How to Use a QR Code Generator With Logo

Last updated:   March 10, 2023

A QR code generator with logo is an advanced tech-innovation of a QR code generator that is used to create QR codes with logos on them.

Users can scan a QR code with logo to access its embedded digital information. 

These codes are commonly attached to products, goods, items, or any service that enriches customers' experience and interaction with the brand. 

How to use a QR code generator with logo and make a QR code

  • Go to a QR code generator online
  • Determine what type of content you are promoting 
  • Fill in the necessary information in the box provided to generate your QR code
  • Customize your QR code
  • Click the "download" button and choose between "Static" or "Dynamic." 
  • Test your QR code and make sure it leads you to the right URL you entered
  • Distribute your QR code
  • Track the performance of your QR codes
  • Edit/update your QR code marketing campaign

What is the difference between static QR code and Dynamic QR code?

Static vs dynamic QR codeStatic QR code is free to create while Dynamic QR codes require an active subscription. 

The data entered in a static QR code cannot be changed once resolved.

Moreover, it does not allow you to track and analyze the data of the scans and only leads you to a single URL (and that which of you generated).

The data embedded in a static QR code is stored in its graphics (meaning, it's permanent). 

Therefore, the more data you put, the smaller the dots get from the corners that carry their information, making it hard to scan.  

 If you have more information to put to, it is recommended to use a Dynamic QR code as the information is stored online.

Furthermore,  it is editable and trackable. 

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Why choose a dynamic QR code generator with logo? 

Dynamic QR codes are flexible and allow you to edit and track your QR code analytics results; thus, it is ideal for business and marketing.

It enables you to dive deeper and access the valuable data of your scans, such as: 

When it comes to marketing using QR codes, tracking is essential as it allows you to understand how your marketing campaign is going. 

  •  Are you getting enough leads? 
  • Which marketing campaign needs more improvement? 
  • Where do I sell the most? 
  • Where are my prospective customers are?

This enables you to analyze your campaign, allowing you to come up and formulate new techniques to improve them. 

Dynamic QR code also has advanced features such as putting a password to your QR code, email scans notification feature, expiry feature for your QR code, integration to google tag manager and google analytics and many more. 

Once you generate a Static QR code, you cannot switch to a Dynamic QR code as both are different. 

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Why is it essential to add a logo to your QR code?

Don't just negligently design your QR code for the sake of creating it. Make your QR code part of your brand identity by having your logo added by using a QR code generator with logo. 

A customized QR code with an added logo of your brand stand out. It sets you apart from any other plain-designed QR codes. Furthermore, it will make your QR code look professional and ensures the customer that it is not some kind of spammy QR code. QR code generator with logo
A well-designed QR code is unique, attractive, and appealing to customers resulting in 80% more scans. 

A QR code with an added logo helps companies and marketing firms establish brand awareness of their business. Moreover, it protects the identity of your brand from fake brands.

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What types of QR code solutions can you create? 

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How to use a QR code generator with logo

Step 1. Choose a reliable and best QR code generator with logo online to create your QR code

There is multiple QR code generator with logo available online, but the question is- is it reliable?

Choosing the right and credible QR code generator online should be your priority, as you will be risking your personal data or marketing data to generate your QR code. 

The best QR code software online should have already proven its credibility to its users.

QR TIGER is a trusted QR code generator online and has worked with companies like Universal, M&S, Ford, Midea, Yakult, L'oocitane En Provence, and many more. 

Moreover, QR TIGER is a QR code generator with a logo that is continually upgrading its service, has responsive customer support, and multiple design options for your QR code.

It also provides accurate and robust data analytics of your QR code. 

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Step 2. Determine what type of content you are promotingQR code solutions

In QR TIGER, you can choose 15 QR code solutions for your marketing needs.

From URL, V-Card, File, Social media, H5 editor, wifi, App stores, Multi-URL, Mp3, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, and Text.

Step 3. Enter the necessary data in the box provided to generate your QR code

The information necessary to create your QR code will vary depending on what type of QR code solution or feature you will be creating. Just fill the information in the box that corresponds according to your marketing needs or personal needs.

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Step 4. Custom-design your QR code

Custom QR codeAdvanced and innovative QR code generators will allow you to customize your QR code by:
  • Choosing different design patterns
  • Customizing eyes at the corners
  • Adding a CTA, text, logo, image, icon, of your brand/product
  • Set colors

This will help your QR code stand out from the rest. Furthermore, you can still stylize your QR code even if it's static.

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Step 5. Download your QR code and choose between "Static" or "Dynamic" (but Dynamic is better)

For marketing and business, Dynamic QR code is better to use. Dynamic QR codes allow you to be in full control of your QR code.

You can re-adjust your QR code marketing campaign in real-time, and redirect users to different content anytime convenient for your marketing goal.

Moreover, it allows you to track the data of the scans. So, if you want to get more out of your QR code marketing campaign, choose Dynamic QR code.

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Step 6. Test your QR code and make sure it leads you to the correct address you entered

Before distributing your QR code, it is crucial to make sure to test it and if it is correctly leading you to the right destination. You also need to test if your QR code is scannable.

Scan your QR code with logo using your smartphone to test if it works properly.

Step 7. Distribute your QR code 

A QR code unseen does not deliver its purpose. Once you are done testing your QR code, distribute it to different types of media where it is necessary for your marketing, whether in posters, billboards, social media, business cards, etc.

Furthermore, you can also deploy your QR code in public places where people can take their phones out and scan the QR code. Your type of advertising will all depend on how you want to run your QR code marketing.

Step 8. Track the performance of your QR codes using  a QR code generator with logoTrackable QR code

Tracking the data analytics of your QR code is only provided when it is Dynamic. Doing a follow-up on your QR code marketing campaign is vital to gauge if you are reaching the leads you want. 

Are you getting enough scans? Which campaign is not performing well? What can you do to improve more? How much traffic are you getting from a particular campaign code?

If you don't keep track of your QR code, you are just likely leaving all of the sales opportunities to your competitors. 

Furthermore, you can connect the QR code generator with a logo to Google Analytics for more robust tracking and data results. 

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Step 9. Edit your QR code marketing campaign using a Dynamic QR code generator with logo

This is now where Dynamic QR code comes super handy in your marketing. With your QR code campaign, you can edit and redirect your scanners to different landing pages with different content!

You do not have to re-print your QR codes even if it has been deployed! Not only you save your money, but also your effort! Change the data behind your QR code using a Dynamic QR code generator with a logo. Just click on the "edit" data button to edit it. 

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How to create your QR code correctly and make sure it is scannable? 

  • Do not invert QR codes color
  • Create enough contrast to your QR code colors
  • Do away from creating blurry QR codes
  • Regulate the amount of content on your QR code
  • The right size of a QR code is a must
  • Consider the right placement of your QR code

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8 tips to make your QR code marketing successful 

1. Make the landing page optimize for smartphone devices

The clicks will come from smartphones and not desktop computers, so make sure your landing page is mobile-friendly.

This means that once your QR code is scanned, it should load at most 3-5 seconds. A landing for mobile should be under 1mb for these situations (including images and scripts).

2. Only implement the action that you're advertising in the QR code

 Do not attempt to add extras on the landing page. If it says "buy here," put a buy button, nothing else. Don't distract the user.

Don't try to gather too much data from the user when buying: Just with the purchasing details, you'll get enough data. Try to make the experience as short as possible and automate what you can. Don't waste the user's time.

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3. Add your image, icon or logo of your brand

It doesn't always have to be a logo; you can replace it with images, icons, a call-to-action, a text message, or anything as long as it works according to your marketing campaign. 

4. Never forget to add a call-to-action and a frame

 To have a "call-to-action" and frame in your QR code is vital as it will prompt users to scan your QR code. Let your customers know why they should scan your QR code.

A call to action could be like: "scan to watch a video," "scan to play a game," "scan to avail discount," and so much more. 

 5. Consider the right size of your QR Code

 A QR code gives a digital dimension to your artwork, so make sure it is scannable. The size of a QR code will vary depending on your advertising environment.

It will be different from a catalog, a magazine, food packing, billboards, etc. In a close distance, a QR code should be at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension to be scannable. 

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6. Right QR code Positioning and placement

Make your QR code the center of your artwork where your customers can quickly scan it, so your scanning rate will increase!

7. Custom-design your QR code 

Nothing is ever good to look at than a well-designed QR code. It makes your QR code stunning and arouses customers' curiosity leading you to more scans. Design the QR code that corresponds to you're marketing campaign or brand to make it noticeable and remarkable. 

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8. Use Dynamic QR code generator

If you're a serious marketer or businessman, Dynamic QR codes are better for your marketing. It enables you to be in control of the data embedded in the QR code marketing campaign and edit it anytime you want.

You can redirect your scanners to different content or data and re-adjust your target campaign anytime you want! Moreover, it tracks the data of the scans. 

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Examples of businesses using QR codes for their brand

QR codes on Food and beverage industry

Burger KingQR codes on food industry

Image Source

During this time of anxiety and high distress brought by the COV-ID 19, pandemic Burger King, the American burger food chain, came up with the fun use of QR codes to bring some happiness and source of great entertainment to people's day who are stuck indoors.

The hamburger restaurant created a moving QR code made with their Burger King Free Whopper QR code generator.

The QR code was rolled out on television screens, and it will appear during commercials. If the home viewer is fast enough to catch it and scan the QR code, then a free Whopper meal might await them! 

With the Burger King Free Whopper QR code generator, the food establishment was able to engage their customers while they stay at home.

StarbucksQR code for mobile payment

Image Source

The popular coffeehouse chain in the world has also incorporated the QR Code for mobile payments to improve quality service to customers' coffee purchase experience.

Using Starbucks cards, coffee lovers can load it in advance and use it to benefit/earn rewards or stars that will give them free drinks down the road. Moreover, it aimed to increase coffee sales through the use of the QR code. 

KitkatQR code on product packaging

In 2016, the Nestle food company partnered with Google to launch QR codes on Kitkat packaging. Once the customer scans the QR code, it will land them to various types of content, such as nutritional information about the product, gaming, comedy videos, music, etc.

This gives consumers an enhanced and enjoyable break time experience using QR codes! 

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QR codes on Fashion Industry to personalized customer experience 

Fashion TV channel (FTV)QR code on TV

The FashionTV channel, a global fashion TV platform, recently aired the replay of London Fashion Week month of March

The QR code will pop-out once in a while that when scanned will redirect viewers to the company's Home Page, where they can stream ads and fashion shows of countless prominent brand names, in style designs, fashion fads, Haute couture, commercials, and many more. 

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Victoria's Secret

The world's leading lingerie company and manufacturer of cosmetic products have leveled up their sex appeal marketing to a whole new dimension!

In 2012, Victoria's Secret brand launched its "Sexier than Skin" campaign, where they lure people to scan their QR codes placed on billboards with the images of their "angels" displayed wearing lingerie! The customers will then be redirected to a page that showcases the brand's latest collection!

ZaraQR code on shopping window

Image Source

Zara displayed a bold QR code on their shopping window store with a call-to-action "sale" that lets people see the sale items before they shop and enter the store!


Branded QR code

Image Source

To help the buyers verify their product's originality, the jeans business company, Diesel, integrated a QR code to its brand to combat fake items. 

The brand had added a call for action' Scan for Authenticity' so buyers can trace down if it's original or not. 

Ralph LaurenQR code on clothing

Image Source

Similar to Diesel, the famous clothing company secured its products by using QR codes. Each item contains a QR code with a specific digital identity that can be accessed using smartphone devices. 

Upon scanning the QR code, styling tips and advice also awaits for the shopper. 

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QR codes on Finance for cashless money transaction

PayconiqueQR code for payment

Image Source

E-payment via QR code technology does not only eliminate the inconvenience of traditional cash processes but, online payments and fund transfers through QR code is one way to prevent virus transmission through material payments. 

It is the quickest way and cost-effective measures of making money "on the move" without risking your health in danger. 

Payconiq is one of the examples that use this kind of payment transaction. 

QR codes on E-Commerce for cashless payment

Dunkin DonutApp QR code

Image Source

The well-known coffeehouse chain and donut company in the world developed the Dunkin' Donuts app making it faster and easier for their customers to place their orders via smartphones.

The orders are then automatically charged when a QR code is scanned from their mobile phone at a check-out, making the flow of the payment cashless. 

7/11QR code for product

Image Source

The 7-Eleven app uses a QR code system to check-out items. The customer scans products and then pay for the items via a digital wallet at what 7-Eleven calls a "confirmation station."

TescoVirtual store QR code

Image Source

In 2011, Tesco opened its first virtual store located in Seoul, South Korea subway station. It was an idea that turned into reality for tech-savvy commuters who are always on the hurry with their daily lives

Interested customers can download the Homeplus app into their smartphones to scan the QR code of the goods, items, or products they want to buy.

The scanned products are stored in the consumers' online shopping cart who pay online once their order is made.

The purchased items will be delivered straight to the buyer's home. 

QR code generator with logo helps with your overall branding and marketing strategy

Generating your QR code and adding your logo on it will help you in your entire branding by personalizing it. 

Placing a QR code on any services, products, or goods allows users to get information about the product and help them decide whether to purchase the product or not.

All it takes is one scan of the QR code with logo to access the data.

Now the world is digitally driven, you can use it for promotion of your business and digitally engage your consumers. 

But there are many aspects you have to keep in mind for an effective QR code marketing campaign, and one of that is choosing the right QR code generator with a logo online that delivers its task accurately and efficiently is a must-have! 


How to generate a QR code app with logo 

A QR code app with logo allows you to generate a QR code with an embedded logo of you brand. You can go to QR TIGER and generate your app QR code. 

Brands using QR codes