QR Codes on Bottles Such as Wines, Beers & Cans

Last updated:   March 13, 2023

QR codes on bottles such as wines and beers have been making a buzz on an international scale. 

These codes are easily scan-able and add a lot of value by providing on-the-spot information to the buyer by scanning the QR codes on bottles and cans. 

These interactive codes serve as an attraction for the beverage company as well. 

There are a number of available online platforms when it comes to creating QR Codes and they also come with different QR code types that serve a specific QR need/solution to use for your wine and bottle labels in packaging. 

Therefore, beer or soda brands are choosing to invest in these codes along with pouring huge resources to produce creative visual styles.

Attractiveness can be easily enhanced by introducing QR codes for wine bottles and beer cans using a QR code generator online. 

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The use of QR codes by beverage giants

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There are many canned food companies that are using QR Codes. Some of the giants like Coca-Cola are topping this list.

The cans of Coca-Cola are using QR codes and upon scanning these codes, details of different Coke Music Portals, videos, or pop-up gigs can be seen easily by the customers.

In short, QR codes have become a smooth as well as a youth-oriented marketing idea.

Coca-Cola has rightly shown the potential of QR codes and has very intelligently linked web content and real-world consumption.

Even Pepsi also use QR code on cans for Super Bowl. 

How to use QR codes on bottles such as wines, beers & cans? 

1. The comprehensive details of the beer or wine in question

QR code on cans For this, you can use a video QR code to showcase a video file for QR codes on bottles. 

For example, if a consumer gets to know the type of artificial sweeteners that are being used or the details about the calorie count, they will relate to your brand more. 

The QR codes help these brand achieve their goals and mission of fetching more and more customers.

Similarly, information about different aspects like sustainability and carbon emissions can also be attached to these QR codes.

This could be done by a small video of 1 minute. It straight adds value to your product. 

2. Instant feedback

Feedback QR code on bottlesAlong with making the cans and bottles interactive, QR codes for wine bottles and cans can provide customers with several other benefits as well. One of them is the feedback from the customers.

Many brands that are using QR codes these days are also attaching feedback tools along so as to understand the customer’s preferences and shopping patterns. 

3. Sharing the brand’s vision and stories using QR code on wine bottle

Vision QR code on bottlesQR Codes on bottles allow companies to create linkages and tell stories about their history and mission in a unique way. 

The “Quick Response” codes can be easily and conveniently placed on cans, beer bottles, and soda cans. Their easy placement and efficiency make them a lot more beneficial than people generally assume.  

There are a few more notable uses and benefits of QR codes on beer cans, some of them are:

  • Constantly Improve Production and Operational Processes
  • There is a Unique code per table so as to notify the staff if more supply is needed
  • Feedback on the Social media
  • During different brewery tours, each piece of equipment can have its own story
  • Use your promotional material for contact information, driving directions, location hours, maps, and beers on tap at that exact moment

4. Add concoction recipes to your beverages

QR code on beverages

5. Shows a list of Recycling DIY projects on containers

QR code on bottles In a recent study, humans use about 1.2 million plastic bottles per minute in total. 

By looking at these figures alone, the harm plastic containers can do to marine is higher as the years pass by.

To initiate marine conservation, you can add a QR code on bottes that will direct them to online information of how they can recycle and make Do-It-Yourself projects using bottles. 

Converting a PDF to QR code or using a video QR code, you can show or give information to your customers on how it's done. 

In this way, when people use wine QR code scanners to scan the QR code, they will be redirected to the file and can start recycling bottles and other containers into sleek and usable gadgets.

How to make QR codes on bottles and cans?

  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online
  • Select what category you want your QR code to be generated with
  • Select what kind of QR code you want to generate (Static or Dynamic)
  • Click the “generate QR code” icon and customize your bottle QR code
  • Test your QR code if it works well on any devices
  • Download, print, and put the QR codes in your beverage product label

5 best tips on how to get the best out of your QR codes on bottles

1. Make a visual QR code for QR codes on bottles 

visual QR codes

To make an unforgettable impression about your beverage, visual QR codes on the bottle are important as they will entice can, beer, and wine QR code scanners.

Since visual memory is more relied upon for information stored in our long-term memory, visual QR codes are a great addition to your beverage packaging.

In order for you to create attractive visual QR codes, here are things that you need to consider:

  • Avoid light colors such as yellow and pastel colors.
  • Avoid using plain-looking QR codes as it lessens the chance to attract more scans.
  • Make a visual QR code that is readable, sophisticated, and pleasing to the eyes of the camera and the person who scans it.
  • Do not invert the color of your QR code as it compromises its ability to be scanned.
  • Remember the rule of thumb; the foreground color is darker than the background color. A black foreground and white background color is a great example of blending colors for easy scanning.

By following these, you can make livelier and more interactive beverage packaging in your visual QR codes

2. Add a logo, image, or icon

QR code with logo

By adding a logo, image, or icon in your QR code for beverages, a person can easily recognize your product even if it is not found in your beverage packaging.

By following this tip, your QR codes on beverages look professional, enticing, and legit.

Thus, giving customers the confidence to scan your QR code as they can sense its safety and security.

3. Add a frame and call to action in your QR code for wine bottle

QR code frame Design and tags are important in embedding your QR codes on bottles and cans.

Also, by topping a catchy call-to-action line, your QR code can set more scans than before.

Top beverage companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi use QR codes as their means of extending influence to digital citizens through the use of witty QR code scan tags such as “Sip and Scan” and “Kick Start Here”.

Potential content utilization such as audio and video presentations can be realized and make the user experience to be concise and on point.

4. Consider the right size

Size matters when scanning. The scan-ability depends on the size and distance of the scanner and the QR code.

By saving the QR code in SVG format and scaling the QR code’s size according to the space provided in your product, brochure, advertising post, etc., the tendency of scan delays minimizes.

The sizing formula for effective QR code scanning is the distance of the person who scans it divided by 10.

By following this rule, you won’t get lost in scaling the perfect size of your QR codes for bottles.

5. Maintain a clutter-free QR code

A QR code’s graphics depend on the amount of information embedded.

There are two notable types of QR codes that people use; static and dynamic QR codes.

For static QR codes, the rule for embedding information is the shorter the data embedded, the better the visuals it gives.

However, if you can’t avoid adding a lengthy amount of data to your QR code, dynamic QR codes can come in handy.

As dynamic QR codes don’t directly store data in their graphics, it creates a short URL that can easily redirect users to online information.

The advantage dynamic QR codes can give you is that it allows you to change/remove content even if the QR code is already generated and printed.

In this way, you can maintain a clutter-free QR code on bottles.

Edgy and unique packaging using QR code on wine bottles and cans

QR codes help you in providing discounts or special offerings to your customers, reserving a seat or table, tweeting about your product, sharing your experiences, and all that with a simple scan. 

With the augment in the competition, QR codes can help you to create an edge and uniqueness. 

Today, QR codes are integrated everywhere including tickets, banners, lottery tickets, table tents, flyers etc.

It's important to use dynamic QR codes because they can help you update all the information behind your QR codes. 

Moreover, dynamic QR codes also let you keep track of valuable information about your customers.  

Make your first QR code on QR TIGER QR code generator online. 

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