How to use QR codes on table tents in restaurants and bars

Last updated:   November 25, 2021

QR codes on table tents seems a very small thing to add, but it can make a huge difference.  How so?  Read along to know how it works!

Arranging an event, may it be personal or professional is a whole lot of responsibility to do. To make an occasion or of that social activity successful, one must put a super added effort into all the things. 

From catering to all the decoration settings, everything matters even from the smallest detail.

Even the table arrangements along with the table tents can add reliance if there is a QR code involved.  

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Understanding QR codes

qr codes on table tents and printQR code is a square box of black and white pixels that shows digital information when scanned. It can be printed on any paper skin including tickets, posters, and even table tents- just about everywhere.

A QR code generator with a logo can provide various styles, and designs to be printed on your table tents.

The code generally leads to a website link where the desired information is revealed. So it is up to you whether you want to share the arrangement detail of the event or just want to welcome the guest in a beautiful manner.  

Today, QR codes are incorporated every marketing materials such as tickets, passes, lottery tickets, banners, flyers, etc. and they actually turn out to be really handy when it comes to marketing. 

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How QR Codes on Table Tents Enhance Your Event?

QR codes do not just add creative value to the tent tables but they can provide all kinds of information you want your guests to know.

This can include details table reservations, activities arranged for the event, or even details about the menu. Table tents are mostly considered as a negligible item when it comes to restaurant setups but if used correctly can certainly add elegance and class.

A QR code allows doing exactly the same.

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How to make QR codes on table tents? 6 simple steps

1. Go to www.qrcode-tiger .com
2. Select from the category the type of QR code solution you want for your table tents 
3. Click Static or Dynamic (Dynamic QR codes are better to use)
4. Click “Generate QR code” and customize 
5. Test your QR code if it scans. 
6. Download and print your QR codes!

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How to use QR codes on table tents?

Plan Your Wedding with a Strategic Setting!

qr codes on table tents

A wedding can be crucial to planning. So, to avoid any chaos, you might want to aware of your guest with the sitting arrangements already.

A beautiful QR code on your table tents that will take your guests to an online entertainment will do that for you. 

Not only that, but a video QR code can lead your guest to know more about the bride and groom or their romantic story.

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Polish Your Business Event with Efficient QR coding

qr codes on table tents and your business

Imagine your respectable business associates settled on their tables going through your achievements available on the internet.

How can that be done? By simply adding a beautiful QR code on your table tent you can leave a long-lasting impression on your guests.

Restaurants and Reservations!

qr codes on table tents for reservations

In a quality restaurant, QR coding can be the most useful.  The QR codes on table tents in a restaurant can behold the menu, history of the place, or simply just a feedback section.

Imagine all of this can be just one scan away. Isn’t it a perfect way to engage your customers completely?

Also, you can add promotional coupons, discount offerings, and much more to make your customer relationship eternal. 

You can also make a menu QR code that digitally displays the menu on the user's smartphone screen

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Enhances event management!

qr codes for restaurant menus

To leverage guests’ experience at wedding reception (we know how it can get awkward there sometimes, right?) Verge Event Management, integrated a video QR code displayed at each wedding table tents.

Guests can scan the QR code and be redirected to multiple videos enabling them to reminisce their fond memories together and have fun while sitting around. 

QR codes on tables 

QR codes have many uses when displayed on tables. For instance, you can print a menu on the cardboard and place it on tables or have a QR code printed on tablecloth!

For example, he classic Gingham - a red checked pattern of the tablecloth of this restaurant is made of QR Codes that links to their Menu. A perfect example of a creative take on How to display the Menu QR Code. 

5 best tips on how to make your QR codes on table tents work! 

1. Make a fancy QR code!

Make some effort of at least making your QR code appealing to look at. Customize your QR code instead of having the regular black and white QR codes! 

Custom-design your QR code but make sure not to over customize it. There are certain guidelines you need to follow when customizing your QR codes for better results!

2. Add a frame and call-to-action in your QR code

qr codes in table tents and restaurants

Without a proper call to action, your target audience might as well look passed your QR code without having any idea of what it is!

Put an appropriate CTA that will give users an idea of what your QR code is all about! Give them a reason to scan your QR code by instructing them so. 

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3. Always go for the right size when printing your QR codes

QR codes will vary in sizes depending on where you will place them. However, QR codes on table tents, which can be scanned from up close, 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension for an easy scan.

If you’re not sure, always to a scan test! 

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4. Add a logo, image or icon

For an even more personalized QR code branding that stands-out. Having at the center of your masterpiece with your logo, image, or icon in it creates a deeper connection between the scanners and the QR code and they will much more likely to remember it! 

5. Keep your QR code visually clean


Static and dynamic QR codes differ. 

QR codes get pixelated if you have too much information embedded in it and you’re using a static QR code. QR code becomes hard to read when this happens. 

If you have more information to store. Switch to dynamic QR codes. 

Dynamic QR code does not directly store the data in the graphics, unlike the static QR codes. Dynamic ones contain a short URL that redirects scanners to digital information the QR code is associated with.

The data is stored in the QR code software online where users can modify the information and track the data of his QR scans. You can do this even if you have printed your Dynamic QR codes along with your table tents, magazines, flyers, and brochures, etc. 

Note: Your QR codes will be hard to scan if it is too pixelated. Maintain a clutter-free looking QR code and keep the dots spacious from each other. Use dynamic QR codes. 

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The innovative future of QR codes on table tents

A QR code on a table tent is equal to many possibilities to make an event more impressive and interactive. So next time you arrange an event, don’t forget to incorporate an eye-catching QR code on your table tent! 

Note: Very important to add a call for action for people to scan the QR Code!

It will straight improve your scanning rates!

It’s also crucial to make use of dynamic QR code as they can help you in updating all your information behind your QR code like URL instantly and Dynamic QR codes allow you to track valuable consumer data! 

Moreover, QR codes are also used in converting social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a social media QR code that connects and displays all of your social media networks altogether.  

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