QR Codes in Magazines: 7 Ways You Can Use Them

Last updated:   November 23, 2022

QR codes in magazines are starting to emerge in every edition you can see on the racks. 

The print industry, like magazines and newspapers, are catching up with technology by either offering digital editions or integrating QR codes into these magazines to provide a digital dimension.   

When readers scan a QR code in magazines, it allows them to access online data, information or content, exclusive discounts, or offered items. 

The print media industry is embracing and adapting QR codes as a new way of boosting its advertising campaigns and engagements among its readers. 

The key goal? Bridge the print medium to the online marketing channels.

The key result? Capture the audience even more with interactive content such as video ad displays, grow brand awareness, and drive leads. 

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a print giant to do this. Any individual or business is capable of using QR codes for their own benefit! 

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QR codes in magazines: A new way of interactive marketing and advertising magazine qr code

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Cosmopolitan, which is an American monthly fashion and entertainment magazine for women, has also taken an interest in the use of QR codes as a form of advertising.

QR codes, when scanned, will redirect the readers to the online content of the displayed advertisement where they can shop, read online articles, see product details, avail of promos or discounts! 

This technique has also provided magazine readers a brand new, comprehensive, and more personalized purchasing experience like never before, by giving a visual impact to the advert. 

QR codes in magazines, newspapers, or brochures do not only give digital access to print media but, it also removes a massive amount of information that needed to be included in the product info. 

How to use QR Codes in print media? Here are 7 ways

1. QR codes promote virtual advertising. magazine qr code example

QR codes in magazines can serve as an e-portal to drive people to your business to avail of an exclusive promo.

One of the functional use-cases of QR codes is to offer discounts or incentives to readers upon scanning the code. 

For example, if you run a restaurant, you can offer a discounted meal to get your readers to visit your business site.

This is even more convenient if you provide a delivery service for them as your customers will absolutely take advantage of the opportunity while reading and flipping the magazine. 

2. Emphasize your products or service qr codes in magazines cover

Why not have your magazines, brochures, or flyers printed with a QR code and provide digital information to your readers about your products or services instead of having to read long lines of a paragraph?

Reading is mostly not appealing to people as they would likely prefer to see a 30 seconds video presentation as it gives your readers better information.

You can link your QR code magazine to the online content of your product and display even a short 30 seconds video that will provide further details about what you offer.

It will spark a greater desire among your prospective customers. This way, it also avoids cluttering of information in the paper. 

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3. Track the success of your advertising campaign

Using a Dynamic QR code, you can get some metrics on your marketing reach as you can track the scans of your QR code.

You will get an insight into how many people have scanned your QR codes in magazines and which particular advertisements in your print ads they are paying attention to.

The feedback you will get will be hugely useful that will serve as your basis when planning your next marketing technique. 

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 4. Link the QR code to a particular product or bundlemagazine qr code linked to products

Using QR codes on your product is your opportunity to tailor the readers' experience in an interactive and more personalized way.

You can link your QR code to a set of products or particular goods that will streamline customers' experience, which will also save their time of having to Google or search on the website the items you displayed on your printed advertisement or magazines. 

5. Create a more direct linkmagazine qr code backQR codes will motivate your prospective customers to get into action and avail of whatever you have to offer.  Why? Because QR codes promote direct interaction that cuts down the numerous steps involved in usually printed advertisements.

Furthermore, you can also use QR codes as a direct link to your messenger service, phone number, or email address!

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6. Going Eco-friendly

You can avoid excessive paper usage when you create a QR codes magazine! It is also one way of caring for the environment while integrating your best marketing tool there is! Go Eco-friendly now. 

7. QR codes to promote your magazine or brandmagazine qr code for fashion

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big name in the world of magazines because even a start-up and an aspiring one can build a name of their own using a QR code.

You can redirect your QR code to a brief video introducing what your company is all about to your readers.  You need to spend a huge amount of money on advertisements because a single QR code can do the work for you. 

QR codes in magazines: The future of the print media industry

QR codes can be the game-changer for any print medium as it features a scannable content and promotes direct engagement with the readers.

Many magazines of today like Cosmopolitan, Ralph Lauren, GQ have realized the importance of QR codes and are switching to QR codes marketing as the user’s guide to their digital counterparts. 

In this generation, where we are overloaded with various and immense information, finding ways to simplify and communicate with the customers is much needed as possible.

The use of QR codes is an efficient way to do this for your customers as it saves their time while giving a digital touch to their experience. 

Using a Dynamic QR code, you can update your information or data without having to reprint even a single page of your magazine.

It’s cost-efficient, quick and the most practical marketing tool there is. 

If you have more questions on how you can create and use QR codes in magazines, please feel free to contact us now so that we can assist you.  


What is a magazine QR code?

A magazine QR code allows readers to scan a code with their smartphones to access content or an exclusive offer.  

It boosts engagement among magazine readers and adds an interactive element in the print media industry.