MENU TIGER: How to Set Up Promotions Using a Menu QR Code Software

Update:  May 29, 2023
MENU TIGER: How to Set Up Promotions Using a Menu QR Code Software

MENU TIGER has a key feature that helps restaurants how to set up promotions using a menu QR code software.

The promotions will be reflected in a restaurant website and online ordering page.

Offering promotions to customers can spike up a customer’s oxytocin, the happy hormone that is related with happiness, love, and de-stressing. 

Customers will most likely feel valued and special if you offer them promotions and discounts to enjoy while dining in at your restaurant.

MENU TIGER not only helps restaurants cater streamlined and tailored services to customers, but it also aids restaurants to run their restaurant promotion ideas with its easy-to-use features.

The MENU TIGER software lets restaurant businesses build an online presence through a restaurant website.

Furthermore, a key element of a restaurant website is publicized promotions in its webpage.

We are here to help you on how to set up promotions using MENU TIGER.

Step-by-step guide in setting up promotions section

You might be asking how to set up promotions using a menu QR code software. Here is a guide on how to set up promotions using MENU TIGER.

1. Open MENU TIGER account.

menu tiger log inAssuming that you already have a MENU TIGER account, you can sign in to your account.

2. Navigate to the Website section.

website setting menu tigerNavigate your way to the Website section of the admin app.

3. Choose Promotions in the Advanced section of the Website.

promotions selection menu tigerClick on the Promotions in the Advanced section. You will be redirected to the Promotions page of the admin app.

4. Click “Add” to add promotions.

click add promotions menu tigerClick “Add” on the upper right corner of the Promotions page to create a new promotion.

5. Put the name of your restaurant’s promotion.

write promotion nameWrite the promotion title of your restaurant. Make it brief and engaging. The name will appear as title on your promo banner.

6. Supply the description.

set promotion descriptionCreate a well-detailed description of your promotion. Make it simple and concise.

7. Add an image.

add promotion image bannerAdd a food image of your promo on the image section.

8. Set promotion period.

set promotion scheduleSet a schedule of your promotion. You can supply the date and time when to start and end the promotion.

9. Set the discount whether by amount or by percentage.

set discount You can set the discount of your promotion by supplying the amount or value and by setting the percentage discount. The discount will automatically reflect on the checkout page.

10. Choose the applicable foods for the promotion.

choose food itemsType in the food items you are going to include in your promotion. Click the food item when it is highlighted.
If you also want to apply the discount on the add-ons or modifiers of the food items, tick the box for "Applicable for add-ons."

11. You are good to go!

menu tiger steps good to go You can see the promotion you created on the restaurant website and on the online ordering page.

Must-have essentials to consider in your restaurant promotions

Since you can add your restaurant promotion ideas using MENU TIGER, consider these must-have essentials.

Striking promotional title

Your promotion’s title should be eye-catching and intriguing for customers.

When guests visit your restaurant’s website, this is the first thing they see.smartphone with promotion add on screen

A catchy campaign title will persuade people to try out what your restaurant has to offer.

This is a powerful marketing tactic that a restaurant may use to increase sales and engagement.

For example, to promote your restaurant’s desserts area, you could use a promotion term like “Sweet Treats.” You can also have it in any other format, such as “Breakfast Offer,” to demonstrate your restaurant’s devotion to giving consumers breakfast meals.

Keep in mind that a memorable promotion title might be straightforward but bold.

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Well-detailed promotional description

You can also boost your restaurant promotion ideas by providing a well-detailed promotion description, since the title you produced is concise, bold, and attractive. 

However, don’t go overboard with your description and turn it into a paragraph or essay.promotion on screen

You can write a concise yet descriptive description of the promotion.

For example, “Sweet Treats” is a deal that offers “20 percent off all sweets from Monday through Wednesday.”

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Image banner

The graphic banner for your marketing should be eye-catching but not excessive. With the use of color, you can build an image banner.

The promotional banner also piques the interest of your customers.

As a result, you will increase revenues and customer engagement if customers desire to test what you have to offer.

Remember to include a call-to-action phrase in your banner. Also, for consistency, set the promotion title and description.

To avoid blurry photographs, save your image banner as a high-resolution image when you’ve finished setting it up.

Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Statistics say that 80% of diners are likely to try a restaurant if a deal is available and engaging. 

Giving out promotions and discounts to customers will help your restaurant retain customers while also driving up your customer lifetime promotion banner on screenPromotions help your restaurant customers feel valued, happy, and special. Give them promotions that are time-sensitive and influential.

Since there are different promotional tactics you can employ in your restaurant, we have provided a list of unique restaurant promotion ideas you can use.


Customers can receive time-based, percentage-based, or flat-off discounts at your restaurant.

Discounts come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

It could be seasonal or based on the events and gimmicks of your business.

MENU TIGER also allows you to create a time-based discount, which allows you to specify when your discount will begin and finish.

Furthermore, because MENU TIGER allows you to define the % discount of your offer, you may also establish a percentage-based discount.

To increase engagement and revenue, you might advertise discounts through email marketing and retargeting loyal consumers.

Special Events

During special events, you can also set up specials or discounts.

For example, you can run a promotion around Christmas, Festival Bonanza, Halloween Sale, and other holidays.

You can also create promos for specific events at your restaurant. During a restaurant’s anniversary or an owner’s birthday, discounts or promotions may be offered.

Loyalty programs

Provide regular customers with loyalty programs. A restaurant loyalty program tracks frequent customers’ spending and awards them as a result.

Rewards can be traded for loyalty points.

Discounted meals, free menu items, or meal upgrades are common rewards for restaurant loyalty programs.

Set up your restaurant promotions using MENU TIGER

Promotions are an effective marketing approach to run and use. It enables your restaurant to increase revenue, attract new customers, and capitalize on special events and seasons.

Fortunately, MENU TIGER can help you streamline your restaurant’s menu and increase your promotions section.

Now that you already know how to set up promotions using a menu QR code software, you can run offer promotions and discounts to your customers.

Sales promotions are a straightforward marketing tactic for boosting sales quickly.

Contact us to know more about the features of MENU TIGER.

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