Holiday QR Code Campaign Strategies to Boost Your Sales

Update:  April 15, 2024
Holiday QR Code Campaign Strategies to Boost Your Sales

Turn scans into sales with a holiday QR code.

A dynamic QR code is a practical solution that creates a shortcut to conversion in your marketing funnel.

BankMyCell’s April 2024 report revealed that there’s a whopping 4.88 billion smartphone users around the world. This is a call for businesses to adopt a mobile-first strategy.

Now that most smartphones have built-in QR scanners, scanning these versatile codes is a piece of cake.

With the high number of competing brands during the holiday season, using a dynamic QR code generator can help you outplay them in the field.

To get you started, check out these fresh holiday campaign strategies.

Fresh holiday campaign ideas using QR codes

Big holidays and occasions, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, are gift-giving seasons, making them the most opportune times to launch holiday marketing campaigns.

The catch is that you’re not the only brand advertising during the season; plenty of retailers also exert their best effort to win the coveted purchases of customers.

So, stand out by using dynamic QR codes in your marketing campaigns. Here are a few ways you can outsmart them with QR codes:

Send surprise QR code holiday cards

Holiday card with QR code

QR codes in marketing aren’t new, and that’s why it’s better to give them a fresh and unique experience.

Your business’ most crucial edge against your competitors during the holiday sale is your own customer base. They have already purchased at your store, meaning they already liked your products and services.

Weeks before the holiday spree commences, send them a holiday card with a QR code for discounts. Add a personal touch by addressing them with their first names indicated in the newsletter list.

This method also increases the percentage of repeat customers for your business, which, in the long run, can build you a loyal customer base.

Celebrate your network’s special dates with QR codes

To build rapport with your customers, it is encouraged to build a relationship that transcends beyond a simple transaction. Celebrate their special days, like their birthdays, with a birthday reward using a QR code birthday promo code.

Celebrating birthdays with promo codes isn’t a new trend by brands. Big industry names like Starbucks, Sephora, and  CVS have been rewarding customers with birthday freebies and discounts for years.

As a retail business, don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with your customers.

To encourage your customers to celebrate their birthdays with you, give a promo coupon on the exact day of their birthdays. Offer a valid promo code within their birth month but at lower discount rates.

Create a specialized packaging with a holiday QR code

Packaging QR code

What’s great about using a trusted QR code generator with color like QR TIGER is that it offers plenty of customization tools. Businesses can change the colors, patterns, eyes, and shapes based on your theme for the holiday.

A specialized release with themed packaging entices your customer base to purchase in your store, especially as they’re only available for a limited time.

Scanning the QR code on product packaging can lead to exclusive content, a goodie set, and even a discount code they can use in their next purchase.

Moreover, businesses can go all out with QR codes by placing them in the decorations of their brick-and-mortar store. Think of it as an easter egg that surprises scanners when they scan the code.

Launch Guerilla marketing campaigns with QR codes

A Guerrilla marketing campaign is an ingenious way to showcase your brand with QR codes. A little extra creativity can significantly level up your game against your competitors.

For example, a digital ad displaying a QR code as a puzzle can instantly attract attention. It starts scrambled and then slowly organizes into a working QR code that people can scan, leading to your online marketing campaign.

During Christmas, brands can hand out interactive Christmas cards or Santa gifts with QR codes displayed in stores and key areas of interest. 

For example, the first set of Santa QR codes can lead to a freebie set, while the second set leads to a discount.

It generates buzz to anticipate different QR codes for more rewards, making the overall QR code marketing campaign a more effective endeavor.

Give back to the community during the holiday season

A QR code generator works more than just a marketing tool to increase revenue; it may also be used to celebrate the values that bring us together in life.

After all, holidays are more than just giving gifts and increasing revenues; they are also about giving back to the community and helping one another.

Upon checkout, you can use a holiday QR code to collect donations to certain causes that particularly concern the community, such as feeding programs for the homeless, urban poor, victims of crime, and more.

After the campaign ends, it’s best to follow up with an update about where the donations went. Send it through the email newsletters, post it on all social media and e-commerce platforms, and share it with in-store customers.

How to make a QR code for a holiday card

Using a feature-packed QR code generator like QR TIGER can help you traverse the challenges you encounter when launching your holiday marketing campaign.

Here are seven steps to make a holiday QR code.

  1. Visit a QR code generator with logo online and select a QR code solution.
  2. Input the necessary information.
  3. Select Dynamic QR to allow real-time tracking and monitoring of your marketing campaign. Otherwise, select Static QR.
  4. Click Generate QR code.
  5. Toggle to the options where you can customize your QR code to match your branding guidelines.
  6. Test scan QR code and make changes when needed.
  7. Once the embedded data is validated, click Download to save and print it.

QR TIGER is one of the most trusted QR code software by some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Samsung, Hilton, Uber, and McDonald’s.

It offers comprehensive customization, dynamic QR code generation, performance monitoring, integration with CRMs, and many more.

Take advantage of their welcome gift, a $7 discount on any yearly plan! Sign up now to create QR codes for holidays and occasions.

Pro tips for using QR codes in marketing campaigns

With the versatility and effectiveness of QR codes in marketing campaigns, it may come as no surprise that your competitors are also using QR codes in one way or another.

Fret not, there are plenty of ways to show your edge, even if you use the same tool for your marketing campaigns. Here are a few pro tips:

Customize your holiday QR codes

Did you know that customized QR codes can help you get 80% more scans?

The best way to set yourself apart from the competition is to make yourself unique. To achieve this, seamlessly blend your brand elements into your QR codes with a QR code generator with logo.

Customizing your QR codes gives it a brand identity, which adds value to your campaign. 

Incorporating your logo is just the beginning. You can also change the colors, eyes, shapes, and even the patterns of the QR codes.

Maximize the QR tracking features

Holiday QR code

What’s nifty about dynamic QR code campaigns is their real-time trackability.

Even better, you can access an accurate performance overview of your offline campaign!

See how your QR campaign performs based on the scan frequency, location, device type, and more. The QR code tracking feature allows you to get accurate analysis to restructure and retarget your marketing efforts for maximum efficiency.

Always personalize the experience

Building a lasting relationship is built beyond a one-time transaction. It takes personalized experiences to cultivate repeat businesses.

Remember that sales are more than just numbers; they reflect customers’ choices about your products. That’s why it’s essential to treat them with utmost importance.

Especially if you already have their information in your subscriber list, be sure to address them with their first name, as it gives a more personal touch to the campaign. 

Remember to commemorate their milestones with your brand, such as their first purchase with you, their life events, and more. 

It fosters a sense of connection, ideal for building customer relationships and promoting brand loyalty.

This relationship is key to repeat business, which is expanded by their word of mouth with their family and friends.

Turn scans into sales with QR codes for holidays and occasions

Turning QR code scans into sales may seem difficult, but incorporating these strategies can help you achieve record-breaking success in your campaigns.

Make sure to seal the deal with a comprehensive QR code generator that offers you the tools to market and track leads effectively. They’re the modern salespeople that take your target market directly to your store.

Learn more about features for customization, dynamic QR generation, and analytics, among many others.

To kick off your QR code journey, create a branded QR code with a QR TIGER QR Code Generator now.

Frequently asked questions

How do you make a Christmas QR code?

Simple—use a QR code generator like QR TIGER to create a Christmas QR code.

From here, there are plenty of routes to go, such as emailing the QR code to your online list, printing and placing it on holiday advertisements, or adding the QR code to the paper card greeting to be given to loyal customers.

How do I add a QR code to my holiday card?

To add a QR code to a paper holiday paper card, download it in high definition to ensure optimal scanning after printing. Add it to your holiday card design, ensuring the design elements complement one another.

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