How to use a QR code discount on giveaways?

Last updated:   November 10, 2022

Did you know that giving a QR code discount is a great and wise marketing strategy? People are embracing and adapting these codes quickly and are using them to grow their business in a broader spectrum. 

Traditionally, brands design fun campaigns like giveaways, coupons, gifts, free visits, special offers, and discounts to attract customers. 

If QR codes are placed strategically on these campaigns, the benefits will likely help your marketing campaign succeed. 

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How QR codes are used on Giveaways?

If you intend to use discount QR codes or any other type of QR codes on giveaways, there are two obvious ways to do it. 

First, place the QR codes on the marketing material you are using for your gift or giveaway.

For example, if you have a promotional event, and you are planning to place QR codes on all the promotional goodies, you can give them away directly to your consumers.

However, there are other ways as well, for instance, by using a coupon QR code you can increase and expand your promotional reach.

Flyers and brochures or table tents are ideal places to add a QR code and distribute your giveaways.

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How to use QR code discount on your giveaway

Coupon QR code for discount as an attraction for all age groupsQR code discount

These giveaways are not going to be singularly attractive for a certain age group of people, but these gifts will certainly catch the attention of all people in the community.

Seeing call to actions like "Scan to get discount" will surely encourage your audience to scan. After all, who wouldn't want to get a 50% discount on items they've been eyeing for a while right?

You can also add these Discount QR codes everywhere! By everywhere I mean subways, power lines, billboards, even on windows of other stores!

With QR codes you can reach customers at any touchpoint and have them experience your brand in a seamless manner.

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Build long-term relations with the customersQR code on calendar promo

The moment your customers experience how awesome your brand experience is, they will surely remember and become brand advocates themselves.

When designing giveaway campaigns, make sure you send out quality and practical gifts like discounts, freebies, or premium goods.

Make sure to design your marketing materials well, too.

Having a great promotional event won't do you good if your QR codes are not scan-worthy.

Make sure to incorporate your brand colors on your QR code discount; even add your logo, customize, and add call-to-actions so that your campaigns don't go to waste.

Let's recap: Leave a good impression, and build a long-term relationship. It's worth it.

Link your customers to your social media channelsQR code on tumbler

The coupon QR code on your giveaways can also be linked to your social media channels where more information on your campaign is available.

The benefits of this technique are twofold: Grow your followers whilst engaging your would-be followers.

Make sure to upload high quality, engaging images that would leave them asking for more details; or even more so interact with your brand!

QR code for discount that convinces them to subscribeQR code on keychains

What are your key goals for your campaign? Isn't it to increase subscriptions or sales?

Using QR codes on your giveaways (especially if these QR codes are meant to give them huge discounts) will surely help achieve this goal.

If your brand is building a mailing list, these QR codes can even convince potential customers to subscribe to your mailing list without the hassle of convincing them manually.

Forget having to write names on your counter - even people outside your store can opt-in to your mailing list for discounts the moment they see your QR code anywhere.

Make an offer of an additional discountQR code on mug

Here's another strategy you can implement:

Offer more discounted upsells. Offer more discounts on your other products as an incentive for scanning that one QR code.

You've already caught the attention of your audience with that single campaign. Why not lead them down to more campaigns? If they liked your initial offer, they would surely want more.

Engaging with customers who already bought from your store is more likely to succeed than cold customers who haven't heard nor visited your store yet.

Collaborate with other companiesQR code on discount flyers

Another great way QR codes can benefit your business is that it's a great medium for collaboration.

 For example, you can connect with other companies closely related to your niche.

Here's an example campaign: you can add an event QR code on the flyers of a restaurant business.

The result? You can reach out to other markets and increase brand awareness.

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Invite to your eventsQR code on coupon

Giveaways with QR codes can serve as an invitation for your upcoming roadshow or any other marketing activity.

Make sure to use the right copy in promoting your event, too.

What benefits would they get when they join or subscribe? What do they get in return for the time and attention they've given you.

Articulate them well.

Let your clients scan, play a small game and win a couponOR code on gadgets

It's all about engagement these days, everybody that has a smartphone plays games. 

Engaging your users with fun games in your store is a great way to connect users to your brand and convert them.

You will see your revenue grow quickly!

Facebook pages seem to be a better redirect for games and giveaway campaigns. This will make your consumers more interested in your brands.

The response of people to the giveaways will guide you to make future promotional decisions.

With strategically placed QR codes, behavior assessments of the customer which was previously considered a tedious job becomes considerably easy for your company.

Use QR code for discount spree now

An important reminder is to make use of dynamic QR codes.

Dynamic QR codes can be updated, any information you set behind your QR code discount can be changed anytime (even when these codes are already printed on your store).

Furthermore, you can also avail the free dynamic QR code trial version in QRTIGER and see how you can use this technology for your marketing advantage. 

Lastly, Dynamic QR codes can be tracked! Imagine the consumer statistics and data you present over your next meeting.

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