How to Use QR Codes for Churches

Update:  July 31, 2023
How to Use QR Codes for Churches

Connect with your congregation virtually, celebrate religious festivals, and devote time to a prayer group conveniently using QR codes for churches. 

One of the most significant post-pandemic changes is how religious centers have started using technology to serve their devotees.

Churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques, among others, have been quick to join the world of virtual communication.

That’s why QR codes are an excellent way to modernize your church and relate to more people.

This versatile tool helps churches get more out of their traditional and print ministry materials. 

Bridge the churches’ traditions to the digital world using a reliable QR code generator online to grant instant access to communication and information. 

What are QR codes being used for in churches?

Church QR code

QR codes allow churches to provide a contactless experience, reduce waste and save more money.

For example, a church bulletin QR code or guest cards for Sunday morning announcements minimize paper waste.

They can make signing up for events more accessible and easier to donate online. 

Anyone with a smartphone can access the embedded information in the QR code with one quick scan, making this tech tool beneficial for churches.

Users can scan a QR code to get the necessary information without typing in web addresses or clicking through several links.

10 best ways to use QR codes for churches

Provide QR codes for church check-in

Churches now use technology that focus on attracting members to attend service after the world experienced the pandemic.

According to Reachright, about 17 million Americans visited church websites regularly.

Churches can use this advantage to relay information and schedules to members conveniently. 

To avoid long queues at religious sites, churches can use QR codes to let people register and worship at different times to control the number of visitors. 

They can put QR codes on their websites and entry points to link to a landing page that asks visitors to fill out their information. 

It will show the available time slots and lets them know the number of people attending the same schedule. 

Read audio prayers and religious texts

Linking a QR code to sermons, the Bible, and other religious texts is a great way to help visitors use QR Codes in churches and other sacred places.

Additionally, churches can link the QR codes to an audio version of the verse of the week or related messages to aid members who have difficulties reading or listening for more inclusive worship. 

Place an audio QR code that links to religious texts on church benches, walls, and common areas for praying and gathering.

This way, people can quickly scan the QR code to open or listen to the text without bringing a book.

Celebrate festivals virtually 

Another excellent church QR code idea to apply in your church would be sharing religious festivals digitally.

Some churches, mosques, and temples hold virtual celebrations on Facebook Live and Zoom.

Still, it can take time to remember the correct link to join the celebration.

Put QR Codes on the websites of religious centers so that people can quickly join the virtual party by scanning the code.

Send the QR code to Zoom or Google Meet, and it will be easy for them to add the event to their calendars.

Collect cashless donations 

Church donation QR code

Masjid Al-Fatah in Kuala Lumpur has been using cashless donation drives using QR codes.

As initiatives to enhance contactless payments in Malaysia rise, Masjid Al-Fatah is just one of 250 mosques in Malaysia to adopt the new technology.

By scanning the QR Code with the Boost app, visitors could donate directly to the mosque’s bank account.

It’s easy and convenient for both tourists and religious centers.

Add QR Codes to churches’ entrances, websites, and connection cards for churches to make it easy for people to donate.

Link the QR code to a website so everyone can see how much money the donations make.

Share religious historical facts 

Religious facts QR codes

When it comes to sharing valuable information, QR codes are very beneficial.

With the best QR code generator, you can generate a QR Code that redirects users to a website about your church where they can learn more about your schedules and services.

Add some interesting facts and helpful stories.

You can keep your visitors’ attention and get them interested.

Make posters, banners, and other signs with QR codes and place them near popular tourist attractions and places of worship.

You don’t need to reprint the whole material using a dynamic QR code whenever you want to change the provided information.

Easily edit the information embedded in the QR code on your dashboard, and it automatically updates in real time.

Offer an interactive invitation

Printed handouts like postcards often encourage church members to invite friends for weekly worship.

But there’s only so much you can fit onto a postcard. 

Adding a QR code that leads new visitors to a specific landing page helps promote interaction and increases other people’s interest in joining your congregation.

Remember that each QR code is an opportunity to direct people to a relevant landing page online.

Add QR codes on T-shirts for volunteers

Create a QR code for your church ministry’s volunteer T-shirts.

It will be an excellent chance for you to promote the church website. 

A QR code at the back of the T-shirt can spark the interest of passers-by, and they might become interested in joining your ministry.

People are curious, so if they see a QR code on a shirt, they might scan it to see where it takes them.

Get the code that will redirect you to a landing page.

Even athletes are adding QR codes on their jerseys to reach more fans and followers.

Display QR codes on screens

Church event promotion

Churches can use QR codes on digital screens to advertise events and ways to help if your church has big screens for worship or TVs mounted in the lobby.

Churches can use QR codes on digital screens during speaking events and announcements or to get more people to follow their social media pages. 

With the right call to action, it can easily catch the church members’ attention and scan it.

Just remember that if you put these on a rotating slide deck, the code should be big enough to see, and the slides should stop long enough for people to scan.

You should also download QR codes in SVG format to retain their quality and scannability even when used on different screen sizes. 

Share bible study invites seamlessly 

Use QR codes to encourage people in your church to participate in a virtual Bible study. 

There are many Online Bible Studies and Groups that church members can join, and you can make it easier for them by adding QR codes.

They will be redirected to the Bible study group they want to attend in just one scan.

Prepare giveaways

If you’re wondering what QR codes are used for in churches other than the options above, you can be more creative and use them for giveaways.

Churches provide give away free mugs, water bottles, or t-shirts to people who come to visit.

It’s a chance for your church to show how grateful it is and make an impression on these guests. 

QR codes are one way to promote your church website effectively and placing them on give aways after an event can help encourage people to scan it. 

Putting it on the bottom of the mug or bottle is a good idea so that it gets used.

You can also add a QR code to the church’s website for the giveaways. 

How to create church QR codes using a QR code generator

There are many QR code generators online, like QR TIGER QR Code Generator, the best QR code generator with logo.

QR TIGER has various QR code solutions that churches can choose from and tools that let users customize their QR codes.

Choose a QR Code type based on the type of content the QR code is used for and put it on the website, social media, posters, banners, and entry points so followers can scan it.

Here’s how to create a QR code for your church:

  1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator

2.    Select the QR code solution you need

3.    Enter the solution requirement

4.    Select “Dynamic QR code”
5.    Click “Generate QR code”
6.    Customize the QR code

7.    Run a test scan

8.    Download and display

Create a QR code for your church using QR TIGER today

More churches are more open to using new technology to keep evolving and cater to their younger and more tech savvy members.

Religious groups have relied on low-cost but effective technologies such as QR codes for churches to provide convenience to their followers and visitors, whether online or offline.

QR codes bridge the physical and digital worlds conveniently, allowing your ministry to be accessible in just one scan. 

Use the best QR code generator online, QR TIGER, to create a QR code for your church now.

It is a safe, quick, and easy way to help with worship, religious tourism, virtual celebrations, collecting donations, and much more.

Create your own customized and editable QR codes now!

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