How to Use an Instagram QR Code Generator With a Logo

Last updated:   March 27, 2023

An Instagram QR code generator with a logo is a tool hack that can maximize your followers on your business page or profile.

By generating an Instagram QR code using a QR generator, you can redirect people to your Instagram page or profile automatically when they scan the QR code. 

Due to the increasing usage of smartphone devices and a high-speed internet connection, Instagram QR code which is generated using an Instagram QR code generators is soaring high.   

As we all know, Instagram is one of the skyrocketing social media networks on top of the list.

Statistics show  it has one billion monthly active users from the year 2013-2021 dominated by young adults from ages 18-29.

According to eMarketer’s research, Instagram will have 26.9 million users to join the platform by the year 2021. 

So how can you use QR code to boost your followers and attract more audience to your platform? Let's find out. 

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What is an Instagram QR code? 

An Instagram QR code generator is one of the tool hacks that can boost your followers on your business page or profile on Instagram. 

An Instagram QR will redirect your scanners to your page once they scan your QR code.

Thus, encouraging them to hit that “follow button.”

Instagram QR code

Instagram is one of the most popular apps, especially when it comes to image-sharing. 

It is one of the channels that digital marketers use  to advertise their product, brand, services, and engage young audiences.  

If you are a digital marketer yourself, of course, you don’t want to miss out on having your potential Instagram customers. And if you are a social media influencer on Instagram, you’d absolutely want to grow your followers and build your name. 

How to create a QR code for Instagram using an Instagram QR code generator with a logo? 

  • Open QR TIGER QR code generator onlineQR code solution
  • Click “Instagram” from the categoryCreate instagram QR code
  • Enter your Instagram page, profile link in the field belowAdd instagram link
  • Choose dynamic QR code instead of static QR codeChoose dynamic QR code
  • Click “Generate QR Code” and stylize your QR codeGenerate QR code
  • Choose multiple patterns, eyes, add a logo, and set colors to make your QR code appealingCustomize QR code
  • Download your QR code and test itDownload QR code

Keep reading to learn more about a Static Instagram QR code and a Dynamic Instagram QR code below. 

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What is an Instagram QR Code generator with a logo and why should you use it?

An Instagram QR code is created using a QR code generator with a logo online like QR TIGER.

By generating a QR code for your Instagram, you will be able to redirect the scanners to your Instagram profile. 

If you’re a marketer and you are planning to have a QR code link to your Instagram or- if you’re a social media influencer, you can redirect your target audience straight to your profile.Instagram QR code with logoThey can instantly follow you just by scanning the QR Code. 

Social media channels like Instagram is a great way to promote and use QR code due to their share-ability functions and the number of followers, shares, and connections you get to make globally.

Furthermore, a QR code is directly scannable using your smartphone!

Everyone owns a smartphone, making QR codes convenient to use when advertising or promoting your campaign or business directly to people. 

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Static QR code or Dynamic QR code? Which one to choose for your Instagram?

There are two types of QR codes you can create for your Instagram QR code. It’s either you choose between a Static QR code or a Dynamic QR code. 

When you generate your Instagram in static QR mode, you cannot change the data behind your QR and track your scans. Moreover, it only opens to the browser and not directly to the Instagram app.

Static QR code

However, if you want to get the most out of your Instagram QR code marketing campaign, using a dynamic QR code is a better option as it allows you to edit behind your QR code and track your QR code scans.

Moreover, it recognizes the app, thus, it directly opens to the app which makes it more convenient as the user does not need to log in his account in the browser.

Dynamic QR code

For advanced and superb features, you can also try to generate a dynamic QR code for your Instagram and see the benefit it provides rather than a static QR. 

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Why is it better to use a Dynamic QR code for marketing campaign?

Trackable dynamic QR codeOn the other hand, if you see yourself doing an Instagram QR code in the long run, a dynamic QR code is best.

A dynamic QR code enables you to change the content behind your QR code anytime.

This can be done by clicking the “track data” button of your QR code generator dashboard.

For example, if you wish to redirect your followers to different content, you can quickly update your campaign data.

Not just that, but- it tracks the number of scans and the overall profile of your scanners in real-time, which is the most important thing when you generate your Instagram QR code. 

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What are the benefits of using an Instagram QR Code Generator?

An Instagram QR Code is an excellent way to grow your followers on Instagram and make your business well-known. Using a QR code for your Instagram, you can:  

  • connect and link all people directly to your profile or business site in one Scan
  • increase and grow your Instagram followers
  • people can follow you easier
  • saves effort and time for people who are looking for your Instagram account or page
  • reach out to more people all over the globe easier 
  • share direct information to your followers without breaking a sweat 
  • promote and advertise business your business using an Instagram QR code
  • track the data of your scans using a Dynamic Instagram QR code generator 

How can you use your Instagram QR code? 

Product packaging

QR code on product packaging

Encourage your target audience to follow your Instagram business site for a time-to-time update.

If there are promos, you can instantly connect to your audience and let them know.

Promote event

QR code to promote event

Announcing an event through social media is probably familiar to all of us. And one of the most popular platforms that are being used is Instagram. 

You can print your Instagram QR code encoded with the related event information you like people to know.

You can then distribute it to your target audience or have them posted around areas with a high amount of people. 

Advertise or promote your restaurant, bar, hotels, and other business establishments you run

Establishing a strong social media image is a great way to maximize your followers, making your business well-known to people.QR code on mennu Using an Instagram QR code, you will gain more organic followers on your platform and will give an added boost to your business. 

Aside from the restaurant website you can create using an interactive restaurant menu QR code software, you can also maximize the essentials of a social media platform to gain customer engagement.

Promote your advocacy campaign

Are you an environmentalist? Are you an advocate who wants to preserve marine life? Or a person who is passionate about saving wildlife? 

If you are an aspiring individual like Greta Thunberg who ought to change the world, one way to promote your advocacy campaign and encourage people to go with your act is through social media like Instagram.QR code for advocacy campaignYou can print your Instagram QR code through flyers, brochures, catalogs, or magazines and encourage them to follow your page automatically.

In this way, you can give them the information and awareness you want to convey to them. 

Expanding your campaign on a global scale is also an easier way to find a support group. This will also grow your reach when you reach the right people, who share the same mission and vision.

How to make your Instagram QR code generator campaign effective?

Always communicate with your QR code!

It is very, very, very important that you put a call to action in your QR code marketing campaign. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know what the fuss is all about.

Always give your audience an idea of what information is behind your QR code.

A call-to-action could be like “Scan to win” Scan to watch a video” or “Scan to read product details.”

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Who are the people best to use an Instagram QR code generator?

An Instagram QR code is available for everyone who wishes to grow their connections or advertise quickly.

But- if you are a social media marketer, a social media influencer, an Instagram model, an advocate, an Instagram QR code is an easy way to penetrate directly to people. 

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Instagram QR Code Vs. Social Media QR code

Have you heard about social media QR code? Now, if you want to expand your reach even more through the use of social media, a social QR code is the best one to use. 

A social media QR code is a webpage that will connect all of your social media pages from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest Facebook, Google, Quora, LinkedIn, you name it.Social media QR codeBasically, when you create a social media QR code, it will link all of your social media channels and will be displayed altogether once scanned. 

On the other hand, a QR code generator for an Instagram only is just likely to focus on growing your Instagram account solely. But- if you want to reach a further audience, a social media QR code is best to use. 

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Use QR TIGER QR code generator for Instagram

With all of the digital advances that is used to advance and level up your marketing game, it is always smart to exhaust every avenue and utilize what you can to catapult your marketing game at the forefront, boost your sales while establishing a strong social media identity. 

Moreover, using QR TIGER's QR code generator for Instagram will protect the content behind your QR code and makes sure that the data behind your QR code is given optimum security. 

An unreliable QR Code generator could put your overall marketing campaign in a compromise.

In addition to that, it is also vital that an Instagram QR code generator should provide an accurate tracking conversion capacity of the scans like QR TIGER.

Many brands, marketers, and businesses are already using QR codes to grow their revenue and boost their business presence on Instagram. 

So what are you waiting for? Generate your Instagram QR code now. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a Facebook QR code generator with logo?

A Facebook QR code generator with a logo is used to generate a Facebook.

You can also create a Facebook QR code for free in QR TIGER

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Can Instagram scan QR codes? 

Most smartphone devices have a built-in scanning feature that can scan QR codes, but some apps have also a scanning capacity to decode QR codes like Pinterest, Shazam, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Furthermore, it's also important to do a QR scan test with your QR code before deploying it.

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