How to Optimize Your Memorial Day Celebration Restaurant Service with No-Code Online Menu

Update:  May 29, 2023
How to Optimize Your Memorial Day Celebration Restaurant Service with No-Code Online Menu

Memorial Day celebration in America is more than just a holiday. It’s a way of showing gratitude and appreciation to American soldiers who died in combat. 

Every last Monday of May, the Memorial Day celebration honors the valor and patriotism of American heroes who protected their homeland. 

Celebrating the patriotism and bravery of our American soldiers is an opportunity for the restaurant industry to express gratitude to those who gave their life for our country.

Fortunately, an interactive restaurant menu QR code software offers the best features that can help the restaurant industry to serve streamlined and tailored services to their customers, even during the busiest holidays.

Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants during Memorial Day

A digital menu software like MENU TIGER helps your restaurant provide seamless and efficient service even during the busiest days, like Memorial day celebration menu qr code37% of restaurant consumers plan to dine in during holidays. Thus, it is essential for a restaurant business to have efficient and convenient services to customers, especially during peak business hours.

Here are the benefits of having a digital menu for restaurants during Memorial Day.

Create a website

Your restaurant can get more engagements through a website.

A restaurant website lets you advertise your business online and attract more people to your place.

You can also add your website to local directories of businesses and restaurants.

Having a website makes it easier for customers to learn about your restaurant and location. They can easily Google your restaurant, check your selection, and find your address there.

Menu QR code customization

In addition to scanning, ordering, and paying, your restaurant can use QR codes on its menu to create a consistent brand.

Personalizing QR menus get people more interested in your business, which makes your marketing plan more effective.

To make your menu QR code unique, you can change the pattern, colors, eye pattern, frame design, and text that tells people what to do. Don’t forget to add your logo for better brand recall.

User-friendly ordering page

People who go to your restaurant’s website on their phones can see your digital ordering page of an interactive restaurant menu qr code softwareMake a no-code website for your restaurant with a QR code menu so that customers can talk to you online.

Several restaurants share one account

Using a digital menu app, you can run more than one restaurant branch in one account. It’s efficient as there’s no need to create an account for every branch.

With this one account, you can easily keep track of how each store is doing.

Sell menu items

You can promote your most popular dishes on the restaurant’s website. You can also move the least popular items on your restaurant’s menu to the promotions or best-selling dishes section of the app.

Furthermore, your business can upsell clients on different menu items and offer upgrades to what they’ve already chosen.

Offer ways to pay without cash

The digital menu app’s integration with Stripe, Paypal, and Google Pay offers cashless transactions to customers.cashless payment transactionOn the other hand, a point-of-sale system makes it easy to work with customers who only want to pay in cash.

POS system integration

Digital menu ordering works well with point-of-sale systems (POS) to speed up transactions. The point-of-sale (POS) systems help you streamline services and make them fit each customer.

Luckily, MENU TIGER easily integrates with POS systems. Your restaurant can run smoothly even during the holidays, like the Memorial Day celebration.

Keep track of sales, income, and customer information

The app’s dashboard keeps track of how much money a restaurant makes and how much it sells. This will help you see patterns in your clients and come up with strategies in marketing your offered menu items to customers.

QR menu ordering system

With an ordering fulfillment system, a restaurant owner can keep track of what customers want to order. A QR menu ordering system is easy to use on a digital menu app.qr menu dashboardThe system is well-built and well-organized to handle busy transactions.

Unlimited ordering system

With a digital menu app, customers can order as much as they want, which helps restaurants make more money. You don’t need a QR menu developer to set up a way for your business to take unlimited orders.

Digital menu apps is a software that lets you do more than one thing at the same time.

Customer profiling for better service

When a customer opens the menu app for a restaurant, they can fill in the information asked from the program.qr menu customer profilingCustomers can put in their email addresses and phone numbers. Order histories and personal preferences are easy to track with a menu app.

Retargeting regular customers, offering reward programs, and giving both new and returning customers a personalized experience is an advantage for your business.

Report and feedback

Make strategic reports based on what clients say in emails and feedback. This will help your business come up with ways to make customers happy.

Get tips from your customers

The tipping feature of interactive restaurant menu QR code software helps the restaurant business generate more profit.

On digital menus, customers can add their tips upon placing their orders on the cart. The amount or tip percentage is presented through the app.

Set up translations

Digital menu apps can be changed to work in different languages and serve customers from other translations setting of qr menu software

A digital menu app has menus that are translated for foreign customers. So, it gives you access to Spanish, Hindi, and other languages.

Run promotions

Promos are a great way to market your restaurant meals. Your restaurant can make more money, get more customers, and make profit from special events and times of the year.

On your website, you can put up ads. Make a banner with a title, a description, and an image.

You can improve your digital menu and marketing with the digital menu app.

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Memorial Day Promotional Ideas

There are different features MENU TIGER offers for every special occasion, most especially in the restaurant industry day celebration menu qr codeOne of the most important celebrations most Americans commemorate is the celebration of the Veterans’ Memorial Day.

Here are some Memorial Day promotion ideas you can do during the celebration.

Offer vouchers for veterans’ family and active military members

Using MENU TIGER’s promotions feature, you can offer a voucher or promo for veterans  dining in at your restaurant. 

To keep them coming back, provide them with customer loyalty rewards, certificates, and discounts based on their purchases.

A rewards or loyalty program is a smart way to provide incentives while keeping track of customer feedback for your business. Customers will form an emotional bond with you if you offer personalized discounts and certificates.

On your custom-built restaurant website, for example, you can provide a discount or voucher. Customers can access the voucher online once they receive the code for their next transaction.

Another strategy you can do for your restaurant is to generate a promotion QR code. You can use QRTIGER to create a coupon QR code for your restaurant.

This promo will entice the veterans’ family to return to your restaurant and use your voucher.

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Donate the proceeds of your restaurant tips

You can also run a charitable program for your restaurant as Memorial Day promotion ideas.

For instance, you can pledge that the tips you’ll receive during the celebration will be donated to the veterans community.qr menu tipping feature with memorial day menu qr code

If implemented and advertised well ahead of Memorial Day, this initiative will be successful.

The tipping feature of interactive restaurant menu QR code software is beneficial to the restaurant sector and to the veterans community.

Tips can help restaurants save money for unexpected expenses and set aside the money to be donated to their chosen charityy.

The tipping option of digital menu software is available to customers. Customers can place their meal orders by scanning a QR code on the menu, adding their preferred menu item(s) to the cart, selecting a tipping percentage, or manually entering the amount.

Advertise your Memorial Day promos on social media

The Instagram account of a restaurant serves as its marketing tool for engaging with customers. This is where you can post and promote all your initiatives and promos as your Memorial Day promotion ideas.

You may also take your Instagram followers behind the scenes of your restaurant’s Memorial Day preparations, highlighting the people who are most important during this celebration.

For example, you may post a video of your restaurant’s chef demonstrating his skills and advertising the promos you offer for the veterans’ families.

You can also post a photo of your restaurant’s staff working behind the POS interacting to members of the veterans’ community.

Customers can see that your restaurant’s aims and goals are genuine since you care about your staff’s well-being. 

Your Instagram account can be a great channel to get more customers to visit your restaurant. Use it well.

Reach out through email marketing

This is one of the most effective marketing strategies that you can do to promote your restaurant during Memorial Day. 

Retargeting email marketing for veterans’ community and family is one of the most important Memorial Day promotion ideas. It showcases the features of an interactive restaurant menu QR code software to keep customers coming back.

MENU TIGER lets your restaurant gather customers’ data. The gathered customers’ data is only available when the customer ordered through the restaurant website’s online ordering page.

These customers’ data gathered will be used to run an email marketing campaign to each customer. You can offer them vouchers and an invitation to dine in at your restaurant again!

Email marketing is a significant component of your restaurant’s marketing plan because it is more efficient. It’s faster and less expensive than traditional marketing.

It also distributes targeted marketing content to your restaurant’s patrons via email.

For instance, you can include the promos, vouchers, and freebies in the email so you can offer them for veterans and their families.

Tap veterans and their families to promote your restaurant

You can also tap veterans and their families to help you to boost your restaurant’s online presence and engagement.

Furthermore, you can create films about your restaurant on Facebook and Instagram. The strategies used with the influence of veterans have an impact on your restaurant’s creative material.

As a result, influencers can use the menu QR code to stir their followers’ interest in this digital breakthrough by posting it on restaurant table tops.

Run scheduled promotions in your digital menu with MENU TIGER

MENU TIGER has a key feature that offers restaurants how to use a menu QR code software to run promotions.

The promotions will be shown on the restaurant’s website as well as on the online ordering page.

You can run scheduled promotions during the celebration of Memorial Day. Take note that offering deals can increase the happy hormone levels of customers. 

Customers, most especially the veterans and their famillies, will feel cherished and special if you provide them with specials and discounts when dining at your restaurant.

Here is how you can run scheduled promotions using MENU TIGER.

1. Open MENU TIGER account.

menu tiger sign in
2. Navigate your way through the Website section menu tiger
3. Click Promotions on the Advanced section of the website tiger promotions section
4. Click “Add” to create tiger add promotions
5. Create a name for your promotion, i.e. Memorial Day special.create promotion name menu tiger
6. Write a brief description about your Memorial Day special promotion.write promotion description
7. Add an image related to the celebration.add promotion image
8. Set the promotion period. You can supply the date and time when to start and end your Memorial Day special.set promotion period menu tiger
9. You can also set a discount or voucher during your Memorial Day special. Set the voucher by amount or discount percentage.set discount amount on menu tiger10. Choose the applicable meals that are included in your promotion. You can also set every item on your menu as part of the Memorial Day special.choose included meals for promotion11. Deploy promotions on your website and online ordering page.deploy promotions on restaurant websiteCheck this blog: MENU TIGER: How to set up promotions using a menu QR code software

Other ways to commemorate Memorial Day using an interactive menu software

There are different ways your restaurant can commemorate Memorial Day using an interactive menu software.

Aside from the promotional ideas that reach out to customers, you can also create themed menus and specials for your restaurant during the holiday.

Here are other ways you can set your Memorial Day menus.

Build a Memorial Day-themed digital menu

MENU TIGER lets you create a themed digital menu during the Memorial Day celebration. You can customize your menu and the corresponding menu QR code. As a tip, you can use the colors of the American flag. 

Additionally, your restaurant can also highlight the best-selling dishes during this celebration. 

Unveil a summer menu and summer-themed drink specials

A summer-themed digital menu can also be created during Memorial Day. You can set your interactive menu using the colors of summer like yellow, khaki, and turquoise.

You can incorporate these colors as the theme of your menu. Additionally, you can also use these colors as the customized menu QR code of your restaurant with a logo.

Offer a burger bonanza-themed menu

Americans always celebrate Memorial Day with some grilled burgers, steaks, and roasted vegetables. A burger bonanza-themed menu is also a good way to showcase your creativity in personalizing your digital menu.

You can set your burger bonanza-themed digital menu with portraits of delicious burgers.

You may also set the rustic theme of a burger place on your interactive menu. Set the theme using warm colors and tasty meals!

Explore the features of MENU TIGER for your restaurant during the Memorial Day celebration

There’s so many things you can do for your restaurant’s programs and promotions during Memorial Day.

Luckily, MENU TIGER offers you features that can boost your restaurant’s promotions and advertisements.

To know more about the software, contact MENU TIGER today.

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