How to Use a Link QR Code Generator

Update:  July 31, 2023
How to Use a Link QR Code Generator

A link QR code generator is a software that creates or converts a link into a QR code.

You only have to copy the URL you want to embed and paste it into the software, and after a few clicks, you now have a QR code for your link.

When users scan the code, the link you’ve embedded will flash on their screens.

Tapping it will redirect them to the online content, be it a website, videos, or survey forms.

And with an advanced QR code generator for links, you can customize your QR code to make it more appealing to users, increasing its scans and engagement.

Learn more about this innovation below.

13 industries that can use a QR code generator for links

Food packaging

Food packaging QR code

Most consumers are very particular about what they consume every day.

Food product details matter to them, especially for those on a strict diet or with health conditions. 

Food manufacturers may include a link to QR code on their packaging to address this concern. 

The QR code on food packaging can lead to the company’s website, where consumers can access complete product details such as its ingredients, manufacturing, and expiration dates.

You can also use the white-label feature. Scanners can see your brand name or domain name as a URL when they scan your QR code. 

Entertainment magazines

They can promote their website by converting their URL to a QR code and adding this on their magazine covers so readers can also browse for other entertainment options online.

Including QR codes in magazines can also increase website traffic, improving the site’s ranking on search engine results pages.

Events promotion

Events promotion QR code

Events are usually broadcast live on the producer’s official website for home viewers.

Including link QR codes in distributing flyers or promotional leaflets will allow for a greater audience scope.

You can redirect them to a teaser video or a landing page when they scan the code.

Make sure you specify the date, venue, and ticket prices in your embedded data, as these are the most wanted details by users.

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Civic organizations

If civic organizations can use the online platform, donations will surely increase and help more beneficiaries.

A QR code for the website link could be of great help. Just embed a GoFundMe link into the QR code and print it on your charity materials so donors can directly make deposits.

Product authentication

One way to protect customers from purchasing fake ones is by adding a link QR code on the product.

Users will land on the product manufacturer’s website when they scan the code, and users can then check the items’ authenticity.

An added company logo to a QR code will make people more confident to scan it.

Make sure you embed a legit link to your QR code because people can identify a fake site in terms of domain name and spelling.

Also, there are lots of site trackers online that they can use to verify a site. You can also suggest your users these things.

Book publishing

You can make it more interesting by putting in a teaser for your next book or a Spotify podcast where you talk about what inspired you to write the book.

News outlets

Aside from redirecting your audience to your official website, you can embed your QR code with a live telecast of an event.

It could also be the latest interviews of well-love celebrities for an upcoming movie or show.

Or you may redirect them to your entertainment and lifestyle channels that they will enjoy while increasing your engagement.

Classroom link to QR code

Classroom QR code

Teachers can provide QR codes with embedded reliable online sources and legitimate websites.

This will ensure that students are browsing safely to avoid inappropriate online content other than those related to their studies. 


Companies that store files in the cloud, such as Google Drive, can copy file links and generate QR codes for them. Sharing files becomes more convenient as a result.

Moreover, when using a dynamic QR code, administrators can apply passwords to the QR code to ensure that only authorized users have access.

Virtual conferences

Organizers can generate a QR code for the meeting link, allowing remote workers to enter the room with just a scan.

They can also create a registration form using a link QR code for Google Forms as means of recording attendance.


They can also use the QR code to route diners to a Google Form to get their feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Museums and art exhibits

Museum QR code

Museum curators can elevate the value of art pieces or historical artwork by using link QR codes to provide guests with their details and information.

These codes can redirect users to a YouTube video or SoundCloud audio narrating its origin, historical significance, and present-day value.

They don’t have to worry about not knowing how to make a QR code for a link because most QR makers now come with user-friendly interfaces.

Influencers and digital creators

To reach a greater audience, they can use link QR codes that will lead to their social media pages or their YouTube channel.

They can also add these codes on posts and photos or flash them during a live stream.

How to make a QR code for a link for free

Use QR TIGER to create your link QR code. It enables you to customize your QR codes and download them in SVG format to ensure print quality.

It is also ISO 27001-certified.

What’s great is that you can use QR TIGER to create a link QR code for free—no need to sign up.

You’ll only need to provide your email to receive your QR code.

Here’s how to create a link QR code using QR TIGER:

  1. Copy your link, then go to the QR code generator with logo online and click URL
  2. Paste the link onto the empty field, then click Generate QR code
  3. Customize your QR code and add icons or logos, change its colors and pattern, and use a frame with a custom call to action.
  4. Run a test scan on your device first to make sure the code is working
  5. Download, print, then share

Why you should use a dynamic link QR code generator: 

Dynamic QR codes are way more advanced and have more features than static QR codes, which is why more users prefer using them for campaigns.

You’ll have to sign up for one of QR TIGER’s plans if you want to use a dynamic QR code, but it’s a good deal when you think about all the benefits it will give you.

Here are the advantages of dynamic QR codes:

Editable content

You can change the link in your QR code to another—no need to generate another one.

It saves you both time and expenses.

This can help users who made mistakes with the link they have embedded.

It’s also great for marketers who launch limited-time promos and campaigns.

Tracking features

With this feature, you get access to your QR code’s scan metrics, including:

  • The number of scans
  • The scanner’s location
  • The time of each scan
  • The operating system of the scanning device 

Tracking QR code data will help determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

You should consider improving it if it’s not getting enough engagement.

Retargeting tool

The retargeting tool reminds your scanners of your goods and services even after they leave the embedded website without making a purchase.

You can add your Google Tag Manager ID and Facebook Pixel ID to your dynamic link QR codes.

Google Analytics analyzes data from the Google Tag Manager for more accurate campaign monitoring, while Facebook Pixel ID retargets ads online in Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Retail businesses will benefit from this tool. Every time users see your ads, they get more convinced to buy.


You can also add a password to your link QR code for security.

Users who wish to access the code’s contents should first key in the correct password.

This feature is advisable to use on links that require confidentiality.

Email notification

The email notification feature of a dynamic QR code updates you on the total number of scans of your QR code.

You can decide when to receive these notifications: hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Expiry feature

You can also let your QR code expire after a certain number of scans or at a specified date.

Once it expires, scanners won’t be able to access its link.

Suppose you are offering a limited-time discount promo.

You can use the expiry feature to no longer receive records of users who keep scanning your QR code even after the event.

This feature is best for limited-time promos and offers.

P.S. You can reactivate your expired QR codes and use them again.

QR TIGER: your best choice for creating QR codes for links

A link QR code generator is essential for many industries now. 

It can help provide convenience and ease to companies and their clients or consumers.

But with the many generators online, you need to find the best choice to guarantee the quality of your QR codes.

The answer? QR TIGER.

With its easy-to-use interface, comprehensive QR solutions, and customization tools, you can develop high-quality link QR codes for your business.

Sign up for a free trial with the best QR code generator today.

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