How to Make a QR Code for a Website in 7 Steps

By:  Vall
Update:  May 26, 2023
How to Make a QR Code for a Website in 7 Steps

Can you create a QR code for a website and increase your site traffic? Definitely.

But how does it work? To make it simple, a website QR code will instantly direct you to your web address upon scanning it using a smartphone device. 

You would want to create a QR code for a website for different reasons.

It’s quick, convenient, boost your site’s traffic, and is guaranteed to increase your social shares. 

Instead of having your target audience or market type out a full URL in their smartphones, generating a QR code is the easiest solution.

Now that most smartphones are developed to have the built-in capability to scan or read QR codes, this smart tool’s reach and convenience provide to business and marketing is unparalleled. 

Furthermore, creating a QR code using a Dynamic QR code will unlock the important statistics of your website’s growth!

Keep on reading to know-how. 

How to create a QR code for a website?

  • Go to a QR code generator online
  • Click URL from the menu and enter the data
  • Choose Static or Dynamic QR
  • Click Generate QR code
  • Make your QR code fancy
  • Test your QR code
  • Click the Download button
  • Distribute your QR code in your marketing campaign!

What is a website QR code? 

URL QR code
A website QR code or a URL QR code is generated using a QR code software online. It redirects your scanners to a particular webpage you enter once they scan your website QR code. 

To scan a QR code, the users only need to point his smartphone device to the QR code and wait for 2-3 seconds to access the URL address encrypted behind the QR code. 

A website is useful and convenient as the user can be redirected straight to your site without having to type your page address manually.

He only needs to scan your QR code and be landed on that specific webpage you want to drive traffic to!

If you don't have a website yet, check out this article on how to create a customized Weebly QR code for your website.

Website login

QR codes can be used to log into websites: a QR code is shown on the login page on a computer screen, and when a registered user scans it with a verified smartphone, they will automatically be logged in.

Authentication is performed by the smartphone which contacts the server.

What is a QR code generator with logo? 

QR code generator with logoAny QR code solution is generated using a QR code generator with a logo online, for example, like QR TIGER.

A QR code can hold any type of data or information such as binary, alphabetical, numerical, control codes, etc. making them a handy tool to use in business and marketing as they are flexible and durable. 

A QR code, generally speaking, will lead you to any type of online information once you scanned it, depending on what data you embed in it.

What is the difference between a static QR code and a Dynamic QR code? And why dynamic QR code is better to use for your website QR code? 

There are two types of QR codes you can create for a website QR code: Static QR code or dynamic QR code. 

A website QR code generated in a static mode is free to create using a free QR code generator but has a fixed URL address where you cannot edit or change.

Therefore, you are boxed permanently to the web address you have entered.

Static QR code is: 

  • free and you can generate as many as you want
  • allows unlimited scans of your QR code
  • The static QR code does not expire
  • You can customize your free QR code 
  • No need for a subscription to generate your free QR Code

However, if you intend to use a website QR code for business and marketing, you need an advanced version of a QR code where you can edit and track your website’s QR code scans.

For this situation, you will need to use a dynamic QR code.  

A website QR code generated in a Dynamic QR code allows you to edit your website’s destination address and redirect it to another URL.

Furthermore, you can also track the scans of your website’s QR code! Dynamic QR code is useful for a flexible marketing campaign and advertising.

You will have full control over your QR code and retarget it at any time to a different address! 

Dynamic QR Code enables you to track data such as:

  • the number of your QR code scans
  • unique visitors
  • the location of your scanners
  • the time when you get the most scans
  • and edit your URL at any time to any other URL.

How to convert QR code for a Website: A step-by-step guide

Open a QR code generator online.

QR code redirect to websiteThe internet is filled with countless QR code generators; it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But looking for the credible one should be your topmost priority as you will be compromising your data!

That’s why, it is important for you to do your research first before using a QR code generator online. 

It needs to be an advanced QR code generator software that constantly innovates and upgrades its service for a holistic user-experience, has accurate data-tracking, and a wide array of designing options to personalize your QR code. 

Click “URL” from the menu and enter the data.

A website QR code is under the URL QR code category solution. Simply click the URL from the menu and enter the destination address of your website.

Choose “static” or “dynamic” 

Static is free to create, and you can have unlimited scans of your QR code.

You can use your website QR code for a lifetime, and it will never expire! Yes, it will never expire.

With static QR code, you can create permanent QR codes.

However, if you are a serious marketer looking to boost your business or website’s traffic, generating a Dynamic QR code will allow you to track your scans’ data to understand your target audience better.

Click "Generate QR code"

Click on the “generate QR code” button to start creating a QR code for a website.

Make your website QR code fancy!

Custom QR codeCustomize your QR code even when in static or dynamic mode. 

Can you create a QR code for a website and design it? Yes! Add your logo, image, and icon, set the colors, choose the patterns, and add frames for a more impactful effect. You have the overall control of designing your QR code. 

Test your QR code

Even before you print your QR code, always test it if it is scannable or readable. Check if you have correctly entered the right URL address.

Click the “download” button

You can download your QR code in SVG or PNG format. Both work great in print and online advert. 

But if you want to scale up the size of your QR code to any dimensions, you can also opt for the SVG file. The SVG format is scalable to any sizes without affecting the image quality of your QR code!

Distribute your website QR code in your marketing campaign

Dynamic URL QR codeYou can print your website QR code along with your marketing campaign, e.g., leaflets, magazines, product tags, brochures, posters, or even displayed online. 

QR codes redirect to websites and are flexible for any marketing campaign. They can be scan in print, and they are also scan-able from a computer screen. 

How to use a QR code for a website and redirect your scanners directly to your page?

Redirect your scanners to online food ordering 

If you run a restaurant or any food ordering online, you can generate a website QR code where your target audience can order their favorite meal online! You can attach your website QR code along with your product receipts or in the product items itself. 

Convert your company’s website to a QR code and add it to your business card

vCard QR codeYou can print your website QR code in your vCard and transform it into a digital card!

You can redirect your customer’s to your company’s page, allowing them to get to know your business better. 

This enables you to have the edge over other plain business cards, and it increases the chances of your future callbacks. 

Redirect your target audience to your blog 

Are you a writer who wishes to increase your traffic site effortlessly? Then generate a website QR code that will redirect your readers to your blog page and grow your traffic!

You can share your website QR code online and spread it all over your social media platforms. 

Generate a website QR code for your social media accounts

Social media QR code

Generate a website QR code for any of your social media accounts and encourage your followers to follow you back on your social media.

This is easier than having to type your web address manually!

What is the best QR code generator software 

There are a lot of QR code generators online and QR TIGER allows you to generate various QR code solutions from website QR code to WIFI, multi-URL QR codes to social media channels, and more. 

This QR code software caters to a wide array of QR code types that can help you in your business and marketing such as:

  • A website or a URL QR code
  • Social media 
  • Generate a free WiFi QR code 
  • App stores
  • MP3
  • vCard – business card QR code
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube
  • Email
  • Text
  • Multi URL QR codes

Is there a QR code generator app

The QR code generator is not only available online, but you can also generate your website QR code using a QR code generator app.

QR TIGER has also developed a free QR code generator available in android and iPhone. Using a QR code generator app you can generate your website QR code and WIFI QR code for free.

Moreover, it also acts as a QR code generator and reader at the same time!

Available for free on Android and iPhone

Create a QR code for a website now

Grow your traffic and increase your social sharing using a website QR code.

This is free to create if you’re a beginner and are looking forward to trying it.

Furthermore, if you want to have a more holistic approach of your QR code, generate it using a dynamic QR code, edit your URL whenever you want, and retarget your marketing campaign even in real-time!


How to create a QR code that redirects you to a website?

To redirect a QR code to a website, you need to generate a website QR code that is under the URL QR code solution.

Just simply copy the URL of the site in the box provided and generate it right away.

What is a QR code generator software? 

A QR code generator software is used to generate QR codes.

There are many QR code generator software available online with different qualities and features.

But if you want to get started with generating a free QR code, you can use QR TIGER QR code generator software. You don’t need to subscribe.

You can make your static QR code for free and without any expiration. Explore how to make permanent QR code with QR TIGER.

What is a Dynamic QR code generator? 

A Dynamic QR code generator is a QR code generator software that allows you to store your Dynamic QR codes online where you can edit and track the data of your QR codes.

Unlike the static QR codes that store its data in the graphics of the code, dynamic QR codes do not directly store the data in the graphics. It contains a short URL that redirects the scanners to the target data.

To edit your dynamic QR code, just go over to your dynamic QR code generator dashboard and update the changes needed.

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Weebly QR code

A Weebly QR code for your website is a smart tech tool that will give a digital element to your website.

By scanning the QR displayed on your Weebly website, this will take scanners to online information that you want to present to them directly.  

A Weebly QR code is generated using a Weebly QR code generator online QR TIGER. 

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