How to Make a QR Code for Google Docs in 5 Steps

Update:  April 26, 2024
How to Make a QR Code for Google Docs in 5 Steps

QR codes for Google Docs are an important part of realistic document co-editing.

By scanning the QR code, you may access and update your documents at any time and from any location; no need to search or download.

Google Docs is a sophisticated tool for saving, editing, and sharing documents in various formats, including Word documents, PDFs, and plain text.

The process of sharing Google Docs will be simple when you combine QR codes with it.

Continue reading to learn how to make a QR code for a Google Doc and discover how to use the Google Docs QR code.

What is a Google Docs QR code, and how does it work?

Google Docs is a cloud-based software office suite containing Google Sheets and Google Slides, a spreadsheet, and a presentation tool for various purposes.

Using QR codes to share Google Docs with students and coworkers is a simple and quick process.

When the QR code for Google Docs is scanned, the specific document that the user has embedded in it will automatically appear on the scanner’s device.

Moreover, the Google Docs QR code can be scanned, printed with paper documents, or shared online via message, computer, or email.

How to generate Google Docs QR code using a URL QR code solution

The easiest way to create QR code for Google Doc is by its link. Here's a simple guide on how to make a QR code for a Google Doc:

  • Copy the URL of your Google Docs.
  • Open a QR code generator for Google Docs
  • Paste your URL in the URL section
  • Generate a Dynamic QR code.
  • Customize and test your QR code. After that, download and deploy

Google Docs in Dynamic QR codes

The advantage of creating a dynamic Google Docs QR code is that it is more user-friendly than static QR codes.

Aside from the fact that it saves customers money, time, and effort, it also has the power to track and alter the data it has stored on it.

Users can create a feedback QR code and change the URL for another purpose later with a reliable QR code generator for Google Forms.

Dynamic QR codes are cost-effective because the data the user has placed on them can be modified even after printing the QR code.

Additionally, users can track information about the scanner, the number of scans, the scanner’s location, and the scanner’s device.

Several of the most advantageous aspects of QR codes for Google Docs include the following:

Editable URL

Editable QR codeWhen users generate a dynamic QR code, it will be simple and easy for them to modify the URL or data associated with the QR code.

Users can save time, money, and effort by eliminating the need to create and print a separate QR code for each piece of content they wish to share.

At this point, all they need to do is modify the URL.

Email scan notification

Dynamic Google Docs QR codes will let users know if their codes have been scanned.

When someone scans a QR code, an email notification is sent to the user. It includes information about how many people scanned it, how many times, and when.

The notification will be sent to the email address that the account holder has set up.

Expiry feature

Setting an expiration date when you make a dynamic QR code is possible.

Password protect feature

QR code password

If the content or information in a QR code is password-protected, it can only be accessed and shown after a scanner has typed the right password into it.

If users are about to share a confidential document, putting a password on their QR code will be a better idea.

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Sharing a Google Docs QR code

When you share your QR code for Google Docs, the recipient receives the same information as if they clicked on your document’s link.

Before generating QR codes for your Google Docs, you must determine the file’s sharing rights.

Additionally, you may wish to prevent someone from sharing or changing your document after they scan the QR code.

To modify these options, click the blue Share icon in the upper-right corner of your Google Docs.

If a user does not have the Google Docs app, he can still view Google Docs as a web page.

Generating QR codes on other Google Workspaces

Aside from Google Docs, other Google Workspaces can be used, such as Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, and many more.

QR codes are the best tool for instant resource-sharing. For instance, you can use QR codes for Google Slides to share your presentation easily.

These can also be turned into a QR code by simply getting the link and pasting it into a QR code generator.

This way, it will be easier for you and your peers to share your documents.

Furthermore, creating various Google Workspaces is comparable to creating QR codes for Google Docs by pasting the URL into a QR code generator.

The convenience of a QR Code for Google Docs

Your collaborative documents can be edited or co-edited in real-time using a QR code for Google Docs.

It allows you to see and alter documents from anywhere at any time with just a few seconds of scanning and no need to hunt for and download the file.

Google Docs is a versatile tool for sharing and exporting documents such as Word documents, PDFs, and plain text.

Generating offline documents using file QR code solution

File QR code

For instance, if their file is saved as a Word file, then they want to share it, but they can still do it. A file QR code generator can be used to generate their document QR code.

  • Open the best QR code generator online, like QR TIGER.
  • Choose File QR code solution
  • Upload your file
  • Generate dynamic QR codes
  • Customize your QR code
  • Test your QR code
  • Download and deploy your QR code

Generate your Google Docs QR code with the best QR code generator online

QR codes are a must-have for Google Docs when it comes to saving and editing documents.

By scanning the QR code, you can access and update your documents at any time and from anywhere.

Using QR TIGER QR code generator can allow you to generate and customize your QR code.

You can even track and edit the embedded data, especially if you generate it in a dynamic form.

For more information on how to generate one, contact us today!

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