How to create a LinkedIn QR code in 5 steps! (Ultimate guide in 2021)

Last updated:   October 13, 2021

A LinkedIn QR code will redirect your scanners to your profile right away once they scanned your LinkedIn QR! Pretty cool, right? So, how does this work? Keep reading to know how! 

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way you can grow your connection in your LinkedIn profile in a seamless manner using technology? I introduced you to, QR code technology!

What is a LinkedIn QR code?undefined

LinkedIn QR code is generated using a QR code software online. It is a known cool tool for job seekers and business people who want to grow their LinkedIn profile connections and build their professional community further. 

For the past many years, QR codes have been used in all types of marketing.

These codes were popular among print materials, especially in product/food packaging's, brochures, flyers, billboards, etc. leading users to online information once they scanned the QR code. 

But along with the evolution of the QR code technology, it has also become a useful tool in the social media world and is known to connect people. Not to mention, even- to market one’s self!

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  • Go to your LinkedIn profile and copy your URL
  • Go to
  • Paste your copied URL in the URL category
  • Select encoding option static or dynamic
  • Customize your QR code and add the LinkedIn logo
  • Do a scan test your QR code before downloading and printing 

QR code basics: 

Static QR code

QR codes have two varying types: Static and Dynamic. Now, what is the difference between the two? 

Static QR codes lead you to a permanent URL and cannot be changed.

For instance, if you have generated your QR code for your LinkedIn in static mode, that QR code will be permanently redirected to your profile. 

Although if you are a professional individual on LinkedIn and you also have an established profile, basically, you don’t need to change the URL. After all, you only have one LinkedIn profile that equals to a one URL.

Dynamic QR code (and why it’s better to use)undefined

On the other hand, dynamic QR codes are the flexible type of QR codes that are paid as they are flexible and advanced. These codes are editable and trackable.  

Dynamic QR code are editable 

As we have discussed, you don’t need to necessarily edit your URL as you will only have one LinkedIn profile; however, tracing your QR code scans gives and adds value to your QR code for your LinkedIn. This is convenient as you move along while you are marketing yourself and growing your network on LinkedIn.

Now, why?

Dynamic QR codes track your QR code scans undefined

If you generate your QR code into a dynamic mode, you will be able to track your QR code scans and see who has scanned your QR code. You will see your scanners’ overall demographics such as their location, time when they scanned, the device they used, and how many scans if you’ve got.

If you are using a QR code for your LinkedIn to brand and market yourself, tracking your potential scanners will give you insights if it has been significant and who are your prospective connections. 

If not, you can re-formulate your QR code marketing strategy on your LinkedIn and see what works and what doesn’t.

But generally speaking, the fact that your QR code instantly redirects to your profile is already a huge plus that can magically build your connection in a short span of  time.

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Linkedin QR code to connectundefined

Once your QR code is scanned, it will redirect your scanners to your profile, encouraging them to connect with you right away.

Furthermore, QR codes are directly accessible to smartphone devices, making them convenient for exchanging information at any portal. You can bring your offline conversation online! 

Everybody owns a smartphone device, and over the years these devices were developed to scan QR codes using the smartphone device in a photo mode or by a QR code reader or scanner.

But some social media apps were developed over the years with a built-in QR code reader examples such as Snapchat, Pinterest, Messenger, LinkedIn, etc.

How you can scan a QR code using your smartphoneundefined

Natively, smartphones were already developed to scan QR code just by using the camera in a photo mode. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open your camera app 
  • Point it steadily to the QR code for 2-3 seconds
  • Open the link that associated with the QR code

Pretty easy, right, but if you find your smartphone device not able to read QR codes, you can also opt to use QR code, app readers. 

There are also some apps that we are using that can detect QR codes just like Linkedin itself. 

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How to scan a QR code using the LinkedIn app:

1. Installed the LinkedIn app and open it. Tap the QR code icon in the search box found on the Home tab.

2. From here you can scan someone else’s LinkedIn QR code. After scanning a person’s QR code, you will then be redirected to their profile. Here, you can check out if you have mutual connections, common interests, or hobbies. Moreover, you can also send a connection request! 

3. If you want to find your own QR code, simply tap on “My code.” Also, if you like to share your code through email, messenger, iMessage, or other apps, you can opt to do so. 

How can you use your LinkedIn QR code to your advantage? 

On your resumeundefined

Do you want to set your resume above the cutting edge? Adding a QR code along with your CV or resume will make it stand out from the ordinary one! 

From the print material, you can instantly redirect or bring your prospective employer or manager directly to your LinkedIn profile that will enable him to view your entire profile. 

This also makes a good first impression that you are a techie type of person. This will give you an advantage, especially if you apply for a technologically driven company position.

Moreover, if you have endorsements from your previous managers, employers, or colleagues, your credibility as an applicant increases your chances of getting hired!

How to put LinkedIn QR code in resume?

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile and copy your URL
  • Go to
  • Paste your copied URL in the URL category
  • Select Dynamic to track your QR code scans
  • Personalise your LinkedIn QR code and add a logo, image or icon of your choice
  • Do a scan test your QR code before downloading
  • Open your resume file document in your computer
  • Attach it to your resume
  • Print and deploy

Business cards or networking cardundefined

You can print a QR code attached to your business card or networking card to link to your LinkedIn profile. Adding such an innovative tool will leave a lasting impression on your recipient and leave lasting impact first meetings. 

This will make it seem like you are a person who knows about innovation and technology! Instead of the usual traditional business cards, you can upgrade it into a digital one by adding a QR code!  

How to put LinkedIn QR code in business card

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile and copy your URL
  • Go to QRTiger QR code generator
  • Paste your copied URL in the URL category
  • Select Static or dynamic
  • Customize your LinkedIn QR code and add a logo
  • Do a scan test your QR code before downloading
  • Open your resume file document in your computer
  • Attach it to your resume
  • Print and deploy

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At your meetings, conferences, or eventsundefined

You can add your LinkedIn QR code at the very end of your presentation or slide so the audience can connect to you right away and add you to their network!

You can make an instant connection when you do this. See for yourself how your LinkedIn connection requests will skyrocket after! Make that end of presentation notable and impress your attendees!

This way, you can stay in touch with everyone after your gatherings or social meetings.

Brochures and event or marketing materials  undefined

Turn your offline connections to online connections by generating a LinkedIn QR code and build a professional community!

We know it can be hard to connect and stay in touch with people after social gathering hours. You can make the exchange of contact information easily! Using QR code for your LinkedIn comes in handy!

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Email signature 

Make your email signature recognizable and eye-catchy by adding a QR code that will take your recipient back to your LinkedIn profile! You can also use this for your website! 

LinkedIn company QR code

Make a QR code for your business or company profile and connect to your prospective clients! You can use this in your email, event, or marketing materials!

How to create a QR code for LinkedIn profile a step-by-step guide

1. Go to your LinkedIn profile and copy your URLundefined

Before you can generate a LinkedIn QR code, first you need to copy the URL of your LinkedIn profile.

2. Go to QRTiger QR code generatorundefined

Paste your LinkedIn URL profile to the “URL section” of the QR Tiger QR code software to generate your LinkedIn QR code. 

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3. Select the encoding option static or dynamic (but it’s better to choose dynamic)

As we have discussed above, static QR code and dynamic QR code are different. Select which type you want to generate.

You can also customize your LinkedIn QR code and add a logo to make it even more eye-catchy, attractive, and professional.

5. Do a scan test your LinkedIn QR code before printing and downloading.

Before downloading and printing your QR code, do scan test first and see if it redirects you correctly to your LinkedIn profile. 

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Best practices when generating your LinkedIn QR code  

Use a dynamic QR code.undefined

As we have discussed above the difference between static and dynamic QR code, it is no doubt that generating your QR code in dynamic mode is far better than having it static. 

Dynamic QR code gives you an idea of who is your prospective connections, and you can gauge if the QR code marketing has been effective. If not, this allows you to rethink ways and methods on how you can make them effective.

Personalize your QR code

To make your LinkedIn QR code more professional looking and attractive to your scanners, make sure to customize it and add the LinkedIn logo of your QR code.

Steer away from plain-looking QR code as it does not usually get any traction at all!

Always make sure to custom design it but not over-customize it. Over-customizing your QR code will be hard to read.

Sizing Matters when printing your QR code 

The size of a QR code should at least be 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension for people to be able to scan it. However, always make sure to do a scan test.

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Place it in the right position undefined

Make sure your QR code is noticeable right away in your marketing materials and place it where it matters.

Create a LinkedIn QR code with QRTiger and make instant connections on the spot!

Connect someone you just met on the spot using a QR code your LinkedIn!

Share your profile easily using the QR code technology, add new friends, and grow your connection easier using a QR code for your LinkedIn! 

In this fast-paced world where the connection can be shared instantly, a QR code is an essential tool when used in the right context to make your social media connections grow bigger.

Create a connection and used a QR code for your LinkedIn now as one of your branding tools! 

If you have more questions, you can also contact us here today!