Myanmar Government Uses Dynamic QR Codes to Inform Citizens About COVID-19 Cases

Last updated:   March 01, 2023

With the seemingly uncontrollable Coronavirus outbreak that is taking thousands of people's lives across the globe, various governments and researchers globally have integrated smart technology in a desperate bid to flatten the curve and monitor new virus case outbreaks efficiently. 

The government of Myanmar was quick to use a smart response to the COVID-19 pandemic, by partnering with QRTIGER's QR Code generator, wherein they use a Dynamic QR code to inform its citizens about its public health status.

The Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports is fast to give an update to its citizens about the latest and ongoing virus cases in their country, by using such innovative technology.

According to a recently published QR Code statistics report, QR codes are easy to use in developing countries as citizens don't need to install an application on their smartphone devices. 

The total specimens tested the total number of persons under investigation (PUI), lab-confirmed individuals, death among lab-confirmed, and the number of total recoveries were tracked and revealed in its surveillance dashboard online using a Dynamic QR code. 

Partnering with the QRTIGER QR Code generator, they were able to deliver quick information and give timely updates to the public regarding the number of their citizens that is believed to have been infected by the deadly virus. 

The dynamic QR code of the Myanmar government had reached 1,169,016 scans within only two days after launch. 

In response, the Chinese government also started using a digital QR code to fight the disease.

It uses a color-based health code system to try to control people's movements and stop the number of new cases of the disease from rising.

The QR codes' quick access to smartphones is one of the main reasons why it is widely integrated into various purposes, they can even serve as a highly effective and efficient health service tool, in response to this global health emergency. 

QR codes, without a doubt, have been vital in the currently existing battle of COVID-19 in various governments worldwide. 

Furthermore, with the World Health organization's highly advised social distancing, the QR code technology might be the perfect solution that will help us get in touch, despite being disconnected by physical walls brought by the catastrophic disease.

QRTIGER is very proud they can make a difference in developing countries by helping people get the right information about this pandemic. 

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