7 Creative Marketing Ideas Using a QR Code on Coffee Cups

Update:  August 03, 2023

Coffee shop owners found a new way of promoting their business by adding a simple QR code on coffee cups, takeout bags, and print marketing materials.

QR codes can add a digital dimension to coffee shop services and products for a convenient and smoother customer experience, helping this 107 billion-dollar business keep up with today’s trends.

With a professional QR code generator, you can also start QR code-based marketing for your coffee shop business and cater to online and in-store customers.

How a coffee shop QR code works

Coffee shop QR code

 If you think your cafe service couldn’t get any better, think again.

A QR code for coffee businesses facilitates faster information dissemination, better table turnover and revenue rate, and a more organized inventory management system.

You can use various QR code solutions to digitize payment methods and cafe menus, provide instant free Wi-Fi access, and run advertisements and seasonal campaigns. 

With these services offered in your coffee shops, you can guarantee an upscaled customer experience that will give you the opportunity of getting five-star rates and customer loyalty.

You will also have a competitive advantage against other coffee businesses with the QR code integration.

The total number of coffee shops in the US has reached 38.4 thousand, which is no longer a surprise since the larger portion of the population (Millennials, Gen Zs, working community) consume store-bought coffee daily.

This only means that the coffee shop market is saturated. But with engaging QR code campaigns, you can guarantee you’re one step ahead of your competitors.

How to create a QR code for coffee shops with QR TIGER

QR TIGER, an all-in-one QR code platform, offers top-tier QR code solutions and advanced features you can use to promote your coffee business.

Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily create, manage, and track your QR code campaigns.

You also get to choose from multiple high-performing QR code solutions that work best for any digital marketing campaign you want to administer.

To create and maximize your QR TIGER QR codes, you must sign up for an account first and choose a subscription plan that works for you.

The best part of subscribing to QR TIGER is that you will get the most out of its dynamic QR code features.

For first-time QR code users, dynamic QR codes are famous among marketers as it provides up-to-date and high-functioning features that lead to more efficient campaigns.

To start creating your dynamic QR code for your coffee business, here’s what you should do:

  1. Open the best QR code generator online and log in or sign up for an account
  2. Choose a QR code solution you want to create
  3. Input the necessary data
  4. Select Dynamic QR and tap Generate QR code
  5. Style your QR code using the customization tools and options such as changing pixels and patterns, adding of logo and frame, and including a call-to-action
  6. Run a test scan before downloading the QR code image

How to use a QR code on coffee cups to boost your coffee shop

Here are 7 of the best marketing use cases of a QR code for coffee mugs, cups, takeout bags, and more:

Boost coffee shop website traffic

Coffee cup QR code

Whether brewing content-based marketing or simply using a website for online selling, you can still ensure that your website gets better traffic and engagement using a QR code.

The URL QR code solution lets you embed a website’s URL for faster direction.

Once scanned, your customers can view your website within seconds.

This digital tool allows you to dispense detailed information about your business.

Customers can also access and place orders on your online store using the QR code.

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Increase social media account engagements

Coffee industry experts and marketers claim that a perfectly curated social media account helps businesses build customer relationships.

Starbucks, for instance, calibrates its social media posts by creating and sticking to an appealing vision board.

You can also maximize your social media accounts to promote your coffee business.

Curate your social media content, especially the images, into a single theme to help establish your branding and aesthetic.

Through this coffee shop digital marketing strategy, you can advertise your business and generate new leads from time to time.

And to help you promote your social media business profiles, you can generate a social media QR code campaign for your coffee cups. 

This advanced tool lets you encrypt links to various social media sites, online messaging platforms, and business websites.

It then displays all these links on one landing page.

This single QR code solution can increase your followers and subscribers and broaden your brand reach.

And unlike other in-app social media QR codes, this professional dynamic QR code campaign helps you provide convenience to your customers.

In a scan, you can provide them links to multiple platforms where they can know, engage, and contact you anytime.

Offer free Wi-Fi access

It may not seem like it but offering free WiFi access builds customer loyalty.

According to studies, about 96% of customers linger and return to shops offering free WiFi access.

And the longer your customers stay in your coffee shop, the more they’ll spend on your products.

But did you know that you can amplify your WiFi marketing strategy using a QR code?

Rather than letting your customers repetitively ask for your WiFi password, you can display a Wi-Fi QR code instead.

Once your customers scan the QR code, they can immediately access your coffee shop’s WiFi network and scroll away as they wait for their orders.

Digitize menu system

Food and beverage industry experts revealed that switching to a QR code-powered menu helped restaurants grow their business most efficiently.

You can use a menu QR code solution or a digital QR code menu to facilitate more accessible customer data collection, faster table turnover, more seamless menu updates, and smoother restaurant workflow despite the number of staff.

With this digital solution, you can provide a convenient ordering method to your customers.

They can access your coffee shop menu with a scan, allowing them to decide what to order before you can seat them.

This fast and streamlined service also helps you reach your target table turnover.

Your staff can do other tasks like bussing tables because customers won’t need assistance when ordering via QR code.

It’s that convenient and beneficial to both you and your customers.

Digital loyalty programs

Considering the tight competition among coffee businesses, you must plan and execute loyalty programs to retain your customers.

Costa Coffee, for example, launched a digitized customer loyalty program using its mobile app.

The British coffeehouse chain lets customers collect eight beans after ordering Costa coffee from their shop or through Costa Express.

Customers who collect all eight beans can get a free drink.

You can also use the same strategy in your loyalty programs.

Add a QR code on your coffee cups that, when scanned, will automatically lead your customers to your website or mobile app, where they can track the remaining number of orders they should make before they can redeem rewards or perks.

Promote mobile app

Coffee shop QR code uses

Mobile apps come in handy for diners when ordering and paying at food establishments.

That’s why it’s no longer surprising that world-renowned coffee shops now launch mobile apps to facilitate faster order and payment systems and share advertising campaigns.

On the flip side, boosting app downloads may also take time.

Try using an App Store QR code solution to ensure that your coffee shop’s mobile app gets a high download rate.

You can display this QR code campaign on your coffee cups.

This ensures that all your customers have the chance to scan the QR, view the landing page, and download the app in the end.

Dispense relevant information

One of the most basic uses of QR codes is the fast transfer of information. 

You can use QR codes on your take-out cups to share information about the type of coffee beans you use, the brewing method you employ, or the business in general.

This allows you to maximize the coffee cup space into something that can result in high ROI.

This strategy can boost your brand awareness, website traffic, customer retention, and customer relationships despite its simplicity.

Benefits of using a dynamic QR code for coffee business

Here are just a few of the advantages you’ll enjoy if you integrate dynamic QR codes into your operations, services, and marketing:

Editable campaigns

The market demand and supply are volatile, and so are marketing campaigns.

These constant changes make marketing a costly task.

Businesses take down previous marketing materials and spend more on producing new campaigns.

But with a dynamic QR code, you don’t need to spend much on your marketing campaigns, even if the market demands it.

At QR TIGER QR code generator, you can easily update, remove, and edit your desired QR code campaign.

Suppose you want to update a link, create a new landing page, or edit information embedded in the QR code.

In that case, you can seamlessly do it without stashing away your advertising materials.

Trackable QR code engagements

Real-time analytics of your campaigns help you determine whether you’re running a high-performing campaign.

A dynamic QR code for coffee shops helps gauge whether your QR code strategy engages customers, converts leads, or gets high engagement.

Using this technology provides you in-depth analysis of your campaign.

You will get a transparent report about your QR code’s total number of scans, date and time of scanning activity, location of the scanners, and the device used in scanning.

Deployable on any material

Dynamic QR codes’ versatility enables you to display them on any material you want.

You can add QR codes for coffee farms, cups, tissues, cloth, table tents, and more.

You can also engrave or incorporate them on metals, ceramics, papers, and even wood.

There’s almost no limit to how you want to present your QR code campaign to your customers.

Calibrate your marketing strategies using the best QR code generator

Coffee houses should focus on brewing the perfect cup of coffee and calibrating an effective marketing strategy to keep their customers coming back for more.

The QR code technology facilitates the creation of specialty coffee shop campaigns that guarantee high conversion, convenient business operation, and positive customer feedback and reviews.

Adding a QR code on coffee cups, a coffee shop business’ marketing media, helps your customers know more about your brand and engage in your current campaigns.

Generate your QR campaigns using today’s best QR code generator to amp up your branding and business.

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