QR codes in PowerPoint presentation: 6 ways to use it

Last updated:   November 15, 2022

In an era where information is transmitted digitally, how can the use of QR codes in PowerPoint help people to inject new knowledge into their audience?

Just like the use of word documents and Excel sheets, PowerPoint is one of the most sought-after technology today.

With more than 500 million users worldwide,  it’s no secret that this software dominates the presentation department.

But as people seem to get bored with the content inside the PowerPoint presentation, presenters are finding new ways to excite their audience.

Because of that, experts embed new technological tools that can aid a presenter’s presentation. And one of the tools they recommend is through the use of QR codes.

If you want to futurize your PowerPoint presentations with QR codes, here are some basic concepts that you can follow.

What is a QR code in PowerPoint?

A QR code for presentation allows presenters to minimize the information they put in their presentation and replace them instead with a QR code, that will redirect their audience to an online information.

Depending on how they will utilize QR codes in their presentations, users can embed all existing QR code types into their presentations.

How to use QR codes in your PowerPoint presentation?

As QR codes can improve their ways of making a minimalistic and engaging marketing or educational presentation approach, the use of them in your PowerPoint presentation is great.

Depending on their usage, here are 6 and 3 useful ways on how to use QR codes within and the presentation file respectively.

Within the presentation:

Within the presentation, you can improve your means of presenting your PowerPoint presentation in 6 notable ways.

1. Use it to embed your information sources.

powerpoint presentation with qr code

One way to use a QR code in your seminar PPT presentation is to embed some information sources into your QR code. As putting the content sources can clutter the slide’s information format, the use of QR codes is great.

To do one, you can use the URL QR code solution to embed the information sources.

2. As your digital business card

powerpoint presentation with qr code

You can include your contact information when presenting a report.

Especially in the business industry, adding your contact details can increase your business connections with known companies and marketing firms.

But as putting your contact information can decrease your audience’s interest in your presentation, a way to increase your engagement with them is created.

By adding a vCard QR code in your contact section, you can increase your audience engagement by asking them to scan the QR code to know more about you and the company you work with.

Through the use of it, you can pique your audience's interest with your presentation.

3. Portal for your resource materials

powerpoint presentation with qr codeAnother useful way to minimize content cluttering with your slides is by adding resource materials about your presentation.

And one way to do that is by attaching a file that your audience can download and view. But since the presentation mostly takes place using a screen, the use of a QR code for presentation is great for them to obtain the resource materials.

By adding a PDF, DOC, or any file into a QR code, your audience can scan and download the resource materials easily.

4. Attach presentation feedback form to your audience

scanning qr code on powerpoint presentation

To become a renowned presenter, knowing how to well you have delivered the necessary data to your audience is important.

Because of that, some presenters always attach a presentation evaluation form in their presentations.

But as most of your audience are seated far from the projector screen, the use of a QR code for seminar PPT presentation is a great help to seamlessly get their feedback.

By attaching a QR code for Google Form, your audience will just scan and give their feedback without prolonging their sight on the screen.

5. Post your social media handles using a social media QR code on your PPT presentation

scanning social media qr code on powerpoint presentationAside from adding your contact information in every presentation, you give, adding your social media handle is great to increase your social media followings and engagement.

As social media is one of the major turning points for increasing one’s influence in society, it is essential to virtually stay connected with people.

By using a social media QR code in your PowerPoint presentation, you can place all your social media handles and let your audience instantly connect with you by scanning and choosing the platform they want to get in touch with.

6. Create an interactive landing page for your audience

url qr code on powerpoint presentationBecause of the need for them to do things in practice, creating an interactive landing page for their software usage is important.

To successfully embed one without the need of typing the landing page URL, the use of a webpage QR code in your presentation is great.

In this way, your audience can take your lecture into virtual practice.

It is best to add an interactive landing page for lectures that require experimentation, especially in science subjects.

The presentation file : Converting PowerPoint resources to QR code

Now that you have known the 6 notable ways on how to use QR codes within your PowerPoint presentation, here are 3 useful ways on how to use QR codes in the presentation file itself.

1. Embed your QR code from the start of the PowerPoint presentation

As some of your audience will have difficulty reading your presentation afar, adding the file link is important. This is the reason why some presenters first flash the link of their presentation in the first slide.

But as some links require unique characters, the use of a QR code for presentation is great to store your file and let your audience scan them with their phones.

To do that, they can use the File QR code solution to embed their PowerPoint file.

This way, your audience can automatically scan and download the file and view the presentation within a close range.

2. Share it through your emails and messaging apps.

scanning qr code on email

One way to easily share your file through your emails and messaging apps is by sending a QR code for them to scan and unpack your presentation with the use of a QR code scanner app in both Android and IOS.

3. Attach the QR code in worksheets and paperwork

scanning qr code on document

If you are an educator and you want to use your PowerPoint presentation as a supplementary tool for learners, attaching a QR code to worksheets and paperwork is a great practice.

Through this, your students will no longer manually type the file link in the search engine.

How to create a PowerPoint QR code using the best QR code generator for PowerPoint?

To create a QR code for your PowerPoint presentation, here is the expanded version on how to make a PowerPoint QR code.

1. Open a QR code generatorQRTIGER qr code generatorFirst, go to QR code generator for PowerPoint like QRTIGER.

QRTIGER has a reliable and simple to use QR code generation interface that anyone can use when creating one.

Alongside its reliable and simple QR code generation interface, it comes with budget-friendly subscription plans that even starting companies can enjoy and use.

2. Select the category of your content and fill in the required fieldsQRTIGER qr code soluitionAfter opening the QR code generator, continue selecting the category of the information you want to embed to your QR code.

For the PowerPoint file attachment, the use of File Category is recommended.

3. Generate your QR code (Choose dynamic QR code)QRTIGER dynamic qr codeOnce you fill in the required fields, proceed in generating your QR code.

Through this, you can update your PowerPoint content without the need of generating new ones.

4. Customize your QR code

customize qr codeFor a customized QR code design, you can personalize its design by selecting the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors that works with your theme.

5. Test your QR code

scan test qr codeAfter customizing your QR code, run a scan test, and look for possible scanning errors within the code itself.

6. Download and embed

download qr code on svg or png formatDownload your QR code and embed it into your presentation or other print paper. To download a high-quality QR code output, it is best to download your QR code in SVG format.

Benefits of using QR codes in PowerPoint Presentations

Just like how making a PowerPoint presentation help presenters smoothen their reports, the use of QR codes in your Powerpoint presentations can yield five noteworthy benefits that you can find

1. Aids people with visual difficulties

scanning qr code on powerpoint presentation

One of the benefits presenters can get from using a QR code in their seminar PPT presentation is that they can keep their audience’s interest even it has visual difficulties.

As some parts of your content may appear blurry to your audience with a farther seating view, the use of QR codes can be useful.

By just letting them scan the QR coded content of your presentation, they can catch up with your presentation at a closer look.

2. Provides an easy sharing platform for the audience.

One thing that the use of QR codes is ideal for your PowerPoint presentation is that it provides a faster and easy sharing platform for your audience. Thanks to its scan and view feature, people can easily open the file.

3. Minimize information clutter.

A great PowerPoint presentation requires brief yet informative content in each slide. Since enlarging the font is necessary for people to read from afar, the use of QR codes minimizes information clutter.

Instead of placing a large sum of information into a slide, placing a QR code on it is great. In this way, you can present clean and sleek slides to your audience.

4. Data is editable to another content and the QR codes are trackable 

dynamic qr code

With the existing PowerPoint file you have, you inevitably need to update some information in your slides. As to the dynamic QR code you have generated, the reprinting cost minimizes as it allows data or file update.

Moreover, you can also track your QR code scans. 

5. Best for your budget

Even if you are a starting marketing presenter or an information reporter, the use of QR codes is best for your budget. Because of that, you can have a modernized information presentation to your audience even without needing to spend more to buy some tech tools.

QR codes in PowerPoint – Modernizing your PowerPoint presentations

As we are approaching the world towards modern information deployment, finding a new way to enhance our engagements with our target audience is crucial.

With the use of QR codes, presenters in the business, school, and other sectors can modernize their ways of presenting the information.

As they can convert cluttered content into an interactive one, the use of a QR code generator for PowerPoint online like QRTIGER can help presenters create a modernized PowerPoint presentation and promote a technological way to keep their audience engaged.

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