How to personalize your own QR code T-shirt?

Last updated:   August 26, 2022

“[The T-shirt] is a really basic way of telling the world who and what you are.” – Dennis Nothdruft, BBC. 

As T-shirts are made to satisfy people’s various clothing tastes, how can a QR code T-shirt redefine fashion purpose? Why are they making a buzz now?  

Since its making in 1913, t-shirts are first used as a part of the U.S. Navy standard undershirts for their uniforms. 

Because of that, people see this type of clothing as a part of the armed forces and even in the labor sector.

But as time flies, T-shirts become a sought after type of clothing in the fashion industry. 

Thanks to actors, Marlon Brando and James Dean, they don the t-shirt fashion trend in their movies in 1950 and 1955 respectively. 

Because of their contribution to revolutionizing the undergarment into the most-coveted fashion apparel today, many clothing companies are experimenting their way towards the birth of statements tees. 

If you are an aspiring t-shirt designer and you want an interactive t-shirt design that involves the use of technology, then you can have it with the use of QR codes.   

But before we jump into the use of QR codes for your t-shirt design, you must first learn the reasons why you should print and customize or stylize your own QR code tshirt. 

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What is a QR code t-shirt and how does it work?

A QR code t-shirt is a kind of t-shirt design that uses an innovative QR code technology to direct people to view the electronic content of the t-shirt by scanning the QR code.

This kind of t-shirt design helps the creator to interact with its target audience online. 

QR code on shirts: Why should you use a QR code on t-shirts?

1. Redirect them to an online information

qr code tshirt

A QR code tshirt design are great to use as they have the ability to make your t-shirt interactive by connecting people to the online information when they scan your QR code using their smartphone gadgets. 

For example, you can embed a short message in your QR that you want people to read, or you can redirect them to a website, to your contact details, social media and more! 

By simply using the dynamic QR code technology, you can rock on these apparel and have a tee design that can match your mood of the day. 

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Image Source

One of the technological breakthrough people are using nowadays are QR codes. Because of that, many aspiring t-shirt design companies are incorporating the use of it.

With the search for witty and funny fashion statement tees, QR codes are a great way to show the current tech culture.

Through the use of it, you can help promote tech-related fashion statement tees.

3. Great for drawing out people’s attention.

In marketing, statement tees are used to draw out people’s attention with it.

To draw more attention, you can customize a QR code shirt and match them with your tee design.

This way, you can maximize and draw out people’s attention and let their curiosity be answered by scanning them.

4. Increases brand awareness

qr code tshirt customizable The viral code shirt design is one of the best examples made by Boulder, Co, wherein they set-up a QR code campaign for the band SoundRabbit, and designed a QR code printed on t-shirts to allow scanners to download free music.  

As they are an everyday necessity, adding a QR code in its design can increase brand awareness.

Through embedding content that can help a person know more about your brand, donning interactive apparel can increase brand awareness around the community. 

5. Ignite a new statement tee trend

QR codes on t-shirts are can be fun to watch and interact with.

Thanks to its ability to store differentiated digital t-shirt designs, you can ignite a new statement tee trend and create technological awareness with it.

How to create a QR code for your t-shirt?

In creating a QR code t-shirt design, here are 6 easy steps that you can follow:

1. Open a QR code t-shirt generator

qr code tshirt generatorBefore you begin creating your QR code, you must first open a QR code t-shirt generator.

QRTIGER is a QR code generator that you can always trust when generating a QR code.

With its ad-free and easy generation interface, you will experience a smooth and productive t-shirt creation in no time.

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2. Select the category you want to generate your QR code with.

Once you have open the QR code generator, you can then proceed in selecting the category of the content you want to put in your QR code. In this way, you can execute your dynamic t-shirt design.

3. Generate in dynamic mode for varying content.

generate qr codeAfter you have selected the QR code category and filled in the required filled, you can proceed in generating your QR code.

For more dynamic content showcase, QR code experts recommend the use of dynamic QR codes.

Using it, you can change your content and match it up with the mood you are having.

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4. Customize your QR code

customized qr code
In relation to having a creative t-shirt design, the use of a customized QR code t-shirt design is a great way to go.

By personalizing the QR code, you can uplift the vibe of your t-shirt.

You can customize your QR code by choosing the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors. Also, you can add a logo and call to action for people to scan it.

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5. Test your QR code. 

Once you are done customizing your QR code on shirts, proceed in testing your QR code.

By doing it, you can find early scanning errors and address them as soon as possible. 

In this way, you can avoid any occurring scanning issues after you have printed them. 

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6. Download, Print, and Flaunt.

undefinedAfter you have tested the QR code, you can proceed in downloading it in the highest quality possible.

Since you are printing and transferring them in your t-shirt using the traditional or digital press, downloading it in the highest quality can help the t-shirt have a standout t-shirt design without compromising its scan-ability.

Use cases of QR code T-shirt

As we are approaching a QR code-based era, putting a QR code in t-shirts can be the future of t-shirt fashion designs. 

With its fashion and functionality capabilities, there’s no wonder this kind of t-shirts can become a fashion trend. To pioneer the use of it, here are 4 notable use cases of a QR code t-shirt.

Off-the clock Marketing

A personalized QR code tshirt design is a great free off-the-clock marketing tools as they can be used as company uniforms, and comfortable for customers to wear, they can be used to raise brand awareness.

With a well-designed QR code tshirt, people can easily recognize your company and help raise brand awareness for others.

Awareness campaigns

qr code on clothing Just as t-shirts are useful for brand marketing, using it in awareness campaigns such as environmental and other kinds can help convey the message in a QR way.

Because of this, groups with a campaign that uses important data to create awareness can occasionally update their data without the need of producing new sets of awareness shirts.


Fashion works in ways that need versatility and uniqueness of design. Because of it, fashion enthusiasts are finding new ways to start a new fashion trend with any eye-catching elements.

By adding a QR code to your t-shirt design, you can ignite a new trend in the fashion industry.

Self Expression

custom qr code tshirt

Image Source 

People express themselves through the use of clothing details that they add. Because of this, many t-shirt companies are using relatable statements in their t-shirts and can create brand loyalty to customers of all ages.

And to catch up with tech enthusiasts, companies are integrating the use of QR codes in their clothing and t-shirt designs.

This way, they can change the content and match up to their customer’s moods.

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Tips on how to make your QR code on shirts design standout

When it comes to designing a t-shirt, various designing elements are considered to make it.

But as QR codes are one of your key design elements, following the best QR code design tips is the best way to make a standout t-shirt design.

To learn how to make the most of it, here are five: 

1. Select the QR code content that fits your purpose.

This tip is crucial in making the most out of your t-shirt design.

If your content is a video file that talks about the real-time counts of plastic bottles being thrown at the ocean, then the right QR code solution for you is a video QR code. 

Or if you work for an organization and you want people to know more about your vision, mission, and goals, then you can also use the file QR code category.

Knowing the right content for your t-shirt purpose is one great way to make the most out of it.

Through this, you can continue your t-shirt designing.

2. Always choose dynamic for t-shirt design versatility.

undefinedFor versatile t-shirt designing, QR code experts recommend the use of dynamic QR codes to allow content changing.

Using it, you can change your content with ease and not be stuck with the same style throughout its clothing life.

3. Customize your QR code according to your t-shirt design.

undefinedWhen it comes to making an eye-catching QR code on shirts, considering its design elements is crucial. Because of that, design experts are recommending t-shirt designers to customize their designs by applying the right color palette, pattern, and color contrast.

With these same customization elements applied to your QR code, you can definitely have a QR code tee that matches the overall design of it.

4. Download your QR code 

Statement tees are made to be printed on the tees itself. Because of that, QR code experts recommend tee designers that use QR codes to download them in the highest print quality possible.

The best print quality format that QR code generators offer are vector formats like SVG format.

By following it, they can avoid printing blurred or pixelated QR code inspired statement tees along the process.

5. Print your QR code t-shirt on the flat surface

qr code pattern shirt QR code experts always say that the best way to keep the QR code t-shirt’s scannability working is by printing them in areas where there will be no design creases as they wear it.

Because of this, they recommend tee designers to print the QR code on tees on a flat surface.

This way, they can ensure their design quality and functionality without any problem.

QR code t-shirts – fashion and functionality at best

As technology evolves, fashion also follows.

Even if the fashion industry is taking a blast from the past, adding existing tech tools like QR codes in t-shirts is one of the means tee design companies are integrating and vibing in today.  

Using a QR code generator, companies and independent statement tee creators can experiment their way to create apparel that focuses on fashion and functionality at best. 

brands using qr codes