Offline QR Code Generator: Create Your Free QR Codes

Update:  February 08, 2024
Offline QR Code Generator: Create Your Free QR Codes

QR technology is a convenient and efficient technology that is used in various fields today.

In this blog, we will guide you on how to create countless QR codes for free using an offline QR code generator.

What is an offline QR code?

Offline QR codes, also known as Static QR codes, store information directly encoded to the alternating light and dark-colored QR code pattern.

The complexity of the QR code pattern increases with the amount of data or characters inputted.

Because the information on the offline QR code is directly encoded on the QR code pattern, the information can therefore be directly accessed and read even without an internet connection.

Users cannot change the data since the QR code pattern encodes the information.

Furthermore, if the data created through your QR code generator offline is misspelled or contains typos, the QR code will now be deemed useless.

You, therefore, need to replace all your displayed QR codes.

How to generate an offline QR code using a QR TIGER

Convert your offline data into a QR code using a QR TIGER by following these simple steps.

  • Go to QR TIGER and Click the QR code solution that you want to generate    — QR TIGER, one of the best QR code generators, is a software that allows you to create countless offline QR codes.  Click whether you want to create a URL, email, or text offline QR code.
  • Fill in the needed information — Type in the data that you want to embed in your QR code.
  • Generate your QR code — Once you’ve filled in the data, you can now generate your QR code.
  • Customize your QR code — You can also choose the QR code color and pattern for your QR code. You can also add a logo and a CTA (call to action) tag
  • Download and deploy your QR code– After customizing your QR code, you can now download and deploy your QR codes.

What data can an offline QR code generator convert into an offline QR code?

As mentioned, the information in an offline QR code is encoded directly into the QR code pattern. Because of this, the data that can be stored in an offline QR code is limited.

The offline QR code can only store alphanumeric symbols and other characters. Therefore, it can only store data such as URLs, email addresses, text, and numbers.

When an offline QR code is scanned, a notification containing the QR code information will pop up.

If the scanner’s phone is not connected to the internet, the information on the scanned QR code will be directly saved on the smartphone’s notepad.

But if the scanner’s phone is online or connected to the internet while scanning the QR code, then they will be redirected to the intended website or email address embedded on the QR code.

How to use an offline QR code created from a free offline QR code generator

Assess students’ knowledge and conduct classroom activities

Most of the students nowadays are glued to their smartphones. Instead of forcing them to put down their phones, why not use their phones as a tool to encourage them to learn?

QR code for classrooms

Allow your students to learn in a more engaging and innovative way by incorporating an offline QR code on your quizzes using an offline QR code generator.

Embed your questions on an offline QR code and display these QR codes all over your classroom.

Then let your students roam around, find, and scan these QR codes to answer your questions.

You can also use this QR code for your other school activities, where you embed the instructions into an offline QR code.

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Offer efficient inventory processes

Have a more efficient inventory process by integrating your serial number or product ID on an offline QR code.

By using this QR code as an inventory tool, you will no longer have to buy expensive scanning devices.

With just your smartphone, you can conveniently scan and record the data in each of your products.

Create a faster login or attendance process

Nowadays, it is necessary to have a digital copy of documents, including log-in or attendance.

With a digital copy, you will no longer worry about losing or misplacing certain files. And therefore, allowing you to easily assess each of your students’ or employees’ attendance.

Letting your students or employees write down their names on a piece of paper and then encoding the attendance sheet afterward is a time-consuming and very inefficient process.

QR code log in

Conduct a faster log-in or attendance process using the offline QR codes.

Generate a QR code that provides the basic information of each of your students or employees.

This will then serve a digital copy of their IDs which can be easily scanned and saved using a mobile phone.

With this QR code, you will be able to record and save the attendance by just scanning their QR codes.

Advantages of an offline QR code

Offline QR codes are free to use

Being able to use such technology should not be expensive. One of the benefits of an offline QR code generator is that it is free to use.

Thus, you will be able to create and use offline QR technology without spending a single penny.

Furthermore, you will also be able to create as many QR codes as you want using a QR code generator offline. 

Offlione QR code

You can customize your QR code

Offline QR codes are also customizable. You can personalize its design and appearance according to your preference.

You can add colors, and change the frame shapes, eyes, and even add a logo and a call to action.

Custom QR code

Does not expire

Unlike the paid dynamic QR code that expires and becomes inaccessible once the subscription ends, offline QR codes do not expire.

Therefore, you can use the offline QR codes whenever you want, and they will still be accessible.

Why an online QR code generator is better than an offline QR code generator

You can only store limited content in an offline QR code

QR technology is an innovative technology that allows you to share files and other website content. But with an offline QR code, you can only share limited content on your generated QR code.

Online QR code or Dynamic QR code that can redirect scanners to various engaging and interactive content such as photos, video files, and multi-links files.

While offline QR codes can only store and display text, URLs, and emails.

Edit the content of your QR code to another information or URL

Edit QR code

Even after you have deployed your QR code online or you have it printed on your marketing materials already, QR codes are editable in content.

Therefore, you can save all your time and money by reproducing QR codes.

Track your QR code data in an online QR code or dynamic QR code

Another feature of a dynamic QR code is that it records and provides real-time tracking data of all your QR codes.

Information such as the number of scans, the location, and the time when the scans were made will all be recorded.

You can also incorporate these data on Google Analytics to further assess your QR code campaign.

Online or Dynamic QR code has a password feature for important documents

QR codes are made as fast-reading codes that can easily be scanned using smartphones.

Therefore it is accessible to all who have a smartphone. Because of this, developers have created a way to regulate the people you want to access the content of your QR code.

Dynamic QR code now incorporates a password feature on the dynamic QR code that allows you to restrict and regulate the people who can access the content of your QR code.

This feature is useful not only in protecting important information but also in regulating the participants in promos and contests using a QR code generator online software.

Along with that, you can also activate the password protection QR code, receive email alerts whenever you get scans, set an expiration period for your QR code, integrate to Google Tag Manager feature, and many more!

Generate QR codes for free with QR TIGER QR code software

When generating QR codes for free, there’s no better option than QR TIGER QR code software. 

But if you need advanced QR code solutions, generating a dynamic QR code is a better option in the long run.

QR TIGER ensures that creating QR codes becomes a breeze with its user-friendly interface and extensive features. 

Whether you need to promote your business, share information, or engage your audience, this software covers you.

Create a custom QR code with QR TIGER today.

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