15 Creative QR Code Design Ideas for Business and Marketing

Update:  October 27, 2023
15 Creative QR Code Design Ideas for Business and Marketing

A well-customized QR code design can be a game-changer to catch the fugitive attention of your target audience and get them to scan your QR codes.

Creative QR codes can carry out way better than traditional QR codes with their monochromatic appearance that cannot make the same attraction for scanners.

Since QR codes are everywhere, making them stand out isn’t a problem.

People cannot recognize QR codes the same way if they aren’t noticeable and has a good reason for scanning.

Attaching the business’ branding regulations not only makes the code remarkable, but it can also become a part of the brand’s success as it is a robust marketing tool for customer convenience.

This article will explain how you can have a custom-made creative QR  codes and ideas to help your business marketing strategy victorious.

Why is it important to make QR codes

QR codes

Having a creative QR code design is a plus for a business.

It can contribute significantly to a company’s recognition and make the customers curious about the product or service across different channels.

When done correctly, they can enjoy the omnichannel benefits designer QR codes bring to their campaigns.

A good QR code design is an essential investment that businesses must have as it attracts more scans than the traditional one.

With a creative QR code generator, businesses and brands can make a customized QR code with a logo that aligns with their business goals and branding.

In addition, creative QR  codes can be a part of their overall marketing strategy.

Two types of QR codes (static vs. dynamic)

A QR code has two types: Static and Dynamic.

Which one is better to use? Let’s find out.

Static QR codes (very dense in appearance)

A Static QR code is a type of QR code with a very dense pattern and is less scannable because when the user generates the QR code, the data or information will be stored automatically in the code’s graphics.

Static QR codes are free to use, and their data and information are permanent.

The user can no longer change it, and this QR code does not permit any changes regarding the information he stored on it.

In addition, the user cannot track the number of scans, leading the scanners to only one permanent piece of information.

However, one good thing about a Static QR code is that the number of scans it provides is unlimited.

Users can creatively design Static QR codes by choosing patterns and eyes, adding a logo, setting colors, and framing.

Dynamic QR codes (less dense in appearance)

This type of QR code is trackable and can also be edited. It allows the user to track and edit the data that has been stored on it.

Dynamic QR codes are less dense in appearance because this code generates shorter URLs. And then, the short URL will redirect the scanners to the online information.

An advantage of a Dynamic QR code is that a user can change the data even when he has already printed the QR code.

It can also allow access to scan monitoring; the user can identify the scanner’s location and device.

Using a Dynamic QR code is helpful as some QR codes need to be valid for just a specific period.

Just like static QR codes, dynamic QR codes can also be customized.

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Steps on how to make a creative QR code design

A creative QR code design can be a great plus to a business as it can save time and energy and provide a clever way of engaging customers.

Stated below are some easy steps on how to create one:

  • Open the best QR code generator with a logo online and select the QR code solution that you want to use.
  • Fill in the required fields.
  • Click on Dynamic QR Code and generate the QR Code- 

After you have selected your preferred QR code solution, you can now generate your QR code. We suggest you finish it as a dynamic QR code for protected and practical QR code usage.

  • Customize your QR code by choosing patterns and eyes, adding a logo, and setting colors.

It is one of the essential steps in making your QR code design creative, as it can make your QR code stand out!

  • Conduct a scan test

Always conduct a scan test on your QR codes. In this way, you’ll know if your QR code works well.

  • Then download the QR code.

QR code design rules that you should follow

Avoid over-customizing your QR code

Customizing your QR code can surely make it attractive and noticeable.

However, exaggerating the design makes the QR code unreadable by QR code scanners.

Please do not change the QR code pattern utterly, as it can only make the QR code unidentifiable.

Keep your QR code design simple.

Refrain from inverting the QR code’s color

Inverting your QR code’s color is one thing you should never do. Always ensure your QR code’s foreground color is way darker than its background color.

Do not blend light colors.

In customizing your QR code, you should never forget to use a color that can make enough contrast between the background and foreground color, as it is easier for QR code scanners to read the QR code.

Always print your creative QR  codes in a high-quality image.

When printing your QR code, ensure the quality is sharp and not blurry. A high-quality image allows QR code scanners to read your code quickly and efficiently.

15 QR code designs and ideas for business and marketing

Kinder Joy and Applaydu

Kinder Joy partnered with Applaydu, a free edutainment application wherein children can create stories and craft their idea of a unique creative world.

Applaydu QR code

The application includes edutainment mini-games, AR experiences, visual arts and crafts, storybook builders, bedtime stories to read, and many more.

In addition, there are several ways that you and your child can unlock surprises in the application.

One of these is to purchase a Kinder Joy egg surprise and scan the QR code on the leaflet.

Kinder Joy’s utilization of QR codes is one of the best creative QR code ideas for entertainment.

Korean Emart

Talking about creative QR code ideas, Korea’s number one shopping center, Emart — uses 3D QR code sculptures to regain sales and generate more income from noontime up to 1 pm daily.

They used this tactic because they noticed that their sales during this time dramatically dropped.

Emart QR code

Image source

Fortunately, their sales increased by 25% during lunchtime during the promotion period.

The effort of the famous “Sunny Sale” campaign of Emart includes an arrangement of a series that they call “Shadow” QR code that depends on the peak of the sunlight for proper viewing, and people can only scan it on noontime every day wherein the pattern of the shadow changes after that time.

CyGames and Bilibili

CyGames and Bilibili partnered to launch a light show to celebrate an anniversary by creating a giant QR code by flying 1,500 drones over the sky of Shanghai.

Cygames QR code

Image source

And when people scan the QR code, it will redirect the scanners to a landing page that allows users to download a game immediately.

Amazon Go

Amazon Go is a chain of convenience stores in the US and UK.

They used QR codes to enable their customers to avail themselves of their products in-store without wasting time in queue lines.

Users can also compare products and read reviews with a single QR code scan through their smartphone devices.

Associated Media Publishing in South Africa

Associated Media Publishing is one of the leading independent publishers of women’s media brands in South Africa that has just launched its QR code campaign for October.

Print QR code

Image source

When readers scan the QR codes on the magazines, it can lead them to an online shop that allows them to purchase products featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, House Keeping, and many more.

QR codes in the print media industry are one of the creative QR code ideas for print marketing to boost readers’ engagement.

Parker Kligerman

Parker L. Kligerman, an American stock car racing driver, has brought a new level of experience and got fans a bargain at NASCAR in Kansas.

Fast QR code

Image source

A company named Fast sponsors his car, which has been covered with QR codes for $1 hoodies.

The QR codes were scanned 70K times and sold over 50K hoodies in 8 hours!

Thousands of supporters are now owners of Fast branded hoodies. All were brought for $1 because of a historic hoodie advertisement.

Klarna’s Fashion Show

Klarna Bank AB, known as Klarna, recruits ten models to walk the pink catwalk that wears only pink robes and QR codes.

Klarna QR code

Image source

When customers scan the QR codes, it will redirect them to a landing page that reveals the model’s outfit.

Bond №9

Bond no9 QR codeBond №9, an American perfume house, launched a QR code-enabled scheme to boost sales and endorse its newest scent.

When customers scan the QR code, a landing page will pop up to purchase a perfume.

QR codes in perfume packaging are one of the best QR code design ideas that manufacturers can use to share their brand’s story.


Starbucks Corporation, an American multinational chain of coffeehouses, uses QR codes as a new method to pay and earn stars.

Starbucks QR code

Image source

When you pay, tap on “scan” from the home screen of the Starbucks application if you pay in-store. And then, select “scan only,” aim your device to the QR code, then pay with cash or credit/debit cards.


Puma QR code

PUMA, a German multinational corporation, uses QR codes in their head store to give a unique brand story to their patrons.

Visitors can scan a QR code that is placed at the store entrance.

This creative QR code design idea can trigger an Augmented Reality experience that features the brand mascot.

Taco Bell

Taco bell QR code

Taco Bell, an American-based chain of fast-food restaurants in California, placed QR codes on its newest 12-pack products.

This is part of a 360-degree marketing campaign, including mobile, radio, in-store signage, web, television, and social media.

This QR code design idea on the packaging has a tagline that explains what it does and how to unlock the content on the QR code.


Coca-Cola, drives a new perspective to QR codes by placing them on their product packaging with content that gives their customers a whole new level of experience the moment they scan the QR codes.

L’Oreal Paris

Loreal paris QR codeL’Oreal Paris used QR codes that lead scanners to a tool that allows them to test different lipstick shades and other beauty products.

Creative QR code designs: other qr code solutions to use for marketing ideas

URL QR Code for Online Businesses

A URL QR code is a QR code that contains an address to a website, such as a link to an online shop or a promo page.

When people scan this using their smartphone devices, it will lead them to a website that the user embeds.

Businesses and marketers can use URL QR codes to run an online business.

They can customize the QR code and place their brand logo on it to easily increase traffic, attract customers and boost sales.

Digitizing a business card for Marketers

This QR code solution digitally presents your contact details to your scanners using their smartphone gadgets.

When they scan the QR code attached to your business card, the details you have embedded will automatically display on their screen.

You can customize your vCard QR code by adding your logo and having a CTA or call-to-action.

In this way, it will be easier for prospective clients to save your contact details because the moment they scan the QR Code, the details you have placed on the code will be displayed on their screen, wherein they can download the contact information that appears.

Social Media QR Code for Businesses Online

When you run a business online, you surely want to gain several followers to increase traffic, maximize engagement and boost sales.

A Social Media QR code or the link in bio QR code can help you with that, as it is a type of QR code that can link all your social media profiles and other digital resources into a single code.

With this QR code, people can easily like, follow and subscribe to your social media profiles.

This tool can certainly boost the number of your followers, especially if you have it well-customized.

File QR Code for Business Owners

File QR codes embed users’ files and documents on their personal computers.

This is a convenient tool as it can store and easily share data or information with a single smartphone scan.

At the same time, it is cost-efficient as users no longer have to print and disseminate files.

Furthermore, manual instructions can be converted into a PDF QR code that can be generated using the file QR code solution.

Business owners no longer need to print several instruction manuals as they can place a QR code on their product packaging containing instructions or information regarding a certain product.

File QR codes can also be used to convert a PDF file, PNG, MP4, Excel, or Word file into a QR code.

App Stores QR Code for Game Developers

The App Store QR code is the type of QR code that can lead scanners to a landing page wherein they can download an application automatically.

These are dynamic QR codes that contain a short URL. In other words, the moment you click and launch this URL on your smartphone device, the logic behind the URL is applied.

In addition, game developers can customize an App Store QR code by placing their game logo and adding an eye-catching CTA.

H5 QR Code for eCommerce

H5 pages are typically used in eCommerce, especially when promoting a sale. With the use of the H5 tech, businesses online can make their marketing approach to their patrons using their smartphone devices.

With this type of QR code, businesses can lead people to an optimized landing page for smartphone users that contains the information embedded in it with just a single scan from their smartphone devices.

And just like other QR code solutions, an H5 QR code can also be customized.

Make a creative QR code design using the best qr code generator online

QR codes are the best way to show what a business sells, what services it offers, or what information it has.

However, traditional black-and-white QR codes are too dull as they cannot attract customers easily.

A unique, well-customized, and creative QR code design is easy to generate when you have an updated and user-friendly QR code generator online that can allow you to make your own-designed QR code.

To learn more about creating a well-designed QR code, visit the QR TIGER QR code generator online.

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