Christmas Card QR Codes: Surprise Your Loved Ones in a Scan

Last updated:   March 09, 2023

Creating interactive Christmas cards is a creative way of transforming your physical cards with a digital element. How to do it? Let’s find out!

“Merry Christmas,” “I love you, honey,” “I wish you well!” these are just some of the phrases we write on Christmas cards for our loved ones. 

The Christmas holiday season is fast approaching once again and people are excited to buy gifts and gift cards for their special someone, as a way to express their love and gratitude during this very special season.

For several years, gift cards have been a standard part of our traditional culture in any country. 

Exchanges of special/greeting cards never seem to fail, especially during a once-a-year season like Christmas.

However, these written cards have also revolutionized from a simple greeting letter to an interactive musical sound gift card as well. 

Today, a Christmas card QR code greeting is one of the most innovative ways to make ordinary gift cards interactive and memorable for our loved ones.

So how can you use QR codes to make this coming holiday season memorable and unique? Let’s find out!

Do Christmas cards still matter these days?Interactive Christmas cards

The whole idea of sending and receiving special cards used to be so exciting for the sender and the receiver before the social media network have existed and spoiled what once used to be so such an endearing gesture.

People gave so much value when they received greeting/gift cards as it also makes the bond between two people stronger and be more connected with them on an emotional level.  

However, over the years, gift cards have seemingly declined their value due to outside factors like social media.

People took less importance and meaning to give gift cards when they can instantly send the greetings online. 

So, do Christmas cards matter, or do any special cards still matter?

Yes, it does because it says about one thing: the effort you’re putting out and making them feel loved and that you think about them even through with a simple gesture.  

Small things take the largest space in our hearts. 

Who wouldn’t be moved when they receive a special card coming from their loved ones?

It will surely melt the hearts of even the strongest and toughest persons.

When you receive physical cards, you’re already saying to them how much they matter to you that you are willing to put in that sweet effort to give it to you at your front door.

Christmas QR code: How to make your Christmas cards special for your loved ones using QR codes?Christmas card QR code

Christmas cards seem to be a breath of fresh air when you receive one from all the non-traditional methods of sending, such as online greetings, so make sure you make one. Old school never goes out of style. 

So, how can you make these cards more special to your loved ones using QR codes?

Include multimedia content in your greeting card with QR code to make it stand out from the traditional and ordinary cards.

QR codes or the quick response code are 2d barcodes that encrypt various types of content you want to send to your receiver. 

It could be a form of an image gallery, a video, a sound/music file, a text/message, a gift card, and many more These data are then embedded into the QR code using a QR code generator online.

Once generated, these codes are then printed into the Christmas greeting card. Or for a smarter gimmick, you can even add a QR code coupon to your greeting cards.

Your recipient can access whatever type of data you place in it using their smartphone devices, which are natively built with QR code readers or scanners to detect these codes. 

If your phone can’t detect the codes, you can also download QR code reader applications.

QR codes for Christmas: Different types of QR code solutions you can use for an interactive Christmas cards

Most QR code platforms now offer different QR code solutions that you can use to make your cards interactive, and each QR code solution functions for a specific purpose. 

For example, if you want to show your loved one your memory together through a video, then you can make a video QR code for that, or if you’re going to show them an image gallery, then you can make an image QR code for that, or an MP3 QR code for a sound file. 

Here are just some of the common QR code solutions you can use and how you can generate them to give you an idea.

Video QR code Video QR code Christmas

There’s nothing more special and memorable for a loved one than an ultimate throwback of your videos together through the years you’ve been together or just a simple greeting through a video that will let them make your presence felt. 

If this is the type of content, you want to showcase to your receiver. 

Here’s how you can make a video QR code using a Christmas QR code generator in 3 ways.

Option 1: Using URL QR code services

If you have your video file in Google Drive, Dropbox, or anything similar, you can start making your QR code using this solution.

  • Get the shareable link of the file.
  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online and click the URL tab.
  • Paste the link and generate your QR code in the “URL” section

This choice allows you to upload large video file sizes without any problems.

Option 2: Using the File QR Code Option

There is a much more convenient way to make a video QR code for Christmas. You don’t need to have a file storage account. And no need to use any website.

  • Just have your video files such as MP4, AVI, or MOV ready.
  • Go to QR TIGER, the best QR code generator, and click the file tab.
  • Upload your video and generate your QR code.

Now, what’s interesting in the file feature QR code services is that not only it enables you to upload and generate your video QR code, but you can also upload other files like MP3, Jpeg, PDF, word, excel file, and more as this is also what is under the File QR code category from the name “File” itself. 

So, for example, if you want to replace your video QR code with another video content or other files like a PDF, MP3, or an image, you can do so without having to regenerate another QR code, as it is a dynamic form. 

This allows you to have a multimedia campaign in a single QR.

Option 3: Generating a video QR code on YouTube

If the video you want is on YouTube, you can choose to convert it to MP4 first. But if you want your receiver to be redirected directly to that YouTube video, you can also do this.

  • You can upload your video on YouTube and then copy the link.
  • Then, go to QR TIGER's site and click the YouTube tab.
  • Paste your URL and generate your QR code.

Direct your recipient to an image gallery using a QR code 

Compile your images together with you and your loved ones using an image galley QR code this Christmas. Make them reminisce all the memories you shared together all year-round. 

MP3 file QR code 

Mp3 file QR code Christmas

If you want your recipient to be directed to a music or sound file, then generating an MP3 file QR code is your best bet.

Use the Mp3 QR code solution or the file QR code solution and upload your audio. 

Text QR code 

Christmas greeting QR code

If you want to give a little bit of a mystery message to your loved one, then you can generate a Text QR code to make it exciting.

Gift card QR code

Christmas gift card QR code

You can give a surprise gift card for your loved one! For example, “Scan to open the Amazon gift card!” 

Social media QR

social media QR code

The social media QR code will display all of your social media networks in one scan. This makes an easy follow rather than looking for your social media platforms individually.

This QR solution best applies to marketing and business sector. 

Step-by-step guide on how to make interactive QR Christmas cards

Go to QR TIGER QR code generator 

QR code generator QRTIGER

QR TIGER QR code generator offers you a wide selection of QR code solutions you can choose and explore. Go to the website and pick the solution you need. 

Select the QR code solution you want

QR code types

Switch from static to dynamic 

You cannot change the contents of a static QR code since its permanent.

Switch from static to dynamic as the dynamic QR codes allow you to change or correct your QR code even though it has been printed in your Christmas cards already or deployed online.

Customize your Christmas card QR code 

Customize QR code Christmas

You can customize your Christmas card QR code according to the occasion!

You can add a logo or images of your loved one between the QR code. 

Download and print your QR code on Christmas cards

Print your QR code as part of the design. Attach the QR code on your Christmas cards and print it!

Add a unique element on your Christmas cards using QR code technology

QR codes on Christmas cards provide a collectible memento with your loved ones in years past.

Make sure to make them feel extra special this holiday season using QR code on your cards. 

Visit the QR TIGER QR code generator directly now if you have any additional questions about using QR codes to make your Christmas cards interactive. Our support staff will be pleased to assist you.brands using qr codes