How to Use a QR Code Generator for Banks

Update:  January 10, 2024
How to Use a QR Code Generator for Banks

A QR code generator for banks brings many benefits to financial firms.

Banks use QR codes for smooth, convenient, and secure transactions, guaranteeing even better customer satisfaction.

Given this innovation, clients might ask, “How do I get a QR code for my bank account?”

The flexibility of this tech tool certainly knows no limits. In this article, you’ll learn more about how a banking QR code works and its crucial role in today's finance industry.

Why do banks use QR codes?

A June 2021 survey in the US revealed that 59% of the respondents believed using QR codes would become a permanent part of their mobile phone usage.

Banks can then use QR codes to provide their clients with a safe and seamless banking experience.

QR code technology brings many benefits and advantages that banks and their clients enjoy.

In addition, users only need their smartphones to scan a banking QR code and access their encrypted information, making this technology even more useful.

How do banks use QR codes?

A QR code can serve different functions, making them extremely helpful in any field or institution, and you can easily create them using a bank account QR code generator. Here’s how banks can use QR codes:

Cashless payments

After scanning the QR code, clients would land on a secure payment page where they can use their mobile banking or mobile wallet app.

For a faster and more secure fund transfer, banks can use a Zelle QR code generator in their establishments. 

Clients can pay their bills through this method without taking money out of their wallets and even without going to the bank.

Brand promotion and marketing

Create QR code for bank

QR codes can work on digital platforms such as social media sites or print media such as flyers and brochures.

This feature lets banks reach more people in their campaigns.

Looking for a way to promote your bank? QR codes can also do that.

You can create a video QR code to show promotional or advertising videos to your clients and target audiences. With a swift scan using a smartphone, bank clients can access new bank services or offers.

Digitalized transactions

Financial institutions can create QR codes that redirect their clients to digital forms online.

The clients would then only fill out these forms with their smartphones.

In light of COVID-19 health and safety protocols, banks can also set up QR codes to route clients to contact tracing forms.

If you want to provide convenience for your clients, you can create QR codes for Google Forms. This can direct them to a survey form or feedback form to obtain data from your client so you can improve your services even more.

Contactless transactions

A banking QR code can help in minimizing contact in ATM transactions.

Clients would no longer have to insert their cards and enter their PINs to withdraw cash. 


Aside from that, QR codes can replace one-time passwords (OTPs) in bank transactions.

It provides convenience to clients since they would no longer have to type passwords manually.

To make the QR codes secure, banks can use dynamic QR codes so they can add a password to each code.

Identity authentication

QR code identity authentication

Bank management can generate unique QR codes for each employee and staff for quicker and easier identity authentication.

A banking QR code can also function as an identity tracker.

When scanned using a smartphone, the code will show the employee’s or cardholder’s identification, sending the information to the database.

You can use the vCard QR code to create identification codes for your employees.

You can also create multiple unique QR codes for your clients using the bulk QR code solution.

Explore and use a highly developed QR code generator to know how to generate QR codes for a bank account.

Money Transfer

Banks can create QR codes for bank transfers to provide ease and convenience to clients who want to send money to their families, friends, or business partners.

The clients’ recipients can then receive the cash by scanning the QR code.

With a QR code for bank transfers, the transactions are faster and more secure.


Donation QR code

Scanning these donation QR codes will lead customers to a safe and secure donation page.

They can have the option to send money using their credit or debit card or a mobile wallet.

Real-life use cases of QR codes for banks

1. OCBC Bank

QR code bank account

This innovative service allows clients to conveniently withdraw from any OCBC atm without using their ATM cards, credit or debit cards, and PINs.

Clients would only use the OCBC Pay Anyone app to scan the QR code on the ATM screen to withdraw cash.

This feature helps lessen physical contact with the ATM. Even better, users can still withdraw cash even without their cards.

2. Bharat QR

Bharat QR code

Several leading banks in India have started integrating BharatQR into their system and workflow, such as the Bank of India and Axis Bank.

Clients can then use BharatQR for bank transactions and purchasing products and goods.

3. Diebold Nixdorf 

The new feature allows customers to use their existing digital banking app to scan the dynamic QR code on the ATM terminal screen to identify their location. 

Customers can then quickly confirm the transaction using the banking app to withdraw or deposit their money.

With this QR code use, clients need not touch the ATM’s screen and buttons, creating a touchless ATM experience. 

4. Central Bank of Brazil

The Central Bank of Brazil built a bank transfer payment method called PIX.

The PIX QR code allows non-credit cardholders and fraud-wary consumers to transact and pay online without providing further information.

Today, PIX has linkages to over 700 financial institutions in Brazil.

URL QR codes for payment

You can now create a QR code for payment using our URL QR code solution.

Today, some websites let users create personalized links where others can send them payments.

A famous example is PayPal.Me, where you can create your link and add your photo to let your end-users recognize you.

You can then share this link with your customers or clients so they can pay you.

Moreover, you can also set up donation drives with sites such as Donation Point Go and GoFundMe. 

Once you have created a fundraiser, you can embed the link in a QR code.

If you're wondering about how to generate a QR code for your bank account, you can use a reliable QR code generator.

How to create a URL QR code for payment in 5 easy steps

The URL QR code solution of QR TIGER is free to use. You can also use dynamic QR codes by availing of any of our subscription plans.

Here’s how to create a QR code for your payment link:

1. Go to QR TIGER's homepage and select the URL solution.

2. Copy your personalized link and paste it onto the empty bar.

3. Click the “Generate” button and wait for your QR code to appear.

4. Modify your QR code’s appearance using our customization tools.

5. Scan your QR code first to check for readability errors. Once it’s working, simply click Download.

QR TIGER: The best QR code generator for banks

Any enterprise must keep up with the rapidly changing trends to thrive in the competitive market.

Most people today prefer to do transactions in a digital way, and banks need to find a way to run their business online.

You can integrate QR codes into your systems by using a QR code generator for banks.

This integration will improve the quality of the services you offer to your clients, and they can get to these services with just one quick scan. 

With QR TIGER QR Code Generator online as your trusted QR code software for banks, you can guarantee the quality of your QR codes, the safety of your client’s information, and the satisfaction of your banking clients.

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