How to Create an iTunes QR Code for Faster Media Sharing

Update:  July 03, 2023
How to Create an iTunes QR Code for Faster Media Sharing

Does iTunes have a QR code? No, but you can create an iTunes QR code with an online QR code maker so you can share songs, movies, and podcasts with other users in a scan.

Long before Apple Music, Apple Podcast, or Apple TV came to light, iTunes was the standalone application that held all your favorite media files.

Imagine wanting to share your favorite playlist with a friend. The manual searching could be a hassle on their part, which might stop them from browsing altogether.

How can you send the playlist without actually sending the playlist? Here’s where QR codes come in. Users can instantly access your playlists and other content with just one scan. 

You can quickly create a QR code with the best QR code generator. Check out this guide to learn how to do this.

What happened to iTunes today?


Apple’s update to macOS Catalina paved the way for its designated apps: Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcast, and Apple Books, which were once manageable in iTunes.

Finder has also replaced iTunes to back up, update, or restore synced iOS devices.

But iTunes remains helpful to Windows users regarding media library management, purchasing songs or movies, and manual syncing to other iOS devices.

You may still have access to the iTunes application if you use the older version of macOS or Windows, but those without it can still download and install it online.

So what happens to my iTunes library if I upgrade to macOS Catalina?

The Apple Music and Apple TV apps will read your iTunes library and download all the content from your iTunes library, including podcasts and books.

Create QR codes for your iTunes media


iTunes QR code

You can share your favorite song, playlist, or artist by embedding its link into a dynamic URL QR code

Users who scan the code will instantly get access to iTunes and join tracks to stream and listen to—no need for manual searching.

This is handy for creatives—recording artists, podcasters, and musicians. They can use QR codes to share their music with more audiences. 


Do you want your podcast episodes to gain more listeners? Share it with everyone via QR code. Allow others to listen to your podcast instantly with just one scan.


Are you a marketer promoting a movie on iTunes? You can use QR codes in your movie posters to make your campaign more intriguing and engaging.

Embed your movie link in a QR code. When users scan the code, you will instantly bring them to the movie page, where they can buy or rent it.

You can even store a film teaser in the QR code so people can watch it from their smartphones.

Note: Users must be signed in to their Apple ID first to view the buy or rent choices.

iTunes app

iTunes storeYou can also create a QR code for Apple’s iTunes app to lead users to the app download page and install it instantly on their devices.

This is more convenient than just sending them instructions, as they might download the wrong app instead.

How to get links for your iTunes QR code

You’ll need the links of your iTunes media to create a QR code. To find these links, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the iTunes app. You will see three tabs on the upper center of your screen: Library, Unplayed, and Store.
  2. On the upper left, you will see a drag-and-drop icon where you can choose from the different categories. Drag and drop to the type you wish to embed in your QR code.
  3. Then look at the center tabs again and click the Store button.
  4. You will see a display of choices; right-click on any of the items and click Copy link. You will paste this link into the QR code generator afterward.

How to create a custom QR code for iTunes for free

To generate QR codes for iTunes, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator.

Note: You can create a static QR code for free without signing up. But if you want to use a free dynamic QR code, you can sign up for a freemium account.

  1. Click on the URL QR code solution and paste the iTunes link you copied.
  2. Select between Static and Dynamic QR, then click the Generate QR code button.
  3. Customize your QR code. You can add color and change the frame, eye, and pattern styles. You can even add a logo and a call to action.
  4. Test if your QR code works, then download it once you’re through.

How to scan QR codes for iTunes

iTunes QR code on poster

Knowing how to scan a QR code is as important as knowing how to create it. You can scan a QR code with your smartphone’s camera or a third-party scanner app.

Android devices on version 8 and above have built-in QR code scanners in their cameras. Simply point the camera toward the code.

You’ll see a page that contains the code’s content. If it’s a link, tapping it will take you to its page.

Apple devices running on iOS 11 and later also have QR code scanning features in the camera.

You’ll see a yellow popup around the code as you scan the code. Tap it to access.

Don’t have this? You can check your camera settings and enable the feature.

But if you can’t find that option, use a third-party scanner app instead. You can download one from your device’s app store.

And now that you know how to scan QR codes for iTunes, you can teach your audiences so they would have a smoother experience with QR codes.

Must-follow tips when customizing your QR code in a QR code generator

QR codes are everywhere, so you must find a way to stand out among the existing ones. Fortunately, you can personalize your QR code to make it unique from others.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you customize your QR code the right way:

Maintain high contrast

You must guarantee high contrast between the colors of your QR code’s foreground or pattern and its background. 

Always follow the rule of thumb: light background, dark foreground. This way, scanners will detect the pattern of your QR code of iTunes faster, leading to smoother scans.

Change its pattern style and eye shape

QR TIGER offers many selections for your QR code’s pattern style and eye shape. You can choose among the different choices, ranging from squares to rounded ones.

Just be sure that your pattern choice will match that of your eye so it’ll look clean and crisp.

Add logos to your QR code

Since you’re embedding an iTunes song or playlist in your code, you can add the iTunes logo when customizing to help users pinpoint your code’s purpose even before scanning it.

Or you may use your logo or others; either way, logos helps a lot in brand awareness and recognition which adds to audience confidence to scan the code.

Use a frame and include a call to action

QR TIGER offers various frame options to modify your QR code design. It’ll make you stand out among other QR codes in the market.

Plus, using a compelling call-to-action tag will help you gain more scans. Use a CTA that sends out a feeling of urgency to encourage users to scan your code right away.

Share your favorites with QR codes

The iTunes QR code can help you share your favorite things with loved ones and friends. Save them the stress and hassle of manual searching by letting them scan the code.

And QR TIGER can help you create high-quality QR codes. It has the best customization features and a user-friendly interface that lets you seamlessly generate QR codes—even if you’re new to the technology.

It is also ISO-27001 certified and GDPR compliant, which guarantees the safety of your data; that’s why over 850,000 brands trust it worldwide.

Join the many brands who choose QR TIGER QR code generator as their best partner in QR code making. Sign up for an account today or contact customer service.

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