QR Codes in Beach Resorts: Offer a Contactless Staycation Experience

Update:  February 22, 2024
QR Codes in Beach Resorts: Offer a Contactless Staycation Experience

QR codes in beach resorts to offer an enhanced guest experience.

This elevated approach to making a memorable customer journey in beach resorts makes guests feel more confident and safe.

The pandemic has exposed the hospitality industry to the technology gap, and the only thing to do to cope is to embrace ground-breaking technology like the wireless tool -QR code.

QR code experts recommend this technology in the hospitality industry as an innovative solution for offering a safer and more meaningful resort experience.

Resorts are using this technology to convince guests that they’ll be safe during their stay.

The QR code has become a regular part of our lives during the lockdown, and many beach resorts now use it because of its fast readability and storage capacity.

By simply scanning it using a smartphone camera or a QR scanner app, guests can access information instantly.

To know how you can add QR codes in beach resorts operation, read this article.

QR codes ideas for hotels and beach resorts

1. Contactless check-in for guests

As most beach resorts now have opened their doors to guests, contactless check-in becomes imperative.

Guests want to have an alternative to physical front desk check-in for a safer and easier experience.

Check in QR code

Using QR codes in beach resorts, guests can use them for check-in.

This way, guests can complete the mobile check-in process by themselves without contact by scanning a QR code.

This also allows guests more time to enjoy the resort and less time to stand in queues.

Today, some of the world’s best airports offer this system for a seamless travel experience.

2. Digital menu for dining outlets and spa

Digitize your room service menu, outlet menu, and spa menu using a menu QR code.

A touchless menu using a QR code ensures that social distancing is imposed.

Medu QR code

Replace the physical menu with a digital menu available to view on guests’ mobile devices via a QR code.

It also keeps your guests safe as the digital menu prevents the risks of contamination and virus transmission

3. Maps for beach resort tour

Is your resort a perfect event venue for events, or does it offer eco-tours?

Why not give a digital element to your beach resort tour or ocular visits by converting the resort map into a JPEG QR code?

The JPEG QR code (under the file QR code solution) allows you to convert an image file into a QR code.

Once it is scanned, the image will display on a smartphone screen for easy viewing and download.

To guide your incoming guests where your resort is located, you can also create a Google Maps QR code online.

It embeds Google Maps data into a QR code. Your guests can easily locate your resort without the need to call your customer support.

4. Digitized welcome messages to guests

Guests of all ages, especially the tech-savvy generation, want a digital element in their resort experience.

Leave lasting positive customer service to them by digitizing welcome messages to guests.

You can do this via text QR code, where guests will just scan the code to read the general manager or resort manager’s welcome message.

If you are welcoming a large group of guests, you can generate a bulk text QR code using this template.

5. Amenity instruction guide

Some guests will have a hard time figuring out how to operate a Nespresso machine or gym equipment.

Help guests by providing a scannable video QR code that contains information about how to use the appliance.

Video QR code

Make it extra special by offering suggestions like the best coffee flavor they should try, how to iron a suit properly, and more!

Keep your guests looking and feeling great by offering easy-to-follow instructions converted into File QR codes (PDF, doc, Jpeg, etc.) on how to use your gym equipment easily.

You can add additional information like the equipment for beginners, weight training exercises, etc.

Another good alternative is to include a sound file of how to use the hotel amenities.

You can convert your MP3 file into a QR code so guests who prefer audio can access it. This is intended for audio-inclined guests.

6. Personalized playlist via a customized Spotify QR code for your guests

Make your guest’s resort experience with their loved ones more romantic by personalizing their favorite songs and sharing them via a customized Spotify QR code.

You can share the personalized playlist during private dinners or sunset cruises on the yacht.

Guests who scanned the code will be able to play the songs without the need to download the Spotify codes app on their phones.

Spotify QR codes can be scanned on any device and any scanning app; thus, users will not have to download the app on their smartphones.

It’s an opportunity to let your guests know they are valued, not just another entry in the booking ledger.

7. Integrate QR codes in beach resorts in your print marketing

Your resort brand collaterals don’t have to be boring with an added digital element- a QR code!

You can incorporate QR codes in your brochure or sales kits to redirect customers to your website to book directly using dynamic URL QR codes.

URL QR code

You can also add a QR code that redirects them to a specific landing page to avail of discounts and promos.

This makes your print collaterals more interactive and engaging, as guests can access valuable and exciting digital content using their smartphones.

8. Boost social media presence

Social media is great for connecting with your guests, routine vacationers, professionals, and potential customers.

That is why tech tools like QR codes are a great help to boost your online visibility over your competitors and increase your bookings.

Social media QR code

If your resort is active on different social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, you can house all these accounts in one QR code using a social media QR code solution.

You print along with your hotel or sales collaterals your resort’s social media QR code or even share the code during business showcase or tradeshow events.

9. Grow online customer reviews of your resort

Hotel reviews are a vital part of the customer journey to booking your resort.

When planning their leisure travels, 95% of consumers will read at least seven reviews before finalizing a booking.

Customer reviews help you improve your resort’s “heads in beds” ratio.

You can also reach out to people, see what needs to be improved, and appreciate your staff that has excellent service to your guests.

Reviews can also give your guests a voice and make them feel more comfortable with you.

Make it easy and convenient for your guests to leave a review after staying in your resort by scanning a QR code.

If you have accounts on TripAdvisor, Booking.com, or Expedia, you can convert them into a URL QR code.

Just copy the specific URL of your account’s customer review section to the URL menu field in QR TIGER. Then generated in dynamic form.

This way, guests will just scan the code to post their experience and feedback in real-time instantly.

10. Promote the restaurants in your resort

Food and beverage are one of the biggest sources of revenue in resorts, which is why promoting them to the market is important.

Gladly, restaurant recommendations via listings on review sites such as Yelp help resort to tapping new customers.

By sharing a Yelp QR code with guests, they can easily rate your restaurants on Yelp.

Getting instant reviews and making them visible online help you gain more customers and improve your brand identity in the resort sector.

How to generate QR codes in beach resorts

The resort experience of the guests is important in managing beach resort operations.

Introducing the QR code technology in operations and management makes the guest’s whole experience seamless and memorable.

Above all, resort owners can generate more leads, drive more revenue, and satisfy customer satisfaction with minimal investment.

To jumpstart your integration of QR codes in your beach resort, here are 5 ways you can follow:

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator

QR TIGER is the best and most trusted QR code generator that the hospitality industry and other business sectors use today.

The software has an ad-free and user-friendly design that allows users to create QR codes in beach resorts for free that are suited for different business goals.

2. Choose the QR code solution you need

After opening the QR code generator software, you can choose which category or QR code solutions you want for your beach resort.

You can see multiple QR code solutions suited for your business, such as menu QR codes for your F&B operations or File QR codes for storing images, video, PDF documents, audio, and many more.

It also has a bulk QR code generator if you will create a large volume of QR codes.

The intelligent tracking features of the software with dynamic QR codes make it very convenient to track and edit your QR code.

This innovative QR code promises business solutions for your resort operations.

3. Enter the required field and generate your QR code

Right after choosing the QR code solution you need, fill in the required data in the field menu.

Make sure that you proceed to generate your QR code without leaving unfilled required fields.

The generation will not work if there are missing required fields.

4. Customize and scan test.

Next, customize your QR code by adding colors, eye shapes, and patterns that match your resort branding.

Moreover, achieve an on-brand QR code by adding your resort logo or even your F&B outlet logos to your code.

Then give your guests a preview of what to expect once they scan the code by adding a call to action tag to your QR code.

Make sure to follow the best QR code practices when customizing your QR codes to maintain their scannability and function.

Likewise, test your QR code if it works before downloading or deploying it to key resort areas.

This is to ensure that no scanning problems occur and to avoid negative customer feedback.

5. Download and deploy your QR codes in beach resorts.

The last step in creating QR codes for your beach resort is to download and deploy them in the key areas in the resort, in your resort collaterals, or even online.

In keeping with your QR code’s quality and readability, QR code experts recommend using the vector formats like SVG when you print your QR code.

You can resize the QR code without affecting its image’s original quality.

When deploying your QR code in your welcome area and rooms, there is a recommended printing guideline that you can follow.

Benefits of QR codes in beach resorts

1. Less paper usage

Paper waste is one of the contributors to waste in hotels and resorts.

According to the Radisson SAS Group, it averages over three kilograms of unsorted waste per guest per night, while the Scandic Hotels chain’s average is just over half a kilogram of unsorted waste per guest per night.

This is why resorts are advancing an initiative to promote sustainable practices and to contribute to the global clamor for a reduced carbon footprint.

Guest expectations of resort brands are also shifting, and they are more likely to choose eco-friendly resorts.

According to the study, guests are looking at the green credentials of resorts when they travel.

With the use of QR codes in resorts, you can reduce the use of printed materials and reduce touchpoints in the area.

Your restaurant menus are now digital, and your guests can have the option to access the digital resources of your resort collaterals.

2. Instant access to information in one scan

You can ensure that your guest’s convenience is important as you integrate QR codes into your resort operations.

By simply scanning a code, they can access digital content in seconds.

They can order food and follow your social media pages with no hassle.

Furthermore, one solution where you can store multiple URLs in one code is the multi URL QR code solution.

You can use the multi URL QR code solution to direct guests toward a website with the specific language they’re using.

No need to translate your resort services for international guests.

Also, you can use the solution to redirect guests to the different menus depending on the time they scan the code.

3. Engages guests and customers

Guests love new experiences when they visit a beach resort.

With QR code technology, you can give them a whole new level of resort experiences focused on personalized and innovative hospitality.

4. Cost-efficient

The hospitality industry is one of the sectors greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic because of reduced tourist inflow.

In effect, resort owners must cut expenditures and minimize spending as much as possible.

Using QR codes in beach resorts is an economic tech solution ideal for long-term usage.

It helps you reduce costs on printing materials and even optimizes your resort operations.

That said, resort owners can focus on delivering top-notch services to guests complimented with tech innovation.

5. Simplifies check-in processes

Long waiting times can make guests impatient and cranky.

Hoteliers can attest that it affects customer satisfaction, particularly during group check-ins.

With QR codes integrated with your check-in procedure, guests don’t have to line up and wait.

They can check in using their mobile device with a simple scan and connectivity.

This way, they can allot more time enjoying the resort amenities and availing of the services.

6. Withstands wear and tear

Salt air, sun, and sea mean harsh treatment for printed materials.

You might worry that it can affect the scannability of your printed QR codes in the resort.

When you deploy your printed QR codes in your beach resort, you can ensure they can withstand damage caused by rain, scratch, or wear-and-tear.

Thus, it is economical to use and does not require high maintenance.

QR codes in beach resorts use-cases: Resort offers a great example of QR code usage

1. Four Seasons Resort Maui uses QR codes in restaurants and spas

As part of Four Season’s global Lead with Care program, QR code technology plays a vital role in its effort to provide care and comfort to guests.

QR codes have been added for each restaurant menu in the resort. Guests can access the contactless menu through a QR code or the Four Seasons App.

2. Resorts World Las Vegas uses QR codes so guests can order food and drinks

Resorts World Las Vegas proudly offers its guests first-of-its-kind experiences at the resort with a partnership with Grubhub and integrating QR codes.

Guests in the resort can have an easy and convenient mobile food ordering experience as they only need to scan the Grubhub QR codes throughout the property.

Then for poolside deliveries, guests can access their order at a QR-code-activated restaurant locker on the pool deck, featuring a touchless opening.

3. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives, use QR code for contactless check-in and restaurant menu

The luxurious Taj Exotica Resort & Spa rolled out safety and hygiene measures in its various resorts across the Maldives.

Contactless check in QR code

Image Source

The resorts are now using technologies such as QR codes for contactless check-ins and to access digital menus.

Guests in the resorts can directly check in using their mobile devices, peruse the digital menu, and order their favorite treats from their fingertips.

QR codes in beach resorts- elevated approach to providing a superb guest experience

Guest expectations today are high.

This is why providing a superior guest experience is on the list for many resort owners.

It is now possible to elevate guests' experience using QR code technology in resort operations and management.

This game-changing tool can be used for varied purposes in beach resorts.

You can automate guest interactions throughout their stay, reducing touch points and paper usage.

Continue delivering the best guest experience in beach resorts with QR codes that result in repeat visits and referral business.

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