your QR code image in PNG and SVG, two formats with guaranteed qualities.

Avoid pixelated QR codeStatic QR code pixelated

Pixelated QR codes happen if you use static and you embed so much information in it. The information is stored in the QR code’s graphic itself making them more stretched and pixelated.

If you have more information you need to store in your QR, better switch to a dynamic QR code as the data is stored online and will never be pixelated in that term.

Avoid over-customizing your QR codeQR code overcustomized

You can make your QR code design as creative as you want but don’t over-customize it and don’t change the data pattern extensively as this will not make them recognizable. 

Making simple customizations and designs with your QR code like adding a logo blending the right colors, setting unique edges, adding frames, is enough to make them eye-catchy without looking too noisy and too all over the place.

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How to make your QR code marketing a success

Only implement the action you are promoting in the QR code Create a QR code

1 QR code per 1 QR solution. 1 QR code for the URL, 1 QR code for the file services QR, and the same thing goes for the other QR code solutions.

Do not ever over-complicate the implementation or the landing page of your QR code. There should only be one QR code per specific type of solution.

For example, if you generate a vCard QR code, redirect them to that and nothing else. Do not add or look for unnecessary add-ons in your QR code. 

Add a call to action in your QR codeQR code call to action

How would your scanners know what are they supposed to do with your QR code if you are not communicating it with them?

Add a proper CTA in your call to action so people will scan it. It could be like “Scan me” or “Scan to download PDF”

Be mindful of your QR code size QR code size

Some QR codes are printed too small and some are printed too big. Always be mindful of where the scanners will be scanning the QR code. The further you will display your QR code, the larger the size needs to be. 

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Strategic placement of your QR code QR code placement

Place or position your QR code strategically where it can be easily seen.

Make the landing page of your QR code mobile-friendly 

Since QR codes are scanned using a smartphone device, make your landing page mobile-friendly and make it easy to load. 

Use a dynamic QR codeDynamic QR code

As we have discussed, dynamic QR codes allow you to edit or modify your QR codes’ content without having to print or reproduce another QR code, which makes the economical to use. Moreover, you can also track your QR code scans using the dynamic QR. 

How to track your QR code scans using the dynamic QR code 

Go to www.qrcode-tiger.com and create your Dynamic QR code

Click from the menu what type of QR code solution do you need for your marketing and business.  

Enter the corresponding data of your chosen QR code solution 

Choose the dynamic QR code.

Click the “generate QR code” button. 

Make your QR code attractive

Test your Dynamic QR code before downloading and printing it

Distribute your QR code in your marketing materials 

Start to track your QR code

What are the important metrics revealed when you track your QR code scans? Dynamic QR code tracking analytics

Real-time data of your QR code scans 

You can see from the time chart the number of scans you get. You can filter the data by days, weeks, months, or even years! 

Device use by your scanners 

Are your scanners iPhone or Android users? 

Map chart  for a wider QR code scans view

The map chart in the QR code generator gives you a comprehensive and better view from anywhere in the world where people have scanned your QR Code! And under the map chart, you can see the summary of your QR code scans’ overall statistics. 

Follow QR code onboarding essentials for a successful QR code campaign 

Now that you know what a QR code is and how to make one, make sure to follow these tips to make a QR code marketing campaign that people will want to scan.

If you have more questions, just contact us now. 

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