How to Create QR Code Templates for Better Brand Identity

Update:  January 29, 2024
How to Create QR Code Templates for Better Brand Identity

Create a consistent brand identity using QR code templates as key for a successful marketing strategy. 

A recent study says that 87% of customers think brands should try harder to provide a consistent experience. 

Custom QR code branding helps increase brand recall, attract customers, and add value to any marketing campaign.

Today, marketers use custom templates in their QR code campaigns, as this new trend is a great strategy for brand awareness and instant access to information. 

Create your templates for QR code marketing using a professional QR code generator with advanced customization tools to help fit the QR code to your brand.

QR code template: Example of QR code designs made by QR TIGER

QR code template

These templates are important because they help you communicate more consistently and efficiently about your business or organization.

Consider using the same pattern, colors, eyes, and frame for each QR code you create for a marketing campaign. 

For example, having unique and consistent QR code flyer templates helps potential customers to remember your business.

This strategy will make it easy for them to retain knowledge about the product or service that you offer. 

With QR TIGER QR code generator, you can make various QR code templates and save them in the generator for future use. 

Importance of having brand consistency

Most guides to social media marketing say that consistency is the most important thing.

For instance, QR code marketing samples give customers more information about your products.

Which leads them to more interesting content that makes your brand stand out.

By including your brand’s personality in the content of your QR codes, you can make interactive content that customers will easily see and feel compelled to scan.

A business can keep its value among its target audience in a competitive market by working on its brand recall.

That’s one big way to earn a customer’s trust and make a lasting impression.

Building a solid brand identity using QR codes 

Brand identity includes all of the designs that your company uses.

It consists of the colors, font, logo, business cards, and any other marketing and sales materials that go with them. 

Using a QR code template is essential to build brand awareness in marketing.

It makes it possible to create every part of a brand’s identity with QR codes, including:

Brand color

Branded QR code

Using the same color in your QR code campaigns can also attract your target market.

The best QR code generator allows you to pick colors for your QR code that matches your brand.

You can tell people about your brand and get their attention by putting a QR code on a prominent surface like print ads or social media.

Add your logo

Branded QR code with logo

Including your brand’s logo in your QR code helps maximize your marketing campaign.

Having a logo lets you stand out from the competitors in your field.

Since your logo is the first thing customers see, you need to include it in your marketing efforts.

QR TIGER lets you upload your company logo and show it along with the QR code image without affecting its scannability. 

Let customers recognize your brand easily when they spot your QR code with a logo on different marketing materials.

Customize the pattern 

Shapes can represent different ideas, add depth, and show how someone feels.

A circle is one of the most common shapes in brand graphics. People often associate rings with good things like unity and stability. 

At the same time, squares represent professionalism, balance, and proportion.

The advanced customization tool of QR TIGER QR code generator lets you select your desired pattern for your QR code. 

Save it as a template to lessen the hassle of creating a new one for a recent marketing activity.  

Make sure to choose the pattern that best represents your brand and compliments your brand colors and logo.

Include your brand’s tagline 

The famous Nike tagline, “Just do it,” is one way to build brand awareness.

Having a catchy tagline or slogan for your brand can also help you create an identity where customers can instantly recall you and your products or services.

Adding your tagline to your QR codes will attract your target audience and build brand awareness.

QR TIGER doesn’t only let you customize the pattern, color, and shape of your QR code.

It also allows you to add your custom tagline for a better brand identity.

How to create a QR code generator template

Create a custom QR code template using the best QR code generator software, QR TIGER. 

QR TIGER has the most advanced customization tools that let you modify a QR code to fit your brand identity. 

A template for your QR code campaign makes it easier to create consistent marketing materials.

Here’s how you can create a custom QR code and save it as a template: 

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator

2. Pick the QR code solution you need

After choosing the type of QR Code you need, fill the box with the information that goes with your campaign.

3. Switch to “Dynamic QR code”

Select dynamic QR codes to track and analyze your QR code campaign. You can view the following data using dynamic QR codes: the number of scans, the user’s location, the device used, and the time scanned. 

4. Generate a QR code

5. Customize the QR code to fit your brand

The best part of making a QR code is that you can customize it to your brand identity. 

Adding the campaign’s logo to the QR Code ties in better with the brand and makes it look more distinctive. 

Customize the color of the QR code to match your brand’s color, but be careful to avoid overpowering the code by choosing a color that doesn’t make your logo stand out.

Choose a color that stands out from both the front and back of the QR Code.

6. Run a test scan

Testing is an important part of making a custom QR Code.

A QR code scanner can still read a customized QR code as long as no more than 30% of the code is changed. 

Make sure not to change the customization level too much, or the QR code might lose its scannability.

7. Check the “Save as template” box below the QR code

Remember to check this box situated below your customized QR code. Once done, you can preview your QR code in the “Your Template” section. 

You can now use the same QR code on different QR code solutions for a consistent marketing campaign. 

8. Download and display your QR code

Instead of downloading, you may also opt for the Canva integration feature of QR TIGER.

Simply install QR TIGER on Canva, and drag-and-drop your QR code on your existing projects.

Where to use custom templates for a QR code

Below are sample use cases where you can integrate QR code templates:

Social media 

QR code custom template

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing in all kinds of campaigns. About 90% of US businesses use social media for marketing purposes.

No matter how big or small a business or brand is, social media advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote your products and services.

Your social media posts should always add value to your target market. 

Keeping your brand’s voice and style in your QR code campaigns is important.

Create a template for your social media QR code campaign materials to send people to your Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube pages. 

Social media QR codes are trackable, and you can update embedded content in real time.

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Business card templates

Provide a digital business card with basic contact information like name, address, email address, websites, or any other relevant information to the business. 

A template for the vCard QR code is the easiest way to direct users to more information about the businesses/brands.

They share important information about your businesses in just one tap.

A consistent QR code design across your marketing activities will make your brand stand out more.

QR code menu

Restaurants can use a QR code menu as an option for customers that want to take their time ordering and would first want to see your food selection.

QR codes can’t be as big on menus as on billboards.

They need to be smaller and proportional to the menu size so that a smartphone can scan them. 

Make sure to include a picture, logo, or call-to-action to get many people to scan your QR code by preparing a template. 

Print ads

Print QR code ads

Brands use brochures, posters, and pamphlets as direct marketing tools that tell people about the business and what it offers. 

The best way to turn digital content into print media and reach customers is to put QR codes on print ads.

Print ads should be more detailed and have more information on each page. You can also use them for events, marketing, sales, advertising, and mailings. 

Choose the type of QR code based on the information it holds, and then make the QR Code fit the information. 

The QR code should be at least 2cm x 2cm, and avoid placing a QR code on the edges so users can easily scan it.  


Brand managers should also reflect their brand identity in their email marketing campaigns.

For example, the design will likely be straightforward if you send out an email campaign about a webinar.

But if you want to talk about the season’s fashion trends, you might have a lot of colorful pictures.

No matter what you put a QR Code on, it can be changed to fit the design, and email marketing is no different. 

A QR code can effectively promote an email campaign for a real estate agent’s property viewing event.

With an event QR code, people can sign up without having to do anything.

The QR code should also fit the brand perfectly, right down to the custom frame with a CTA.

Benefits of having a QR code template 

Brand recognition 

Brand recognition is when a person can distinguish between a brand name and its product or brand, even from a distance.

Customers can easily recognize any brand with the help of custom QR codes with logos and suitable color palettes.

Integrating colors and brand logos can increase brand recognition by up to 80%, showing how important it is to ensure all design elements match your brand.

Track analytics 

With custom QR codes, you can keep track of the campaign’s results in real time.

Custom dynamic QR Codes allow tracking, analyzing, and monitoring of marketing campaigns based on the total number of scans, scan time, location, device type, and even operating system.


Designing and printing for traditional marketing methods are costly.

You can’t use the same materials on different platforms, which means more costs. 

But QR codes can help a brand save money on advertising as they are cost-efficient.

You can use them in many different ways and add them to almost any platform for the same price. 

You can also edit the data or link behind existing dynamic QR codes, so you won’t need to generate new ones and repost your ads every time.

Integrated marketing campaigns

Track, evaluate, and apply the same QR code across all platforms using QR code templates on offline marketing materials and social media.

Create a custom QR code template for your brand with QR TIGER 

Build brand awareness in your QR code campaigns by customizing your QR codes and saving them as templates.   

This move doesn’t only avoid inconsistency but also ensures that you get to convey your brand’s values in a QR code. 

Including your brand’s logo and a call-to-action frame, text can encourage customers to scan the QR code, leading to productive interactions.

Choose QR TIGER, the best QR code generator, which allows you to customize the QR code colors, patterns, and eyes. You can also add your company logo and brand taglines to your QR code.   

Visit QR TIGER and create your own branded and customized QR codes today!

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